Slow Weight Loss: 11 Tips to Boost Your Weight Loss Plateau

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Tips to Boost Your Weight Loss Plateau


Our Summary and Answer: Tips to Boost Your Weight Loss Plateau


If you want to lose weight faster, you need to make sure that your lifestyle is conducive to it. When you eat right and exercise every day, you will see results much quicker than someone who is not eating well and exercising.


The number one mistake people make when trying to lose weight is focusing on the scale. Unfortunately, your weight might not be going down even though you are exercising and eating healthy.


This can lead some people to give up, but it doesn’t have to! If you’re stuck on a weight-loss plateau, try out these tips that will help jumpstart your progress again. 


These tips come from personal experience and research I’ve done on ways to break through a weight loss plateau. 


Some of them may seem obvious, but they work, so why not? Others may surprise you and take more time than expected for results, but don’t give up! They do work if you stick with it and trust the process!


What Is a Weight Loss Plateau?

A weight-loss plateau is a time when your progress seems to stop for more than two weeks. After that, you will start to do all the things you usually do, but the needle on the scale won’t budge even though you are still exercising and eating healthy.


Losing weight fast is excellent, but you should never forget that slow and steady wins the race. So, if your weight loss has come to a complete standstill, don’t fret! There are many things you can do to break through this plateau and continue losing weight again.


How To Know if Your Progress Has Stalled

The first sign that something has gone wrong is the scale. You step on, and it doesn’t budge. Instead, it seems to stay at a standstill no matter what you do.


Also, if you start to notice any of these symptoms, you know for sure that it’s time to find a way through the plateau:


1) You’ve been exercising regularly, but you don’t seem to be losing weight or inches.


2) You are not hungry anymore and lack the motivation to stick with your healthy eating habits.


3) You are tired more often and lack the motivation to exercise as much as you usually do.


4) You start to worry about your weight-loss progress and feel like you’re doing something wrong.


5) You start to think about giving up or going back to your old habits.


11 Ways To Break Through the Weight Loss Plateau

Now that you know you are on a plateau don’t give up and slip back into old habits! Instead, follow these tips to get past it:


#1 - Increase Your Water Intake

One of the best things you can do to get out of the plateau is to drink more water. When your body doesn’t have enough water, it will slow down your progress and even stop it.


If you’re exercising regularly, you should be drinking at least 1 to 2 liters of water a day. If you aren’t a big fan of water, try adding some lemon juice or cucumbers to make plain water taste better. You could also drink unsweetened tea instead of coffee or other caffeinated drinks.


Water can help boost your metabolism and keep you feeling full, so you don’t overeat. Plus, it will give you more energy to exercise and do other activities that will help break through the plateau.


#2 - Eat More Vegetables, Fruits, and Fiber

Since you are already exercising regularly, don’t stop! Instead, increase your intake of vegetables and fruits to lose weight faster. It would help if you were eating at least three servings of fruit and veggies every day. Also, to make it easier for you to remember, drink a glass of water before each meal.


Vegetables and fruits are high in fiber which will make you feel full longer. Plus, they contain lots of antioxidants that will help your body fight against toxins and free radicals. This can lead to better health and more energy for weight loss!


You can eat as many vegetables and fruits as you like, but make sure to eat the whole thing. Don’t juice them because the fiber is what makes them filling!


#3 - Eat Whole Grains

Whole grains are another great way to boost your metabolism as well as aid your weight-loss efforts. What I love about this tip is that it’s so easy to incorporate into your daily life.


All you must do is swap white refined flour for whole-wheat flour in bread, pasta, tortillas, muffins, cookies, and cakes. Instead of eating refined grains that contain little to no fiber, eat whole grains high in fiber to make you feel full longer.


#4 - Add Protein to Each Meal

Protein is another ingredient that you should be adding to each meal to lose weight faster. When protein is present in a meal, it will take longer to feel full because it takes the stomach longer to digest. Look for sources of protein such as lean meats, egg whites, and soy products.


