Why It’s Important to Vary Exercises in Your Routine

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Why It’s Important to Vary Exercises in Your Routine: No matter how much you love a particular activity or workout regimen, you shouldn’t be doing it every single day without some variability.


If your schedule is too repetitive, you might feel dissuaded from continuing, and it could potentially be detrimental to your health. Motivating yourself to get up and exercise is already strenuous enough but becomes even more challenging when you feel like your routine isn’t working out.


Maintaining your health is crucial, so you should always vary exercises in your training.



6 Reasons to Vary the Exercises in Your Routine

Exercising is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but only when done correctly. Here are six reasons why you should make sure to switch up your workouts regularly:


#1 Stop Feeling Bored

The number one complaint most people have regarding exercising is that they quickly feel bored and unmotivated during a workout. They might find lifting weights, running, or swimming too repetitive and dull to do every day. You must change up your scenery throughout the week and try new activities to keep yourself energized and entertained.


You can sign up for a new spinning class, take a different jogging path, or switch up your routine with some high-intensity interval training (HIIT). You’re more likely to stay active and motivated when you’re varying your exercises.

#2 Prevent Memory Loss

You might be surprised to learn that regularly exercising can keep your brain healthy and help prevent memory loss. Staying active lowers your risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and cholesterol–all of which affect your memory.


When your workouts start being repetitive and you feel bored, your brain operates on autopilot, and you stop engaging with the exercises.


You must learn new skills and activities to keep your brain working hard and focused, so switching up your routines will help.

#3 Avoid Injuries

When working out, you can potentially get a repetitive strain injury, where you overwork your muscles. You can easily injure yourself from repeating the same motion every day since the pattern can cause wear and tear on your soft tissues.


Your joints like shoulders and knees are especially prone to injury, so workouts like martial arts, tennis, and running are at high risk for repetitive injuries. It’s essential to protect yourself and prevent overusing your muscles by mixing up your workouts and taking days in between to recover.


#4 Prevent Plateauing

Doing the same thing repeatedly not only puts you at risk for injury but also slows down your strength training progress. Your body gets used to the activity, eventually burning fewer calories every time you do it. You need to continuously challenge your body and work it hard to continue leveling up and increasing efficiency.


#5 Work Your Whole Body

Unless you are a professional athlete training in a specific sport, you won’t need to target a particular muscle group. You must focus on working out your entire body as a recreational athlete and build both a powerful upper and lower body.


The concept of skipping “leg day” is real and should be avoided–you don’t want to have a muscular upper body but stick-thin legs! Changing your exercise routine allows you to target various areas of your body and build new muscles, helping improve your overall physique.


#6 Figure Yourself Out

The best reason to vary the exercises you do in your workout routine is so that you can figure out what you enjoy most.


This helps you figure out your goals and the habits that work best for your body. Why continue running every day if you absolutely hate it? By changing it up and trying new activities, you might find one that you genuinely love to do.


There are so many types of cardio routines; you are bound to find something that keeps you engaged and interested. Performing various exercises also teaches you more about muscle groups and maintaining healthy training. You’ll learn how to target specific areas, create structured plans, and have proper forms to avoid injuries.

How Often Should You Change Your Workout Routine?

While it’s important to incorporate variety into your workouts, you should note that every experience is different. Some people prefer to have a standard routine that they can do every day, while others need constant change to prevent boredom. You don’t want to alter your exercises constantly, or else you might not target muscle groups appropriately.


For general reference, it’s best to do a different workout routine two to three days a week, as this allows your body to rest and recover while still challenging it.

How to Change Your Workout Routine to Avoid A Plateau?

There are so many various exercises and programs for you to try to challenge yourself and prevent plateauing. You can try signing up for multiple classes, such as Pilates, Kickboxing, or Zumba. Going for a hike, rock climbing, and bike riding are also great activities that won’t even feel like a workout since you don’t have to go to the gym. You should include fun, fast-paced sessions you can do with friends to prevent boredom.


It’s best to target a different muscle group every time you workout, so alternate between lower, upper, and core body workout sessions. One of the best ways you can switch up your programs is by increasing the intensity. Interval, cross, and resistance training helps exhaust your muscles by continuously forcing them to adapt to a new pattern or activity. Try doing intervals of running and jogging or adding in some hills or stairs for variability.

The Bottom Line : Why It's Important to Vary Exercises in Your Routine

If you switch up your workout routines every two weeks or so, you’ll end up enjoying it much more. You will also become more motivated and inclined to continue exercising than others who do the same program every week. It is essential that you physically and mentally challenge your body by modifying your exercises to prevent injury, plateauing, and boredom.

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