Smith Machine Bench Press: Your Ultimate Guide for Chest Gains & Beyond

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Flat Smith Machine Bench Press

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Welcome, fellow gym aficionados and chest enthusiasts! Are you ready to dive into the world of the Smith Machine Bench Press—a world where pecs reign supreme and the gains are as legendary as the myth of Hercules himself?


Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a wild ride through the land of chest gains and beyond with the ultimate guide to mastering the Smith Machine Bench Press. Cue triumphant fanfare


Let’s face it, the Smith Machine often gets a bad rap—it’s like the black sheep of the gym equipment family.


But what if I told you that beneath the surface of that bulky, misunderstood contraption lies a treasure trove of muscle-building potential?


That’s right, folks! Today, we’ll unveil the Smith Machine Bench Press as the unsung hero of chest gains, and together, we’ll debunk myths, perfect our form, and explore variations that’ll make even Zeus himself envious.


In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover:


  • The Smith Machine’s origin story (spoiler alert: it wasn’t forged by Hephaestus, but it’s still pretty cool)

  • Setting up for success: positioning, grip, and footwork that would make a Greek god proud

  • The art of the perfect Smith Machine Bench Press (or, how to impress gym-goers and statues alike)

  • Expanding your chest-boosting repertoire with incline, decline, and close-grip variations

  • Integrating the Smith Machine Bench Press into your workout routine like a pro

  • Benefits of this mighty exercise that’ll have you flexing like a demigod

  • Busting myths with the power of a thunderbolt (ok, maybe not literally, but you get the idea)

  • A cheat sheet for maximizing gains, because who doesn’t love a good shortcut to success?


So, whether you’re a mere mortal or a seasoned gym god, this guide has something for everyone. Together, we’ll transform your chest workout from ordinary to extraordinary, all with the help of our trusty friend, the Smith Machine Bench Press.


Let the journey begin!


Meet the Smith Machine: An Unsung Hero

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round, for I am about to regale you with a tale as old as time—well, maybe not that old, but you catch my drift.


Our story begins in the 1950s, when a gentleman by the name of Jack LaLanne (yes, the very same fitness icon) first envisioned a machine that would change the face of gyms forever.


Enter the Smith Machine, a glorious contraption designed to help us mere mortals reach the pinnacle of our muscle-building potential. And now, without further ado, let’s take a trip down memory lane and discover the Smith Machine’s humble beginnings, its many advantages, and the myths that have dogged its footsteps like an overly-enthusiastic gym partner.


A Brief, Amusing History of the Smith Machine


  • Jack LaLanne, often dubbed the “Godfather of Fitness,” dreamt up the idea of the Smith Machine, probably while flexing in front of a mirror (as one does)


  • LaLanne’s friend and fellow fitness enthusiast, Rudy Smith, took the concept and ran with it (presumably in proper form, with a good warm-up)


  • Together, they developed the first Smith Machine, a marvelous piece of equipment that soon found its way into gyms and the hearts of weightlifters everywhere


Advantages of the Smith Machine: Flex Those Benefits!


  • Safety first: The built-in bar catches have your back (literally) if you find yourself in a pickle during a lift


  • Consistent bar path: The machine’s guided vertical movement means you’ll never accidentally bench press diagonally (phew!)


  • Ideal for solo lifters: With no spotter? No problem! The Smith Machine is your ever-reliable, silent lifting partner


  • Versatility: The Smith Machine moonlights as a squat rack, shoulder press station, and more—it’s a multitasking maven


Debunking Smith Machine Myths: Let’s Set the Record Straight


  • Myth: The Smith Machine isn’t as effective as free weights. Reality: While free weights have their place, the Smith Machine allows for targeted muscle activation and isolation, which can lead to some serious gains


  • Myth: You can’t build real strength on a Smith Machine. Reality: Oh, ye of little faith! The Smith Machine is an excellent tool for developing strength, especially when used in conjunction with free weight exercises


  • Myth: Smith Machines are only for beginners. Reality: The Smith Machine welcomes all, from gym newbies to swole veterans—there’s no velvet rope or bouncer here, just gains for all


And there you have it, folks! The Smith Machine, once a mere twinkle in Jack LaLanne’s eye, now stands tall as a beloved gym staple. Sure, it’s had its fair share of naysayers and misconceptions, but we know better.


