Why Is My Bum Getting Flatter

Why Is My Bum Getting Flatter? (Solution!)

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Why Is My Bum Getting Flatter: No one is not fond of flattened bums. Hence, people want round booties to turn over their heads. Many of us do regular squats and try out all sorts of voodoo remedies like applying Vaseline or olive oil to our buttocks. Yet more often than not, we come up with unsatisfying results and wonder, “Why is my bum getting flatter?”.  


Genes, pregnancy, specific health conditions – these are some of the major reasons why your buttocks may be flattening out.


Watching over the same old flattened bum might be hampering your confidence. This article contains information on why your buttocks are flat and the ultimate solution for getting a round bottom. So, please keep reading for a complete idea on the topic.


Reasons Your Bum Is Getting Flatter

Flattened bums are unattractive which can hamper your first impression. Due to a lack of proper training, muscle knowledge, and insufficient protein intake, your booty might be getting flatter day by day. However, there can be a thousand reasons behind your flattened bums. Let’s face it. 

#1 - Doing The Wrong Exercises

Maximum trainers suggest overweight people should perform bodyweight and cardio exercises like squat, walking, jumping rope, etc for weight loss. Thus, they perform excessive cardio training with a caloric deficit diet which results in severe weight loss.


Henceforth, after a certain period, it is observed that these overweight people have lost a lot of fat from their butt too. So, doing the wrong exercises greatly affect the roundness of your buttocks.   

#2 - Genetics

Genetics plays a crucial role in the shape and size of your booty. Some people have heavy glute muscles whilst some have tiny glute muscles. Similarly, one might have round size booties whilst another might have saggy, flattened or, rectangular size booties.


But there is no point in blaming your genes for that. It’s just that one has to train harder than another to build up his or her buttocks.

#3 - Diabetes

Due to insulin resistance or lack of insulin production diabetes patients cannot use glucose as a source of energy. As a result, our body starts to burn fat and absorb muscle. Thus, diabetes patients may go through sudden weight loss.


Moreover, diabetic amyotrophy is a disease that causes pain in the bums and leg muscles due to muscle loss. Henceforth, diabetes patients suffer from flattered bums. In fact, according to researchers, people with bigger butts have less chance of getting diabetes. 


Why Is My Bum Getting Flatter

#4 - Mum Bum

Mum bum is a syndrome popular with pregnant ladies. In medical terms, this is known as posterior pelvic tilt. During pregnancy because of the baby bump, mommy’s lower back flattens, and pelvis tucks in to balance the weight. That is how mommy’s bum tucks in and appears to be a mum bum.


Even after post-pregnancy, the mom’s mum bum doesn’t disappear all on its own. Therefore, the only way to save your ass is to do some exercises during pregnancy to maintain your posture. 


Exercises For Getting a Round Bum

No matter how flattened your bums are, your muscles are still there. With some proper guidance and training, you too can achieve round butts. Let’s check out some exercises for getting a round and plump bum and start your training

Exercise #1 - Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks with a resistance band trigger the gluteus medius and minimus muscles. On the contrary, cable kickback stresses over the hamstring and gluteus minimus part only. However, walking Lunges with weights stresses the whole leg.


Hence, performing these exercises on your leg day will bring justice to your hard work. It will result in round booties. 

Exercise #2 - Squats

Squats are good enough for the glute builder if it is done in the right form. Else, it might damage your butt muscles. However, Bulgarian split squats are more effective to build up your gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus.


Moreover, weighted calf raises squats are also beneficial for advanced learners. Henceforth, this kind of variation in squats can work as a great glute builder. 

Exercise #3 - Romanian Deadlifts

To get healthy glutes, deadlifts like single leg deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, and barbell hip thrusts are especially recommended by the trainers.


Weighted deadlifts with fewer reps can create massive stress around the glutes and hamstrings. Barbell hip thrusts also create tension among the core, hamstring, and glutes. Thus, it is beneficial to train your butts. 

Exercise #4 - Glute Bridge Exercises

Bodyweight glute bridge exercise is also beneficial for healthy glutes. Here, all the gluteus muscles are engaged. It isolates and strengthens the glute muscles as well as your hamstrings.


However, a weighted calf raises the Glute Bridge and creates more stress over the glute muscles. Thus, it may help out the advanced gym nuts. That is how you get your desired round booties. 

Why Is My Bum Getting Flatter

4 Tips To Maintain Healthy Glute Muscles

Glute muscles are larger. Hence, to gain healthy glute muscles you need to be patient with your glute training. The main key for maintaining healthy glute muscles is to lift heavy weights with fewer reps and a proper resting day. Here are some tips on building up your glutes.

Tip #1 : Lift as high as possible

To maintain your round bum, you should lift as high as possible. High reps and bodyweight workouts are not going to work out for building your bum. The main trick is to fix the weight so heavy that your last few reps make you feel like crying. Now, take a 1-2 minutes break and give 4 more sets like this.


Well, this trick is not appropriate for beginners though. You are not Hulk, right! So, do not push yourself too much in the beginning. It might get you injured

Tip #2 : Don't forget the protein shake

I know it’s hard to consume protein all the time. But to gain healthy glute muscles, you should be on a maintained caloric surplus diet for clean bulking. Lean protein sources are great for muscle growth and recovery.


However, the protein shake is a fantastic alternative where you can easily count down your calories. So, after a tiring gym session, you can always rely on your protein powder for a hassle-free meal.

Tip #3 : Have good sleep

Due to heavy weight lifting, your booty will face muscle breakdowns. Through resting, your body muscles get themselves repaired. At Least a proper 7-8 hours of sleep is required. But this number varies from person to person.


Growth hormones are released when we are in deep sleep. These growth hormones help in your muscle recovery. Henceforth, having a good sleep is mandatory for balancing your hormones, healthy glutes, and muscles. 

Tip #4 : Take breaks

With heavy weight lifting, it is not enough to have a good sleep only to recover your booty muscles. If you start lifting weights too often for quick butt lifting, you are going to lose your muscles instead.


So, after a day of exercising with weights, taking a break for one or two days is going to help you recover your muscles as well as soreness. You can shorten this rest period as you get stronger and stronger. So, you should be practical and cautious with your weight lifting schedule. This way your bum muscles are going to get round for real.

Closing Thoughts : Why Is My Bum Getting Flatter

Who does not want a round booty to get the attention! Whether you are a male or female no one wants flattened bums. Certainly, the fear of getting back the flattened bums might often stick you into thoughts like “Why is my bum getting flatter?”. 


But, after reading this article surely you have grabbed a handful of solutions regarding building up and maintaining healthy glutes. Thanks for reading till the end, amigo. Take care and best of luck on your glute training. 



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