Why Leg day is so exhausting yet so rewarding

Why Leg day is so exhausting yet so rewarding

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Why Leg day is so exhausting yet so rewarding: The dreaded leg day. For many, it’s the worst day of the week; whether it’s the gruelling sets of squats or getting down the stairs the next day, it takes a while to enjoy leg day fully!


If you’re relatively new to training, then you may have questioned why leg day is so much more exhausting than the other days on your routine. In this article, we’re going to explain why training your legs is so tiring and why you should absolutely not stop training them!


The benefits of training legs are endless. Not only will you not look like a chicken, but you will also receive a massive boost of testosterone which is critical to building muscle.


Why Leg day is so exhausting yet so rewarding

Why is leg day so tiring?

Well, put simply, the muscles in your legs are big muscles. If you look at your bicep and then compare it to your quadriceps or hamstring, it gives you an idea as to why it feels so much more tiring squatting and deadlift as opposed to doing a bicep curl. Due to the fact, the muscles in the legs are bigger, they require more oxygen which is another reason why you may feel more tired than you would on other days.


Furthermore, your legs are much stronger than your other body weights. The weight that the average person can squat is often nearly twice as much as they can bench press.


One of the worst parts about leg day is the subsequent days of agony. The pain you feel after leg day is called DOMS, which stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Although this pain may feel inevitable, and all though it may feel like it will last forever, we’ve got a few tips you can use to ease the pain if you’re aching now and tips to avoid DOMS in the future.

Why Leg day is so exhausting yet so rewarding

How to deal with DOMS

Although some people may like to “feel the burn” after their workout, others of us like being able to walk down the stairs! Some degree of pain is inevitable after a hard workout; however, there are a few things you can do to make it better.




One of the factors that contribute to muscle soreness is a lack of electrolytes. By drinking a sufficient amount of water, it allows your muscles with the electrolytes and oxygen they require, which decreases soreness and the production of lactic acid.


Warm-up effectively


If your weight training, then static stretching is not a good enough warm-up and could cause more harm than good. The main aim of a warm-up is to increase circulation to the active muscles; this is why we recommend dynamic stretching. If you’re reading this in pain, shouting at the screen, “it’s too late for that,” then you may be wrong. If your suffering from DOMS, then increasing circulation to the achy muscles could wash away the nasty chemicals causing the pain.




Sleep is an incredibly powerful tool for preventing DOMS as well as for building muscle. You should be aiming for at least 7 hours of sleep as you will only recover if you have long, deep healthy sleep. Sleep is a crucial regenerative process that will improve both your DOMS and every other aspect of your life. 

The benefits of training legs.

We all know that training legs are a gruelling process. Despite this, it’s absolutely vital that you don’t neglect them. There are countless reasons to put up with the pain and push through those tough leg days, one being the fact if you don’t, you might end up looking like a chicken!


Nobody wants to have a huge upper body supported by two chopsticks! As well as making you look cooler, due to the size of the muscles In your legs, exercises like squats and deadlifts provide a massive testosterone boost.


Testosterone is key to building muscle and burning fat, so training your legs will also enhance all your other muscles. Lastly, Building muscle around your legs can be incredibly important in preventing injuries or muscle imbalances.


Having weak legs could make you more susceptible to joint issues and could also cause complications during your other upper body exercises.

Bottom Line : Why Leg day is so exhausting yet so rewarding

We hope this article has taught you a little bit about the importance of leg day, and hopefully, it might have saved you from a little bit of pain as well! During my time in the fitness industry, I’ve learnt one thing about leg day, it always gets better. Although it may feel terrible during and after your first few sessions, once your body gets used to It, it will no longer be such a drag, and you may even begin to enjoy leg day!


If you want to find out more about the best leg exercises to build muscle or how to adjust your diet to optimise muscle growth, feel free to explore our website to find out more!

Why Leg day is so exhausting yet so rewarding

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