Top 8 Exercises to Lose Weight

Top 8 Exercises to Lose Weight

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Despite common misconceptions, strength training and lifting weights help your body burn fat for more extended periods than just cardio alone.


The amount of fat you burn and how quickly you burn it is dependent on your weight, physical activity, and fitness levels. As you regularly work out, you increase your stamina, requiring you to expend more energy to burn additional calories. It’s best to mix up your activities with cardio and strength training to keep you from plateauing.


However, some exercises tend to burn more calories than others and encourage an overall more significant weight loss. Here are the eight best exercises you should try to help you burn more fat and quickly lose weight:

Top 8 Exercises to Lose Weight

8 Exercises You Can Do To Lose Weight

1. Running

Running is one of the best workout methods to lose weight fast. It’s also the cheapest! You don’t need to join a gym or find a class; instead, you can just grab a pair of shoes and run outside. When you go for a run, you work your leg muscles, increase stamina, and improve your breathing technique.


This exercise is high impact, so it requires even more effort from your body to push off the ground, which results in a more significant fat burn.


If you’re just starting, try lightly jogging with intervals of walking until you’re able to work your way up to maintaining a steady pace.


2. Stairs

You can either hop on the stair machine at the gym or find a public staircase to complete this workout routine. Running upstairs can increase your stamina and strengthen your legs and hips.


You’re working against gravity, so it builds more muscle. You don’t even need to run up the stairs, though–even walking can burn a lot of calories! For higher intensity, try taking the stairs two at a time or sprinting.

Top 8 Exercises to Lose Weight

3. Kickboxing

Try a round of kickboxing for a fun and stress-relieving workout. This exercise doesn’t have a lot of jumping and impact since it mainly focuses on your arms and abs.


If you have bad knees and joints, then kickboxing is perfect for you. Regularly practising kickboxing will increase your stamina, coordination, strength, and balance.


It would be best if you started with learning the handwork like hooks, uppercuts, and jabs before moving on to focus on footwork and ducking.

Top 8 Exercises to Lose Weight

4. Sprinting

Sprinting is an excellent way to build your endurance and burn a lot of fat. Try sprinting in short bursts of about 20 seconds with a 40 to 60-second recovery run in between. You should be running as fast as you can when sprinting to help strengthen your glutes and hamstrings.


Practice at a nearby track or field to improve your sprints. You can even progress to hills and stairs for a more intense workout. “Suicides” are a very popular sprint-training drill that you can try, where you sprint back and forth between lines, increasing the distance each time. 

5. Rowing

If you want a full-body workout, try hopping on the rowing machine the next time you’re at the gym. It works your glutes, back, core, hamstrings, arms, and even your hips!


This exercise is exhausting but well worth it since it increases your metabolism to help you lose fat quickly while building more muscle. You must focus on perfecting your posture on this machine since you can easily hurt yourself if you do it wrong.


Don’t pull with your arms first! Instead, push your legs out, lean your body back by about 45 degrees, and then pull your arms into your chest. Reverse the order to get back to your initial starting position.

6. Cycling

Everyone knows that cardio is the ultimate way to burn fat quickly, but the impact from running on pavement can be detrimental to your knees and ankles.


If you want a low-impact cardio workout, try spinning! It strengthens your knees and hamstrings while effectively reducing your body fat content. Nearly every gym also offers lots of spinning classes which can help make it more enjoyable and entertaining.


Ensure you’re maintaining proper posture with a flat back, chest held up, and shoulders held back and down. For a more intense workout, try alternating with sprints to burn even more calories.

7. Kettlebells

Circuit training is a fantastic option for losing weight in a dynamic and engaging workout routine. Kettlebell circuits are just like standard sequences, except you don’t put down the weights until you finish the entire program. You’ll end up burning calories and building muscle at the same time since it focuses on both cardio and strength training.


Try various exercise sequences like squats, core moves, pushing and pulling, and swinging. Alternate between activities that target your upper and lower body, too, so that you prevent quicker exhaustion.

8. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is one of the most exhausting workouts and targets your entire body. You might not remember how tiring it was from your childhood, but jumping rope is a great way to strengthen your core, tone your calves, and increase your stamina.


It even helps improve your posture and build bone density! The best way to start jumping rope is by going slow and doing it in small bursts of 30 seconds with about 60 seconds of recovery time. As you build your stamina and perfect your technique, you can train for more extended periods, learn new footwork, and increase speed.


You’ll find that your coordination and endurance quickly improve with just 20 minutes of jumping rope every day!

Bottom Line

These eight exercises are the best methods to lose weight quickly based on the number of calories they burn. The more calories you burn during a session, the more fat you lose! Many of these don’t even require you to have a gym membership since you can instead use the outdoors and gravity to help build muscle and burn fat. Try any of these workouts to get your heart rate up and sweat those calories out!


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