So next time you’re at the gym, give the Smith Machine a nod of appreciation, and prepare to harness its power for chest gains and beyond!


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Gearing Up for Smith Machine Bench Press Stardom

Ah, bench positioning—the red carpet event of the Smith Machine Bench Press world.


It’s where the magic begins and where the stars align (or, in our case, the muscles). If you want to dazzle the gym-goers and leave them starstruck, it’s crucial to get your setup just right.


So, without further ado, let’s roll out the red carpet and reveal the secrets to bench positioning, hand placement, and footwork that’ll make your Smith Machine Bench Press performance truly award-winning.


Bench Positioning: The Star of the Show


  • First things first, adjust the bench height so that, when lying down, your eyes are level with the barbell—this ensures a picture-perfect liftoff


  • Align the bench with the barbell to ensure a vertical bar path—nothing says “amateur” like a wonky lift


  • Make sure the bench is stable and secure—nobody wants an unexpected wardrobe malfunction during their performance, right?


Hand Placement: The Grip of Fame


  • The standard grip width for a Smith Machine Bench Press is slightly wider than shoulder-width—imagine you’re holding a golden statuette in each hand


  • Place your pinky fingers on the barbell’s ring marks for a foolproof grip position that’ll have you lifting like a pro


  • Wrap your thumbs around the bar for a firm grip—it’s like holding onto your fans’ adoration, but, you know, with a barbell


Footwork: Staying Grounded in the Limelight


  • Plant your feet flat on the ground, shoulder-width apart—think of it as your power stance on the red carpet


  • Keep your feet in line with your knees to ensure a stable foundation—after all, even the brightest stars need a strong support system


  • Engage your glutes and brace your core, because every award-winning performance starts with a solid core (both figuratively and literally)x


And there you have it, the perfect setup for your Smith Machine Bench Press debut.


With your bench positioning on point, your hands gripping the bar like a pro, and your footwork keeping you grounded, you’re ready to take the stage and make those chest gains your adoring fans will envy.


Break a leg (or rather, don’t)—and let the gains begin!

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The Art of the Perfect Smith Machine Bench Press

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived: it’s time to unveil the pièce de résistance, the technique that’ll make your Smith Machine Bench Press truly unforgettable.


We’re about to break it down step by step, with a humorous spin that’ll have you chuckling between reps. We’ll also point out some common blunders (think of them as fashion faux pas) and share safety tips, courtesy of your caring yet sarcastic gym buddy (that’s me!).


Step by Step to Bench Press Perfection: A Masterclass


  1. The grand entrance: Lie down on the bench with your eyes gazing at the barbell, ready to take on the world (or, you know, just the weights)

  2. Grip it and rip it: Secure your grip on the bar, slightly wider than shoulder-width, and prepare for liftoff

  3. Up, up, and away: Unrack the barbell by straightening your arms, lifting it off the safety hooks, and positioning it above your chest

  4. Inhale the glory: Take a deep breath in, puffing your chest up like a peacock in mating season (hey, confidence is key!)

  5. The descent: Lower the barbell to your chest in a controlled manner, keeping your elbows at a 45-degree angle from your body—no flapping like a chicken, please

  6. Touchdown: Lightly tap your chest with the bar, but don’t bounce it—this isn’t a trampoline park, folks

  7. The glorious ascent: Exhale and push the bar back up, using your pecs, triceps, and delts to power through

  8. Rinse and repeat: Continue with your desired number of reps, basking in the glory of your impeccable form


Common Blunders: The Fashion Faux Pas of Bench Pressing


  • The dreaded butt lift: Keep your glutes firmly planted on the bench—this isn’t a twerking competition


  • Flared elbows: Avoid flaring your elbows out at a 90-degree angle, unless you’re trying to impersonate a pterodactyl


  • The half-rep: Don’t cheat yourself by only lowering the bar halfway—we see you, and we’re silently judging


Safety Tips from Your Sarcastic Gym Buddy


  • Warm up: I know you’re eager to dive in, but warming up your muscles is crucial—nobody wants a pulled pec, trust me


  • Know your limits: Don’t load the bar with more weight than you can handle, or you might find yourself starring in the next viral gym fail video


  • Slow and steady: Keep your movements controlled and deliberate—this isn’t a race, and you won’t win any prizes for speed-lifting


And there you have it, my dear gym rats: the art of the perfect Smith Machine Bench Press.