To lose weight faster, avoid fatty cuts of meat or protein sources high in saturated fat. If you do eat meats, go for the leanest cuts possible. This will help you reduce your cholesterol levels while still meeting your protein needs!


#5 - Get Enough Sleep

I know getting enough sleep can be extremely hard, but it’s necessary to lose weight faster. When you don’t sleep properly, your body will produce higher cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone that keeps your appetite in check. However, when you are stressed out or tired, cortisol levels will decrease, and you will feel hungry again.


Make sure to go to sleep at a decent hour of at least 7 hours a night for best results. This tip might seem unrelated, but it is vital if you want to get past the plateau!


#6 - Stop Drinking Soda and Sweetened Drinks

Soda, sweetened drinks, and fruit juices are high in sugar, slowing down your weight-loss efforts. So, you should be avoiding them while trying to lose weight!


Instead, drink plenty of water each day, at least 1 to 2 liters a day. If you have a sweetened drink or soda, make sure it’s diet because the artificial sweeteners will help curb your appetite.


#7 - Reduce Your Stress

Stress can also slow down your weight-loss efforts because it increases cortisol levels, a hormone that keeps food cravings in check. When you are stressed out, cortisol production will decrease, and you will feel hungry again.


To reduce your stress, avoid things like watching too much TV before bed, taking on too much, worrying about things you cannot control, etc. I know it may sound difficult, but stress can hinder your weight-loss efforts!


#8 - Don't Skip Meals

The worst thing you can do when trying to lose weight is to skip meals! Instead, you will eat anything – even junk food – to curb your hunger when you are hungry.


To lose weight faster, remember to eat every 2-3 hours instead of going long periods without food. If you can’t fit a meal in because you are busy, try eating a healthy snack such as fruit or vegetables instead to lose weight faster.


#9 - Exercise Every Day

One of the best ways to lose weight faster is to exercise! However, many people do not see results because they give up quickly. It takes time, and you must be committed if you want to see any progress.


Try exercising at least five days a week and for around 30 minutes each time (or more). This will help you lose weight faster while building muscle!


#10 - Don't Set Unrealistic Goals

When trying to lose weight, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and set unrealistic goals for yourself. However, this can only lead to disappointment later, which will slow down your weight-loss efforts.


To lose weight faster, set realistic goals for yourself like losing 1-2 pounds a week or exercising 3-4 times a week. This way, you will lose weight gradually, which is the best way to keep it off!


#11 - Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

When it comes down to it, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle if you want to lose weight faster! When you eat right and exercise, it’s easier to lose weight, but when you go back to your old habits of eating junk food or slacking on the exercise, your progress will come grinding to a halt.


To keep up with losing weight faster, make sure that you eat clean and stay active with at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. This way, you will burn fat and lose weight as you’ve always wanted!


How Can I Boost My Metabolism? Follow these 6 ways

Metabolism is, in essence, the rate at which your body burns calories. People who have a fast metabolism can eat more food without gaining weight, while people with slower metabolisms may find it harder to lose weight and keep their weight under control no matter what they do.


Many people turn to speed up their metabolism to try and lose weight faster, but unfortunately, the only way to boost your metabolism (and lose weight) is through exercise and a healthy diet.


However, there are some ways to mimic the metabolic effects of exercise, such as drinking green tea and ice-cold water. Here’s how:


#1 - Drink Green Tea

Green tea may be one of the best metabolism boosters. It contains powerful antioxidants and nutrients that cleanse the body and help speed up your metabolism.


Drink 2 cups of green tea daily for maximum benefit.


#2 - Drink Ice Cold Water

Drinking ice-cold water has been found to speed up metabolism. This is because your body uses energy (calories) to heat the water to your body temperature, which can boost your metabolism slightly and help you lose weight faster.


