Super Effective Techniques of Fast Fat Burn

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The weight loss world is filled top to bottom with tips, tricks, and all kinds of modern-day snake oil – much of it pedaled by less than ethical marketers looking to cash in on the desperation of good, honest people – that may or may not help you get the fat loss results you’re after.


Thankfully, though, there are plenty of people out there that want to cut through all the clutter and deliver real, solid, actionable advice to people looking to improve their lives, too.


These folks freely share all the inside information they’ve been able to cultivate over the years to help people turn themselves into fat melting furnaces.


They share what works, what doesn’t work, and how you can actually leverage super effective techniques of fast fat burn to get the body that you’ve always wanted – and that you deserve – without putting your short or long-term health in jeopardy or having to spend a lifetime in the gym.


Below we run through some of the most effective techniques we’ve discovered to trigger almost foolishly fast weight loss, techniques that work for men and women alike (regardless of their age or how many pounds they’d like to lose).


Let’s get right into it, shall we?


10 Ways to optimise fast fat burn

#1 - Lift Heavy Weights

While plenty of people have an image of running for miles and miles in their mind when they think about exercising for weight loss, the truth of the matter is you can get much better results – and much faster results – by lifting heavier weights instead.


Researchers have conclusively shown that lifting heavier weights triggers a biochemical reaction in your body that doesn’t just melt fat while you are working out (the way you would when you are running) but also maintains elevated fat loss levels throughout the day, too.


Lifting heavy weights taxes your central nervous system, breaks down your muscles and forces your body to repair them, and increases metabolic activity all at the same time.


Lift heavier weights and you’ll be able to trigger faster weight loss for sure!

#2 - Fall in Love with Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training became incredibly popular a handful of years ago, especially with hard-core athletes looking to improve their athletic capabilities and overall performance.


What researchers now know, though, is that High Intensity Interval Training is a fantastic way to melt fat faster than you would have been able to with more traditional, slow-paced training schedules.


These workouts elevate your heart rate, trigger your metabolism, and demand a lot more energy from your body – which means you’re going to be burning more calories and melting fat for fuel at a faster pace, too.

#3 - Increase Your Protein Intake

Jacking up your protein intake isn’t just for athletes or bodybuilders any longer.


It turns out that researchers at the University of South Australia have uncovered new evidence that elevated protein in your diet can trigger improved fat loss compared to standard protein and low-carb diets.


On top of that, these elevated protein diets do a better job of retaining the hard-won muscle mass that you’ve created through your intense training sessions when you are eating at caloric deficits.


This means you’ll not only be able to lose fat faster with elevated protein levels in your daily diet, but you’ll be able to maintain your gains while you lose weight, too!

#4 - Get More (High Quality) Sleep

In 2006, researchers shocked the world when they showed just how important getting a good night worth of sleep was for melting fat and helping men (as well as women) lose their gut.


The research showed that individuals sleeping for just 4 to 5 hours each night were twice as likely to struggle losing weight compared to those that got just 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night.


That extra hour or two made all the difference, allowing the body’s natural rhythm to release specific hormones that work to elevate the metabolism (or maintain higher levels of metabolic activity) so that you melt fat even while you sleep!

#5 - Push Your Cardio to Another Level

Those that are serious about mastering super effective techniques of fast fat burn are going to want to elevate their cardio efforts ASAP.


As we mentioned a moment ago, it’s critically important to lift heavy – and to lift often – if you want to melt fat around-the-clock. But if you’re looking to really kick your fat burning journey into high gear you need to be sure that you are pushing your cardio to the next level, too.


You may never be able to out run a bad diet (which is why you have to square things away in the kitchen), but pounding the pavement at least a couple of times each week will improve your cardio health, improve your circulation, and consume a lot more calories (and fat) to convert into energy than you would have sitting on your backside.

#6 - Up Your Healthy Fat Consumption

It sounds crazy – eat more fat to lose more fat – but that’s what the science says!


Healthy fats (mono saturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, specifically) are wonderful sources of fuel for your body that will not add any extra pounds to your mass, provided that you are already living a relatively active lifestyle.


This isn’t to suggest that you should build your entire daily diet around these kinds of fats, but you will want to increase your intake.


Eat more fish, more eggs, more avocado and more olive oil and you’ll be surprised at the amount of fat you’re able to shed in a short amount of time!

#7 - Drink Lots of Water

Every single calorie that you put into your body is either going to be converted into energy, expelled as waste, or tucked away (usually somewhere around your bellybutton) and turned into fat.


And while most of us remember just how much we ate throughout the day almost none of us have any real concept of just how many calories we drink into our bodies without even thinking about it!


If your daily intake includes lots of coffee, lots of juice, and lots of soda – basically anything outside of water – the odds are pretty good that your daily caloric intake is significantly higher than you realize right now.


Stop drinking empty calories once and for all and you’ll lose a stunning amount of weight in a ridiculously short block of time, all without having to make any other changes!

#8 - Sit in a Sauna

Cranking up your internal temperature (even just a little bit) by sitting in a sauna or spending time in a hot tub can help to elevate your metabolism, too.


By elevating your temperature your body goes into overdrive working to bring you back to homeostasis.


Just like when you are feeling really cold and your body starts to consume extra calories and fat to heat you up it’s going to do the exact same thing to cool you down.


The reason you should spend time in a sauna or a hot tub instead of running cold water all over your body or soaking in a freezing swimming pool is because the water temperatures are (generally) more comfortable to deal with overextended amounts of time!

#9 - Have Another Cup of Coffee

Caffeine is a superstar when it comes to weight loss, helping you to not only increase your overall energy levels but also helping you to elevate your metabolism and the oxidation of fatty cells as well.


If you can stomach it you’ll want to drink your coffee black. If not, make sure that you are adding as little milk and as little sugar into your coffee as possible (avoiding empty calories that will sideline your progress).

#10 - Give Intermittent Fasting a Shot

Last (but certainly not least) it may not be a bad idea to give intermittent fasting a shot if you haven’t already.


Intermittent fasting (sometimes called IF) has become incredibly popular over the last few years because of the almost effortless weight loss results it’s capable of producing in a super short amount of time.


The general idea here is that you spend the majority of your day in a fasted state (we are talking 16 hours a day, eight of them you can spend sleeping, though) and then eat the rest of your daily intake inside of the remaining eight hour window.


A lot of people combine IF with other super effective techniques of fast fat burning efforts to improve their results even more. That might be a road you want to go down, too!


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