With these tips and tricks in your arsenal, you’ll be well on your way to chest gain glory. Just remember to keep it stylish, stay safe, and most importantly, have fun. Happy lifting!


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Expanding Your Chest-Boosting Repertoire

Now that you’ve mastered the art of the Smith Machine Bench Press, it’s time to take your chest-boosting game to the next level.


You wouldn’t wear the same outfit every day (unless you’re a cartoon character, in which case, carry on), so why stick to just one exercise variation?


Let’s unveil the incline, decline, and close-grip variations like they’re the latest workout trends, making their debut on the gym’s metaphorical runway.


And while we’re at it, let’s poke some fun at the “one-size-fits-all” mentality with a comical analogy—because who doesn’t love a good laugh between sets?


The Incline Smith Machine Bench Press: Reach for the Sky


  • Elevate the head of the bench to a 30-45 degree angle, like you’re setting up a fancy chaise lounge for your muscles


  • This variation targets your upper pecs, perfect for sculpting that superhero chest you’ve always dreamed of


  • Pro tip: Keep your elbows at a slightly sharper angle to engage those hard-to-reach upper chest fibers


The Decline Smith Machine Bench Press: Downward Chest Dog


  • Lower the head of the bench to a 15-30 degree angle—think of it as a slide for your muscles (but, you know, a productive one)


  • Say hello to your lower pecs, because they’re about to get some well-deserved attention


  • Remember to keep that bar path vertical and controlled, even when you’re defying gravity like a boss


The Close-Grip Smith Machine Bench Press: Get Up Close and Personal


  • Bring your hands closer together on the bar, about shoulder-width apart—it’s like giving your chest a big, warm hug (aww!)


  • Feel the burn in your triceps and the inner part of your chest, because variety is the spice of life (and the key to well-rounded gains)


  • Warning: This variation might make your other bench press variations a little jealous, so be sure to give them all equal love and attention


In conclusion, it’s time to bid adieu to the “one-size-fits-all” mentality—it might work for adjustable baseball caps, but it certainly doesn’t apply to your chest-boosting exercises.


By incorporating incline, decline, and close-grip variations into your workout routine, you’ll be well on your way to crafting a chest that’s the envy of the gym. So go on, strut your stuff and embrace the ever-evolving world of workout trends with confidence and a dash of humor!


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Integrating Smith Machine Bench Press into Your Workout Routine

Crafting the perfect workout routine is all about finding the right balance of exercises to suit your unique fitness goals. In this section, we’ll suggest sample workout programs catering to everyone, from gym newbies to Herculean heroes.


We’ll also discuss the benefits of incorporating free weight exercises and explain periodization and progressive overload principles as if they’re top-secret strategies (our little secret).


Sample Workout Programs: Your Fitness Path


Gym Newbies: The First Steps


  • Start with a full-body routine 3 times per week, incorporating the standard Smith Machine Bench Press


  • Gradually introduce other exercises like squats, deadlifts, and rows to give your entire body some attention


  • Remember, progress takes time—take it slow and steady


Intermediates: The Balanced Approach


  • Transition to an upper/lower body split or a push/pull/legs routine, hitting each muscle group twice per week


  • Mix in incline, decline, and close-grip Smith Machine Bench Press variations to keep your chest engaged


  • Balance your workout routine with free weight exercises like dumbbell flyes, push-ups, and barbell bench press


Herculean Heroes: The Advanced Plan



  • Opt for a specialized program, focusing on hypertrophy, strength, or both, depending on your goals


  • Use periodization and progressive overload principles strategically to break through plateaus


  • Train 4-6 times per week and watch your chest gains reach new heights


Benefits of Mixing Free Weight Exercises: The Winning Combo


Incorporating free weight exercises into your routine is crucial for promoting muscle activation, balance, and coordination. By combining Smith Machine Bench Press with free weight exercises, you’re ensuring a well-rounded workout routine that’ll support your gains from all angles.


