What do BCAA’s do?

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BCAA’s is the acronym for Branched Chain Amino Acids. They are often seen on supplement labels as the ultimate performance inducing supplement. But what are BCAA’s and do you even need them? In this blog post we go in to detail on what BCAA’s are and their benefit.

what do bcaa's do

What are BCAA's?

Branched Chain Amino Acids are known as the building blocks that make up Protein. They are responsible for the repair and rebuild of muscle tissue in the body and so are deemed as critical components as far as recovery is concerned.


There are 20 amino acids of them. 11 can actually be made within the body. The other nine must come from the foods we eat and/or supplements. Of the nine, three critical amino acids are essential in muscle building and recovery: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They are prevalent in foods such as red meat and milk and are also present in nutritional supplements.

what do bcaa's do

What are the benefits of BCAA's?

Muscles grow after training, and in order to grow and super compensate, they need amino acids. Protein synthesis is a key function in the body that is responsible for the recovery and rebuild of muscle tissue when switched on. The amino acid Leucine has been proven to increase PS (protein synthesis) in humans, so a high leucine diet is beneficial for regularly trained people.


So if you want to optimise your recovery, increase protein synthesis, and reduce muscle tissue breakdown, ensure you get high levels of BCAA, including leucine, both before and after your workouts.

what do bcaa's do

When should you take BCAAs?

Your body should be fueled and primed for any fitness activity and this includes ensuring it has all the nutrients before, during and after your training.


BCAA supplementation has proven to be a valuable supplement in this instance as it fuels the body with easy-to-digest amino acids during these critical phases.


Having a suitable BCAA supplement that you can consume before, during and after training ensures that the body is constantly supplied with the right macronutrients to fuel the activity and also prep the body for the recovery process.

what do bcaa's do

Do Protein Powders have BCAA's?

Yes. Depending on the whey protein; BCAA’s are present in nearly all protein sources in varied levels.

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