Working Out After Tattoo on Arm – Dos and Don’ts

Working Out After Tattoo on Arm
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Working Out After Tattoo on Arm

It is only natural to add a few things to your body once you are fully fit and ready to take on the world around you. Many people worldwide choose to have a tattoo that shows something important or simply a sign of personal growth, with many not sure what is allowed after getting one.


You cannot exercise right after a tattoo has been applied because your skin will be stretching, with the muscles underneath also flexing. Exercising can cause the tattoo to blowout, become infected, and not heal properly because of the sweat and other stresses placed on the area. 


Understanding why this will happen to your tattoo when exercising and how long you have to wait is essential to keeping both fit and having the best tattoo. We always recommend that people stick to the advice and directions that your tattoo artist has given you to get the best results.

Should you work out after getting a tattoo?

No, you should not work out after getting a tattoo, and you should also avoid any activities that may cause excessive flexing or sweating. 


We always recommend that people take is as slow as possible after getting a tattoo, sticking to the most simple things they can do.


We realize that this may sound impossible, but there are no loopholes; even if you get a tattoo on your shoulder, running can cause problems. There are a lot of people that are so hyper-focused on staying fit that they choose to actively ignore the advice given to them



Once you do eventually start exercising, it is highly recommended that you start slowly, focusing on not pushing yourself to the limit as you would wish. If you go too hard too fast, you can still cause a lot of damage to your skin and the overall look of your brand-new tattoo.


How Long Should You Wait?

It is always recommended to wait at least 48 hours after having the tattoo completed before starting light exercises for at least a week. Preferably you should be waiting three days before beginning to exercise, and then when you do start, you should be doing highly light exercises for two weeks.



This allows your body, and your skin, to completely heal without sweating, stretching, flexing, and everything else that can cause you significant damage. We always recommend taking it slow after you are hurt in any way; this prevents you from causing a minor injury to become a lot worse.



It cannot be stressed enough that a tattoo is thousands of smaller holes and other things that have punctured your skin. These can easily become clogged, infected, and cause significant damage to you, with some people that have done everything wrong losing limbs because of a tattoo.


What Will Happen If You Start Working Out Immediately After?

Understanding that it can damage your skin and the tattoo to exercise when you have just had it applied is just the start of the problem. Several things happen to any wound when you exercise before it has had a chance to heal properly, with tattoos surprisingly being the most sensitive.



Many people underestimate the damage done through a tattoo because they do not entirely understand that a tattoo is thousands of more minor wounds. Several things will happen to your tattoo if you have not allowed it to heal correctly.


#1 - Stretching

We always see people getting confused when their tattoo does not look the same after a few days, usually because they exercised before it was healed. The ink in your skin will still be slightly wet after applied, and it takes a few days for everything to become completely permanent.



Exercising and flexing your skin will cause the tattoo to become stretched and malformed, purely because of your training. It can be slight or highly significant, with people with well-toned bodies more likely to suffer from stretched tattoos.


#2 - Straining

When your muscles are flexing will be straining yourself, stretching muscles and the skin where the tattoo is, naturally opening the tiny holes made by the needle. It may only look like you are lightly bleeding, which is a big problem in reality, as the ink from the tattoo can be washed away as well.y



Straining yourself and having your muscles develop is the whole point of exercising; however, this becomes a problem when you have a tattoo. Your skin has been damaged severely when you have been tattooed; putting strain on these areas will cause damage to the tattoo and your skin.


#3 - Muscle Movement

When we refer to muscle movement, we are not referring to the average amount of activity your muscles will do during the day. When exercising, your muscles will naturally move, becoming pumped with blood and rapidly expanding to help you complete the exercise that you are doing.



As your muscles get more pumped, your skin naturally stretches and thins to accommodate the growth underneath it. When you have a fresh tattoo, all this does is open up the tiny holes made with the needle, causing you to bleed, the ink to be damaged, and in some rare cases causing scarring to take place.


#4 - Sweating

This is the thing that starts the chain reaction for the worst possible thing that can happen when you have gotten a tattoo. Sweating naturally causes wounds not to heal completely clean as it lifts all the dirt and debris on your body and moves it around; when just usually sweating, this is not a problem.



However, when exercising, your body will sweat a lot more than usual, causing the wounds that are your tattoo to become filled with sweat and grime. Causing the area that should be kept as clean as possible to become dirty and unhappy, with many wounds becoming a problem once you get sweaty.


#5 - Infection

This is usually closely linked with sweating while exercising; the tattoo can get infected if not kept dry and clean. Causing the tattoo to be heavily damaged and the skin around it to be damaged; as the infection spreads, your health will start to decline rapidly.



Many times, people who have infected tattoos wait much too long to get it fixed, causing the skin area to have to be removed. With some severe cases causing amputation as the infection has spread much too far into the limb where the tattoo has most likely been placed.


#6 - Slow Healing

Even if you only stick to doing light exercises and keeping the tattoo completely clean, there are other dangers of exercising with a fresh tattoo. As you are constantly stretching the skin, the wounds open up and have to repeatedly clot all over again until they eventually have the chance to heal.



Your tattoo can take several weeks to heal if you exercise when you should be leaving it alone to heal fully. Ironically enough, those who choose to actively not wait for their tattoo to heal and set fully cannot exercise as fast as others who have waited for everything to heal properly.


Working Out After Tattoo on Arm

Final Thoughts

You should be careful when exercising when you have a freshly applied tattoo, as it can cause many problems if you are impatient. It may seem difficult or frustrating, but the choice to get a tattoo when you are always active should not be made lightly, as you will have to relax for a week or more.


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