Periodization and Progressive Overload: Top-Secret Strategies


Unlock the true potential of your workout routine by incorporating periodization and progressive overload principles. Periodization is like changing up your exercise selection regularly, keeping your muscles constantly surprised and challenged. Progressive overload, on the other hand, involves gradually increasing the demands placed on your muscles, ensuring continuous growth and adaptation.


By employing these covert strategies, you’ll be on your way to chest gains success in no time.


In conclusion, the key to a successful workout routine lies in the right balance of exercises, variations, and strategies, with the Smith Machine Bench Press as a core component. With this powerful combination, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your fitness goals. Stay committed and enjoy the journey!


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Smith Machine Bench Press Workout For Size and Strength

Beginner Smith Machine Bench Press Workout Plan

Exercise Name


Sets and Reps

Muscles Worked

Incline Smith Machine Bench Press


3 Sets

8 to 12 Reps

Chest and Front Deltoids

Flat Smith Machine Bench Press


3 Sets

8 to 12 Reps

Chest and Front Deltoids

Decline Smith Machine Bench Press


2 Sets

15 Reps


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Intermediate Smith Machine Bench Press Workout Plan

Exercise Name


Sets and Reps

Muscles Worked

Incline Smith Machine Bench Press


3 Sets

10 Reps

Chest and Front Deltoids

Flat Smith Machine Bench Press


4 Sets

8 Reps

Chest and Front Deltoids

Decline Smith Machine Bench Press


2 Sets

20 Reps


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Advanced Smith Machine Bench Press Workout Plan

Exercise Name


Sets and Reps

Muscles Worked

Incline Smith Machine Bench Press


4 Sets

8 Reps

Chest and Front Deltoids

Flat Smith Machine Bench Press


4 Sets

8 Reps

Chest and Front Deltoids

Decline Smith Machine Bench Press


3 Sets

20 / 15 / 10 Reps (slow tempo on each set)


The Gains Train: All Aboard with the Smith Machine Bench Press

Ladies and gentlemen, the Gains Train is now boarding, and the Smith Machine Bench Press is your first-class ticket to a world of muscle activation, strength, and hypertrophy.


In this section, we’ll list the benefits of this exercise like they’re an exclusive VIP guest list, and highlight how mastering the Smith Machine can boost your gym performance and confidence.


So, buckle up, because this ride is about to get wild (in a safe and controlled manner, of course)!


The Exclusive VIP Guest List: Benefits Galore


  • Muscle Activation: The Smith Machine Bench Press is like a personal trainer for your pecs, recruiting the chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles for an all-inclusive party


  • Strength: Hop on the Gains Train, and you’ll soon find yourself building strength like a locomotive, with the Smith Machine providing a stable and controlled environment for pushing your limits


  • Hypertrophy: The controlled movement of the Smith Machine allows for a greater focus on muscle contraction, paving the way for some serious size gains


Boosting Your Gym Performance and Confidence: Choo-Choo Choose Success


  • Safe Progression: The Smith Machine acts as your trusty training wheels, providing a stable environment for you to develop your bench press technique, strength, and confidence


  • Variety is Key: With the ability to easily switch between incline, decline, and close-grip variations, you’ll never get bored on this Gains Train journey


  • Unleashing Your Inner Beast: As you become more comfortable with the Smith Machine Bench Press, you’ll find your gym confidence skyrocketing, ready to tackle free weight bench press and other advanced exercises


In conclusion, the Smith Machine Bench Press is your express ticket to the land of chest gains, strength, and unwavering gym confidence. So, all aboard the Gains Train—next stop: Fitness Success! Just remember to enjoy the journey, and don’t forget to laugh along the way.


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Busting Smith Machine Bench Press Myths Like a Pro

Gather ’round, folks, because it’s time to bust some Smith Machine Bench Press myths like there’s no tomorrow!


