Top Ten Vitamins and Supplements to Boost Energy

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Finding a way to energize yourself every single day often becomes a real chore.


Most folks simply reach for another cup of coffee, another energy drink, or another pop of their favorite sugary candy – hoping that the jolt, the spike, and the rush of energy is going to last long enough before the crash to actually get something done.


Unfortunately, as we all know too well, that jolt never lasts as long as we hope and the crash is always way worse than we expect.


We find ourselves pretty quickly even less energized than we were before, now dealing with the headache and hassle of trying to push our energy levels out of the hole we created with this sugar crash in the first place!


Luckily, though, we can use the top ten vitamins and supplements to boost energy highlighted below to totally transform our energy levels without having to worry about the peaks and valleys that sugar inevitably creates.


Let’s get right into it, shall we?


Top 10 Supplements for Energy

#1 - Caffeine

Look, it’s no surprise at all that caffeine is a game changer in the energy department.


Everybody knows that there’s no better way to get a quick pick me up when you are feeling particularly sluggish than slamming back a decent cup of coffee. Put a little bit of sugar in it and you’ll be off to the races for sure (though you’ll invite that cliff and crash we highlighted just a moment ago every time, too).


For folks not crazy about coffee, though, caffeine is available in a bunch of other delivery methods these days, too. This includes straight up caffeine supplements that can really help you take your energy to the next level without having to worry about the crash that traditional coffee with cream and sugar involves.

#2 - L-Theanine

This supplement all on its own works to trigger some pretty significant energy increases (check out this study for more information), but when you combine it with caffeine you’re really able to kick your energy into high gear!


The best thing about this supplement is that it works not just to improve your energy but also to:


  • Increase your ability to focus and concentrate over longer durations of time
  • Elevate your energy and your focus in a slow, steady kind of way so that you don’t peak and crash
  • Won’t give you the “jitters” the way that caffeine or sugar can if you’re consuming considerable amounts throughout the day


By all means, try L-Theanine all on its own to naturally bump your energy levels up. But if you want to stack this with caffeine get ready to really have your eyes opened at what the top energy boosting supplements on the market today are capable of!

#3 - Iron

For a variety of different reasons the average person doesn’t get nearly as much iron into their body as they should (or could), and that has a horrific impact on energy levels as well as other areas of your health and wellness.


A lack of iron deprives key organs and tissue (including your brain) from getting enough hemoglobin, a critical protein in the body that transports oxygen efficiently throughout your system.


If your organs (especially your brain) aren’t getting a lot of oxygen you’re going to feel tired, worn out, sluggish, and more than a little bit under the weather. If this happens chronically (like it does for folks with serious iron deficiencies over longer durations of time) you’ll find yourself stressed out, depressed, and anxious, too.


Ramp up your iron intake and you’ll be able to clear a lot of these problems away while enjoying elevated energy levels at the same time.

#4 - Vitamin B

Vitamin B6 and B12 are game changers for your energy level (and should be stacked together for the best results).


Both of these B vitamins are going to boost your energy level naturally (and pretty quickly, at that), but they also help you to maintain elevated energy levels throughout the day for longer than you would have been able to otherwise, too.


You can take things to the next level by adding in a little bit of folate as well, with that edition helping to:


  • Boost your energy while providing feelings of calm, confidence, and more control


  • Improve the signal across your neurotransmitters in the brain


  • Give your memory and cognitive capabilities a performance spike as well

#5 - Citrulline

This powerhouse little supplement has the ability to naturally relax and widen out your blood cells, giving them the opportunity to flow more efficiently throughout your body – but also helping them to carry more oxygen and more fuel to different systems in the body, too.


The end result is you feeling happier, you feeling healthier, and you feeling more energized than you were before. You’ll also see the increases to your overall athletic capability and performance which allows you to work out more intensely, all of which leads to a stronger and healthier body, too.

#6 - Creatine

Creatine isn’t just a supplement for bodybuilders anymore!


Sure, it’s going to help serious athletes pack on pound after pound of lean muscle mass faster than they would have been able to otherwise. But it’s also going to help “regular folks” boost their energy levels naturally, too.


This is because creatine works with our body’s systems that produce energy from food, essentially ramping up the energy production and making more fuel from the same amount of food that we put in our body on a regular basis.


You’ll see your athletic performance increase, your mental and cognitive abilities get boosted, and should also see a significant elevation of your mood and attitude, too.

#7 - Melatonin

It sounds kind of crazy that a supplement designed to help people fall asleep faster would actually give them more energy, but nothing helps you feel more energized throughout the day than a good night worth of sleep!


By getting to sleep faster (and staying in a deeper state of sleep longer) you are able to heal, to recover, and to improve your body in a way that getting four or five hours of really restless sleep never allows.


Melatonin helps us to meet The Sandman a whole lot sooner than we would have been able to on our own, basically tricking our body into releasing “sleep chemicals” that cause us to drift away nearly immediately.


By getting more REM sleep you’ll wake up feeling more rested, more energized, and without the mental fogginess that so many people getting poor quality of sleep every night have to struggle with for the first hour or two in the day.

#8 - Tryosine

This neat little substance (usually found in high quality sources of protein) provides the building blocks our body needs to make more efficient neurotransmitters – the “communication devices” that signals in our brain run across.


When our brain is running on a shortage of neurotransmitters, or when our neurotransmitters are overloaded and overwhelmed, our minds (quite literally) feel like they are running in oatmeal.


We feel worn out, we get confused, and most folks get irritated or anxious – and we have to get a decent night of sleep under our belts to sort of “flush the system” and let our neurotransmitters reset until we can get back into the swing of things.


Well, by consuming more tyrosine we don’t have to go to sleep to flush our system.


Instead we are able to construct more neurotransmitters (and more efficient neurotransmitters), boosting our performance and protecting against overload in the first place.

#9 - Ashwagandha

A beloved natural herb that has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years, researchers have conclusively proven that this plant medicine really is capable of dramatically lowering cortisol in the body all on its own.


Cortisol, a potent stress hormone, can tax our bodies in ways that few other hormones and biochemicals can.


With more cortisol in the bloodstream we feel worn out, we feel tired and exhausted, and our minds are nowhere near as sharp or as focused as they could be. We are less alert, we are more on edge, and we usually just don’t feel ourselves.


By supplementing with this herb, though, it’s possible to reduce cortisol levels by 28% or more. That’s going to have a huge impact on how you feel and your energy, all thanks to this wonderful little all-natural plants!

#10 - CoQ10

CoQ10 (shorthand for the coenzyme Q10 enzyme produced by the cells in our body) is an almost instant energy booster for folks that just aren’t cranking out quite as much of this key enzyme as they used to when they were younger.


CoQ10 is hugely important for a variety of different things, but especially when it comes to elevating and maintaining our energy levels as we get older. When our body stops producing as much CoQ10 as it did in the past it’s important to supplement to get those levels back up, armoring ourselves and improving our energy levels all at once!


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