What Is Natty Bodybuilding

What Is Natty Bodybuilding? Everything You Need to Know

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What Is Natty Bodybuilding?

In the world of bodybuilding, people are split into two different categories. These are typical, natural (natty) and drug-enhanced bodybuilders. Each has its own competition due to natural bodybuilders having an unfair advantage over those that aren’t. But that brings us to this question, what is natty bodybuilding?


Natty bodybuilding is an abbreviation for natural bodybuilding. Therefore, natty bodybuilding means that the bodybuilder doesn’t take performance-enhancing steroids or drugs. Because of this, they have to only take natural nutritional supplements to claim they’re a natty bodybuilder.


As you can see, natty bodybuilding is precisely the same as natural bodybuilding. This just seems like the “hype” word to say currently, and I’m sure it’s here to stay. Needless to say, natty bodybuilding is extremely interesting, as it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to obtain a competition-ready physique.


Want to enhance your knowledge of natty bodybuilding? I recommend you become familiar with the below:


About natty bodybuilding

After reading the above, you should now be aware that natty bodybuilding is just an abbreviation for someone that’s a natural bodybuilder. This means that they don’t take any performance-enhancing drugs to develop muscle mass and strength faster.


Don’t get me wrong, whether you’re a natural or drug-enhanced bodybuilder, both should be respected. To become a successful and competition-ready bodybuilder in either category takes a lot of work.


Although many people believe natty bodybuilding is much harder, both are equally as difficult to compete within. This is because they have split competition, a drug-enhanced bodybuilder won’t compete in a natural competition as they won’t pass the drug tests required to compete. Doing this creates fairness between the two bodybuilding types to ensure both parties have a fair chance of winning. But how do they regulate natural bodybuilding competitions?


How do they regulate natural bodybuilding competitions?

From introducing natural bodybuilding competitions to the industry, they’ve been able to provide a drug-free platform for bodybuilders that don’t want to undergo performance-enhancing drugs.


The most prominent natural bodybuilding competitions and regulators include the International Natural Bodybuilding Association, British Natural Bodybuilding Federation, and the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.


Each of the mentioned competitions and regulators follows extremely strict drug-testing policies that all athletes must undergo before performing on stage. Some of these policies include a ban of any prescription medication or substances that may increase strength performance.


The policies created by these competitions and regulators are superb, and it dramatically reduces the number of bodybuilders that perform on stage which use strength performance drugs. Needless to say, sometimes people slip through the cracks by using unknown substances, but it certainly reduces the number of times it occurs.


Now you know the answer to “what is natty bodybuilding”, and how their competitions are regulated. Is there a way in which you’re able to identify a natural bodybuilder?


Is it possible to identify a natural bodybuilder?

When spotting a natural bodybuilder, there are three primary ways in which you can realistically identify them.


These include:


  • Head to body ratio – Typically, you’ll find that non-natural bodybuilders will have an odd head to body ratio, meaning their head isn’t proportional with their body. Whereas natural lifters, they maintain the correct ratio because their muscles develop slower.


  • They look young for their age – Many performance-enhancing drugs can increase hair loss and make you spotty. But, natural bodybuilders don’t encounter this issue because they maintain a well-based diet throughout their careers. As a result of this, they look much younger than they are.


  • Natty’s look normal – Lastly, natural bodybuilders look normal. This is a huge giveaway, but if someone looks synthetic and unrealistic, they’re probably not natural. When someone uses steroids or other anabolic drugs, the body tends to shape itself unnaturally, giving them a much larger chest.


As you can see, there are various ways to tell the difference between a natural bodybuilder and a non-natural one. But, to build such strength and a god-like physique naturally is extremely difficult. Knowing this, let’s investigate how they achieve this.


How to do natural bodybuilding

When bodybuilding naturally, there are a few nutrition rules and exercises you should abide by when you want to choose this lifestyle. Many people suggest that diet is actually 80% of the work when It comes to being a successful natty bodybuilder. You’ll need to eat healthy fats, carbohydrates, and protein in weighed amounts. Including this, a set schedule of exactly how many calories you must consume each day, etc.

#1 - Diet

Let’s first start with the diet. As mentioned above, a natural bodybuilder will need to control exactly what they eat and track everything they consume. Here are some vital tips on how to do natural bodybuilding in terms of diet.


  • Protein – For those who don’t know, protein is what builds the muscle into something more significant. These are found within most meats, and natural bodybuilders should consume around 1 to 2 grams of high-quality protein per pound of body weight each day.


  • Carbohydrates and fats – These are used to provide energy to the bodybuilder when they perform exercises. However, it’s recommended to have weighed amounts of carbohydrates that are low on the glycaemic index. Remember, not all fats are bad. But, be sure you also consume the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids each day.


  • Hydration – Something else extremely important when becoming a natural bodybuilder is hydration. Hydrate as much as you can, as this encourages muscle-protein synthesis, which can help aid muscle growth.


  • Supplements – Whether or not you opt-in for natural supplements, it’s up to you. However, if you’re going to compete, double-check the supplements you are taking aren’t on the banned list.


#2 - Exercise

Now you have a rough idea of the diet required to become a natty bodybuilder, let’s look at the exercises they undergo to increase muscle mass.


  • Upper body – Bench press, seated rows, shoulder press, pull-ups/downs, bicep curls, tricep extension, lateral raises.


  • Lower body – Squat, leg press, lunges, leg extensions, hamstring curl, calf raises, hanging leg raises.


Does Natural bodybuilding work?

Now onto the most important question of them all, does natural bodybuilding work? Many people spend years going to the gym naturally and struggle to put on mass. Normally when this occurs, they resort to taking performance-enhancing drugs. However, you’ll find that the reasons for them not growing any muscle naturally is down to their workout routine and, most importantly, diet.


As mentioned above, diet is 80 per cent of the work to become a natural bodybuilder. If you want natty bodybuilding to work, you need to develop a well-structured dietary plan that needs to consider your body weight, goals, and the nutritional value of each food consumed. By tracking your macros this way, you’re able to boost performance in the gym and start developing that much-desired muscle mass.


Many people say that performance-enhancing bodybuilders can achieve a body much easier. Although this may be somewhat true, if you want to develop a true bodybuilding body, then it’s much harder than it may seem. Yes, the performance-enhancing drugs will help you lift more, but it doesn’t mean a lot without an adequate diet.


What Is Natty Bodybuilding

Final Thoughts : What Is Natty Bodybuilding

As you can see from the above, natty bodybuilding is just an abbreviation for natural bodybuilding. This is where someone builds a natural muscled physique without using any performance-enhancing drugs. Including this, we also went over various things related to natty bodybuilding, and most importantly, how they’re able to achieve this type of body without using enhancing supplements.


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