We’ll tackle these misconceptions with a humorous “myth-busting” approach, setting the record straight with evidence-based facts and a dash of sass. So, put on your detective hat and grab your magnifying glass, because we’re about to uncover the truth behind these tall tales.


Myth #1: The Smith Machine Bench Press is for Wimps

The Truth: Oh, please! The Smith Machine Bench Press is a fantastic tool for lifters of all levels. From gym newbies to seasoned bodybuilders, this exercise can help develop strength, muscle mass, and proper form. So, let’s put this myth to rest—no wimps allowed on the Gains Train!


Myth #2: It Doesn’t Work the Same Muscles as a Free Weight Bench Press

The Truth: False alarm, folks! The Smith Machine Bench Press targets the same primary muscles as its free weight counterpart: the chest, shoulders, and triceps. While it’s true that the stabilizing muscles might get a little less action, incorporating both Smith Machine and free weight bench press into your routine will ensure a well-rounded workout.


Myth #3: The Smith Machine Limits Your Range of Motion

The Truth: Not quite, Sherlock! While it’s true that the Smith Machine follows a fixed path, the bench itself can be adjusted to accommodate incline, decline, and flat bench press variations. Plus, you can change your hand placement and grip width, allowing for a customizable workout that targets your chest from all angles.


Myth #4: You’ll Never Be Able to Transition to Free Weight Exercises

The Truth: Hold up! The Smith Machine Bench Press can actually serve as an excellent stepping stone for those looking to transition to free weight exercises. By building strength, muscle mass, and proper form in a controlled environment, you’ll be ready to tackle the free weight bench press and other advanced exercises with confidence.


And there you have it—myths debunked like a pro! Remember, the Smith Machine Bench Press is a valuable tool in your workout arsenal, and with the right approach, you can reap the benefits of this versatile exercise. So, go forth and conquer, armed with the truth and a sprinkle of sass.


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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Maximizing Gains

Gather ’round, my fellow fitness enthusiasts, because I’m about to let you in on some top-secret tips for maximizing your gains.


We’ll be sharing breathing techniques like they’re insider gossip, discussing proper tempo and time under tension with a touch of levity, and stressing the importance of nutrition and recovery like they’re the supporting cast to your gym success.


So, let’s dive in, and remember: loose lips sink ships (but in this case, they build muscles)!


Breathing Techniques: The Insider Gossip


  • Inhale on the eccentric: As you lower the bar towards your chest, inhale deeply to fill your lungs and brace your core—like you’re preparing for the juiciest piece of gossip


  • Exhale on the concentric: As you push the bar back up, exhale forcefully, releasing that hot air (just like the latest gym rumors)


Tempo and Time Under Tension: Slow and Steady Wins the Race


  • Eccentric phase: Lower the bar for 2-3 seconds, enjoying the suspense as your chest muscles eagerly anticipate the next move


  • Pause: Hold the bar briefly at the bottom, letting the tension build like a dramatic pause in a conversation


  • Concentric phase: Push the bar back up in 1-2 seconds, showing off your strength and control (and maybe a bit of swagger)


Nutrition and Recovery: The Supporting Cast of Gym Success


  • Protein power: Consuming adequate protein is like having an entourage of muscle-building assistants, always ready to repair and grow your muscles after a hard workout


  • Carbs and fats: Don’t forget these essential macronutrients—they provide energy and support overall health, making them the perfect sidekicks to protein’s starring role


  • Rest and relaxation: Prioritize sleep and recovery days like they’re your personal trainers, ensuring your body has the time it needs to rebuild and come back stronger than ever


And there you have it—the ultimate cheat sheet for maximizing your gains. By incorporating these insider tips into your Smith Machine Bench Press routine, you’ll be well on your way to chest gains and gym success.


Just remember to keep things light-hearted and enjoy the journey, because laughter is the best medicine (aside from proper nutrition and recovery, of course).


FAQs To Blasting With Smith Machine Benching

What muscles are worked during Smith Machine Bench Presses, and how does it compare to other smith machine exercises?

The Smith Machine Bench Press primarily targets your chest, triceps, and anterior deltoids. While it’s the star of the chest-show, other Smith Machine exercises work various muscle groups, making it a versatile supporting actor in your gym performance.