#3 - Eat Spicy Foods

Eating spicy foods such as chili peppers can increase your metabolism slightly because your body must work harder to digest the food. This increases calorie burns during digestion, which can help you lose weight faster.


#4 - Pace Yourself During Meals

Our bodies will often tell us that we are full long before all our food is gone or digested. Overeating not only makes you gain weight but also slows down your metabolism because your body must work harder at digesting the excess food.


To avoid overheating while trying to lose weight faster, eat slowly and be aware of when you feel full so that you stop eating before you gain too much weight.


#5 - Fast For 12 Hours A Day

Your body requires energy to function correctly. So, when you give it what it needs by eating food, your body will use up the calories and then store any excess fat.


Therefore, fasting for 12 hours or more can help boost your metabolism because your body goes into “starvation mode” to conserve energy.


#6 - Get Up and Walk Around Every 30 Minutes

Human beings are built to move. When we sit or stand in the same position for too long, our circulatory systems can slow down, reducing calorie burn and slowing down our metabolism. To avoid this from happening, every 30 minutes or so, get up and walk around to increase blood flow and boost your metabolism.


7 Eating Habits That Can Help You Achieve Healthy Life

Healthy eating means choosing the right kinds of foods and eating and healthily preparing those foods. You should eat your meals with fresh ingredients and prepare them without too much oil or salt.


If you want to eat healthily and lose weight faster, try these tips:


#1 - Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods are packed with preservatives, artificial ingredients, and harmful chemicals. These foods may be tasty, but they are not healthy for you or your weight loss efforts.


The best way to eat healthily is to avoid processed foods at all costs.


#2 - Go Organic

In addition to processed foods, you should also avoid eating non-organic produce whenever possible. When produce is not organic, it means that the food was grown with many pesticides and harmful fertilizers. If this type of food makes up a large portion of your diet, you will end up gaining weight faster and hurting your health in the long run.


#3 - Prep Your Meals in Advance

Another important tip for healthy eating is to prepare your meals in advance so that you do not resort to ordering takeout or buying processed foods on the go. You can even plan out your weeks’ worth of meals in an Excel sheet so that you always have a healthy meal ready.


#4 - Stop Drinking Sugary Smoothies

Sugary smoothies are a dieter’s dream. They taste amazing and can even be healthy at times because you are drinking fruit or vegetable-based beverage. But, unfortunately, most of these smoothies contain lots of added sugar, severely hurting your weight loss efforts.


You should stop drinking sugary smoothies and replace them with healthier options such as green juices or fresh fruit smoothies for the best results.


#5 - Eat Your Meals on Time

When you eat your meals is just as crucial for weight loss as what you are eating. If you go long periods without food, your metabolism will slow down, making it more difficult for you to lose weight.


To avoid this problem, eat your meals every three to four hours and make sure that the last meal of the day is eaten about an hour before bedtime.


#6 - Avoid Liquid Calories

Liquid calories are the worst type of calories in terms of weight loss and health. Not only do they not make you feel full, but they also add a lot of unnecessary calories to your diet.


When you go out for drinks, choose something with zero or very few calories, such as water with lemon or unsweetened tea.


#7 - Keep Healthy Snacks Handy

When you are hungry between meals, it is easy to reach for the nearest granola bar or packet of crisps. Unfortunately, these snacks are not healthy and will lead to weight gain rather than weight loss.


Instead, keep healthy snacks handy so that you can eat them when you get the urge to eat something. Some examples of healthy snacks include celery, carrots, or an apple.


Final Thoughts : Tips to Boost Your Weight Loss Plateau

We hope that these 11 tips and tricks will help you break through your weight loss plateau. Remember, it is always possible to make slow progress as long as there’s forward movement!


If you’ve been trying the same things without seeing any improvement in your goals for weeks or months on end, we recommend consulting with a medical professional before continuing. You may need more personalized advice from someone who has experience helping people lose weight.


Tips to Boost Your Weight Loss Plateau

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