What Is The Lunk Alarm Used For At Planet Fitness?


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Becoming fit can be one of the most stressful times of your life, especially if you are still learning and need to find a good place to learn. Planet fitness has long been a go-to place for the normal person to learn how to gym, but the lunk alarm has been a confusing addition to the gym. 



The lunk alarm is manually triggered in all Planet Fitness gyms when someone grunts, throws weights or judges someone else in the gym. The person that caused the alarm to be triggered will then be kicked out of the gym for a few days or permanently. 



Many confusion and arguments have been made for and against the lunk alarm, with many people not always appreciating why it is always important. We recommend that you understand how the lunk alarm works, what it means when it goes off, and how you can avoid the lunk alarm going off. 


What is the lunk alarm?

In most Planet Fitness gyms, the lunk alarm will be placed somewhere visible within the gym with a bright blue light that will shine—usually marked to be extremely visible and a siren that can be heard throughout the gym whenever they are activated to let everyone know when someone is lunking. 



The alarm can sound different depending on the gym, with many choosing to have their unique sound that makes it obvious when it is being used. Depending on your country, it may not be included at all, with many Planet Fitness gyms internationally not having the lunk alarm at all. 



However, despite what many bodybuilders and other extreme fitness fanatics think, the lunk alarm is not there to discourage those already fit to exercise. Instead, it is to discourage laughing at or making those who are just starting from feeling uncomfortable around the select few who think it is entertaining to do so. 


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Why is it used?

There are exactly four instances that will cause the lunk alarm to be sounded, each of which can be done entirely on accident. We need to clarify that activating the lunk alarm is not as easy as it sounds, and doing so will require multiple repeat offences.


Many times, the lunk alarm may not be sounded until after you have been given several warnings by gym employees to behave. When this happens, we recommend that you adjust and rethink what you are doing and how you are doing it, trying to remember how it was when you first started. 


#1 - Grunting

When talking about grunting, it focuses specifically on those who are overly loading themselves with weights, trying to look as strong as possible. When every rep, push, and technique is causing you to grunt loud enough to be heard clear across the gym, you are most likely doing it for something other than training.



Many times, bodybuilders and strong men that are trying out planet fitness locations will find that they are causing the lunk alarms to go off because of this reason. Unfortunately, planet fitness is not meant for those aiming to be as large as possible instead of focusing on lighter workouts.


#2 - Crashing Weights

There is a lot of debate about whether this is right when exercising, and the answer will depend heavily on what you are aiming for. When using any machines that have weights, you must put them down softly to prevent any sound from being made when done with your exercise. 



However, it has been argued that actually putting down the weights softly can cause your muscles to take longer to heal or recover. Flexing and straining them when they are already tired from exercise, with the effectivity of not allowing weights to be always crashed up for debate. 


#3 - Drawing Attention

This is the one that has caused a lot of people to be kicked out of almost every planet fitness in their city, especially if they are already quite fit. Because the gym focuses on letting people exercise without drawing any attention to themselves, it is seen as lunking when drawing attention.



This can be anything from being overly loud, talking too much, causing others to be distracted, being too hyper, jumping around, or purposefully trying to max out every machine. This is often why people on YouTube will be kicked out of a location as they are drawing attention through their cameras. 


#4 - Judging

Much less likely to happen, as most people at Planet Fitness want to be left alone; if you and your friends are standing around judging others, you will be ejected. It is important to remember that this can be as simple as laughing at someone new trying out their exercises or much more complicated.



When this is happening, it can be because you or someone else who is much more experienced wants to offer unwanted help to someone else exercising. We have seen several people kicked out because they thought it was fine pushing others to be their best. 


Does Planet Fitness kick you out for grunting?

Yes, if you are grunting too much and too loud, you will be kicked out of the gym after the lunk alarm sounded for your activities. Many times, a gym employee may not even ring the lunk alarm and will ask you to leave to avoid a large scene or disturbance for the rest of the people in the gym. 



However, it should be noted that doing normal grunts and breathing while exercising will not cause the lunk alarm to be sounded. The grunting that is mentioned is when people are overly loud, disrupting others who are trying their best to get into the rhythm of exercising. 



The best way that we have seen this described is when someone is busy running and starts running them to them and continually tries to talk to them. Not only can it be extremely annoying, those who are still shy may find it intimidating to join a gym where everyone is grunting. 


Why was the Lunk Alarm added to Planet Fitness?

This is where many already active, fit, or strongmen make the mistake, thinking it is funny or entertaining to laugh at the idea of the lunk alarm. However, the alarm was specifically added to keep these groups of people out of the gym, making it a place more aimed at the normal person.



We have seen many videos and reports of those who are super active in training and being at the gym laughing at the idea of the lunk alarm. However, it should not take too much thought to understand that the average person prefers to have somewhere quiet when exercising.



The lunk alarm initiative was added to Planet Fitness to ensure that those who make the gym and exercise experience a pain and a bother to be excluded. Turning the Planet Fitness locations into places where even the most obese can train without feeling like they are being judged for just trying. 




What's the lunk definition at Planet Fitness?

At Planet Fitness, the term ‘lunk’ refers to a person who grunts, drops weights, or judges others. It is part of Planet Fitness’ policy to create a judgment-free, inclusive environment for everyone, and the lunk definition is a way to define behaviors that disrupt this atmosphere.

Can you tell me more about the Planet Fitness grunt alarm?

The Planet Fitness grunt alarm, also known as the “lunk alarm,” is a loud siren that is set off when a member grunts loudly, drops weights, or exhibits behaviors defined as being a ‘lunk’. The alarm is a reminder to all members to respect the gym’s environment and other members’ experiences.

I've heard stories about people being kicked out of Planet Fitness on Reddit. Why does this happen?

People might get kicked out of Planet Fitness for a few reasons, as discussed in various Reddit threads. One common reason is violating the ‘No Lunk’ policy, which includes behaviors like grunting loudly or dropping weights. The lunk alarm is used as a warning, and consistent disruptive behavior can lead to membership termination.

Can you explain the lunk alarm meaning?

The lunk alarm meaning at Planet Fitness is straightforward – it’s an alert system that goes off when someone grunts loudly, drops weights, or exhibits any behavior deemed as ‘lunk-like’. It serves as a reminder to respect the gym’s rules and the judgment-free environment that Planet Fitness aims to provide.

What's the lunk alarm at Planet Fitness?

The lunk alarm at Planet Fitness is an alarm system that sounds off when someone violates the ‘No Lunk’ policy, which includes actions like grunting loudly, dropping weights, or judging others. It’s part of Planet Fitness’ commitment to maintaining a non-intimidating, welcoming environment for all gym-goers.

Final Thoughts

If it feels like the lunk alarm is always targeting your or a friend, then it may well be that you should no longer be exercising at Planet Fitness. The addition of the system has caused many people to assume the franchise gymnasium is attacking them; however, it is meant to create an easy-to-experience location.


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