How does the Smith Machine Bench Press differ from a traditional free weight regular bench press?

The Smith Machine Bench Press provides a guided bar path, offering more stability and control than a free weight bench press. It’s like having a trusty spotter, minus the awkward small talk.

Can I perform incline, decline, and chest press variations on a Smith Machine?

Absolutely! The Smith Machine lets you perform incline, decline, and chest press variations with ease. Just adjust the bench angle and unleash your inner fitness fashionista with multiple styles.

What is the proper hand placement, overhand grip width, and foot positioning for the Smith Machine Bench Press?

Hand placement: Go for slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Grip width: Overhand, with thumbs wrapped around the bar. Foot positioning: Keep feet flat on the ground, shoulder-width apart, and create a solid foundation like you’re building a chest gains castle.

How can I safely transition from the Smith Machine Bench Press to lifting weights with free weights?

Start by lightening the load (your ego can handle it) and practice proper form with dumbbells or a barbell. With time and consistency, you’ll be bench pressing free weights like a well-oiled machine—pun intended.

What is the best way to incorporate the Smith Machine Bench Press and other Smith Machine exercises into my workout routine for building muscle?

Mix it up! Combine the Smith Machine Bench Press with free weight exercises for a balanced, muscle-building routine. Throw in other Smith Machine exercises for variety, like a workout buffet, but with gains instead of calories.

Is the Smith Machine Bench Press suitable for beginners, and what are the key benefits of using a Smith Machine for bench presses?

Absolutely, it’s beginner-friendly! The Smith Machine offers stability, controlled movement, and easier learning curve, making it an ideal starting point for newbies seeking chest gains.

How do I adjust the bench, the Smith Machine bar, and the safety stops for the correct positioning?

Set the bench in the center of the Smith Machine, ensuring the bar aligns with your nipples (yes, really). Adjust the safety stops to just below the lowest point of your bench press—like a safety net for your gains.

What is the recommended tempo for the Smith Machine Bench Press, and how can it help in preventing muscle imbalances?

Aim for a 2-1-2 tempo (2 seconds down, 1-second pause, 2 seconds up). This tempo keeps things smooth and controlled, helping you avoid muscle imbalances like a ninja dodging obstacles.

How can I ensure proper breathing technique while performing the Smith Machine Bench Press with heavy weights?

Inhale as you lower the bar (think: filling your chest with air). Exhale as you press the bar up (like blowing out candles on a gains cake). Proper breathing keeps

Smith Machine Bench Press- Female

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Closing Thoughts

Well, folks, we’ve reached the end of our thrilling adventure exploring the wonderful world of the Smith Machine Bench Press.


Let’s take a moment to recap the key points in a light-hearted manner before we send you off to conquer the gym with newfound knowledge and enthusiasm.


  • We’ve met our unsung hero, the Smith Machine, and debunked common misconceptions with a pinch of sass


  • We’ve rolled out the red carpet for proper bench positioning, hand placement, and footwork


  • We’ve mastered the art of the perfect bench press technique, laughing at common blunders along the way


  • We’ve expanded our chest-boosting repertoire and ditched the one-size-fits-all mentality


  • We’ve blended the Smith Machine Bench Press into our workout routine like a gains-infused smoothie


  • We’ve boarded the Gains Train, enjoying the muscle activation, strength, and hypertrophy benefits


  • We’ve busted myths like a pro, uncovering the truth with a dash of humor


  • And finally, we’ve shared the ultimate cheat sheet for maximizing gains, complete with breathing techniques, tempo, and the importance of nutrition and recovery


So, there you have it! Now it’s time for you to give the Smith Machine Bench Press a whirl and embrace the journey.


Remember, progress is a marathon, not a sprint, so keep pushing forward and enjoying the ride. You’re well-equipped with the knowledge and motivation to make some serious chest gains and beyond.


As you head off to conquer the gym, we’ll leave you with this motivational punchline to keep you inspired and entertained: “When life gets tough, just remember—you’re tougher than the heaviest set on the Smith Machine!” Now go get those gains!


(oh, and do keep in touch and check in with us regularly for more fantastic content. For a complete list of our previous blog posts, please go here)


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