Sleepy After Workout

Sleepy After Workout? – Here’s What To Do

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Sleepy After Workout

Working out is the best natural medicine you can offer your body. People of all walks of life must keep a tiny amount of time from their busy schedule allotted to some aerobics or cardio, or high-intensity interval exercises, depending on what suits you best. But some people complain about feeling sleepy after workouts. It isn’t a good sign in most cases.


Exercises are supposed to boost up your energy levels. If it’s happening otherwise, it’s because you are not doing it right. There might be some deficit in your sleep cycles, diet, beverage intake, etc. Also, some underlying medical disorders may be causing this.


Learning about all the reasons that make us excessively tired after working out can help you pinpoint your issues. That way you can make some necessary changes to your workout routines to tackle this issue.


Why Are You Feeling Sleepy After Workouts?

When you work out, your body undergoes some healthy changes. Likewise, you feel delighted, highly confident, and your stamina is always supersaturated. But if you feel drowsy after your workout sessions, you are not doing it healthily.


Suppose you are doing some simple aerobics or HIIT or yoga or even simple running/jogging. After a few days, you will start to feel the changes yourself. You are happier than before; you no longer have trouble falling asleep, you don’t feel tired all the time anymore!


But, some other vital factors keep you in the best of your health besides exercise. Sometimes people overlook those and observe some unexpected results of exercising like feeling sleepy after working out! So I would like to briefly explain how these factors are ultimately causing the aforesaid problem.


Sleepy After Workout

#1 - You Are Doing More Than Necessary

As I mentioned earlier, working out is beneficial and should always make you feel good afterwards. Understandably, you may feel tired after a high-intensity interval training session. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be so tired that you require a nap!


So, if you feel like changing into pyjamas from your gym clothes and taking a nap, the reason is you are working out more than necessary. As a result, your hormone stores get exhausted. You start to experience symptoms caused by the deficiency of these beneficial hormones.


Likewise, you feel sleepy and want to nap. That’s why it is advised to let your body adjust to workouts by warming up a little. Don’t do too much in a single round. Increase your time a little by little. Your muscles need to adjust to this routine.


Because exercise increases your muscle power by increasing mitochondria; Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cells. When you increase your time gradually, you are building up more mitochondria. As a result, this replenishes your energy stores. So, it’s crucial that you work out the right amount!


#2 - Eating Unhealthy

Another important reason is that you are not taking a properly balanced diet. Either you are missing out on sufficient carbs or protein. Or, you may be taking a high-fat diet. Both are incredibly unhealthy.


Add some increments to your diet. For example, eat fresh green vegetables, fruits, low-fat milk, almonds, cashews, etc. The key is to eat carbs, protein, and fat in the correct ratio.


#3 - You Are Constantly Dehydrated

You must drink plenty of water! No other liquid can replace the water in your diet. In this case, your daily output may surpass your daily inputs. Besides, water exits from our body via sweat, feces, urine, evaporation via the skin, etc.


You must drink at least three liters of water every day. However, if you don’t give your body this minimum amount and you continue to work out in the same way, it so happens that you become dehydrated. You start feeling dizzy, low on energy, light-headed after the slightest amount of exhaustion. So, this can be a triggering factor!


#4 - Lack Of Sufficient Sleep

There is no alternative to sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours every day. During sleep, your body gets the rest it deserves from the exhaustion of the entire day! You must provide your body with that!


So, depriving yourself of sleep when your body needs it can result in easy tiring. Thus, you feel the urge to sleep every time you do something tiring, like exercising.


#5 - Medical Disorders

Some medical disorders are associated with feeling sleepy after workouts — namely, depression, insomnia, thyroid diseases, cardiac problems, etc.


So if you constantly feel sleepy, it’s better to get checked. Consult a doctor and run some tests. Subsequently, you will be able to rule out these diseases!


Is It Healthy To Sleep After Workouts?

No, it’s not healthy. Sleeping after working out can actually hamper your sleep cycle.


Our bodies have a biological clock, or as medical science calls it, The Circadian Rhythm. Every day, you wake up at a specific time, your bowel movements occur at a particular time. Your brain schedules all these.


Hence, if you are not sleeping well at night, you often feel sleepy throughout the day. The best way to avoid falling asleep after working out is to change your workout routine. Try to exercise after waking up. Because when you wake up after a good sleep, your energy level remains maximized.


Most importantly, avoid working out before bedtime. Exercise releases dopamine and endorphins that keep you awake. Therefore, you might not be able to sleep due to extreme alertness after working out. So, it’s better to avoid doing so.


Here's What You Can Do To Avoid Post Workout Sleepiness

I want to suggest some healthy changes that you can make to avoid feeling sleepy after workouts. Please take a look at these and try to implement them as much as you can. Of course, you will notice the changes in no time!


  • Drink a minimum of eight cups of water every day. You can use a calibrated water bottle to keep an estimate of how much you are drinking. So, take it with you wherever you go! In this way, you will know how much to drink!


  • Do not exercise too much in one go. Overdoing it can result in muscle fatigue. Do not do more than your body can take in. Also, take a rest in between the sessions. Your muscles need time to recover. Start with warming up every time!


  • Eat a well-balanced diet. Don’t ruin your diet with processed foods, excess sugar, junk foods, etc.


  • You can snack a little before your workout sessions. Then again, if you are working out in the morning, try to have a light breakfast before you start.


  • After you finish working out, eat a small snack again. Take energy-yielding foods like nuts, yogurts, etc.


  • Sit down after you finish. Take a little rest before going back to your day-to-day activities. On the contrary, if you rush, your brain may get deprived of blood supply. Eventually, you will feel light-headed!


  • Sleep as much as you need. Don’t sleep less than necessary because you may end up with other diseases!


  • Don’t work up the same muscle groups every day. Take turns and try different workouts. So, make a routine of how you want to do it seven days a week.


  • If you have medical conditions that need attention, don’t do anything harmful to your health. Besides, if your body can’t tolerate exercises, consult your doctor. Make changes as necessary.


Sleepy After Workout

Closing Thoughts : Sleepy After Workout

Exercises should make you feel energized, fit and confident. Rather than making you tired, sleepy, and distracted. If you are sleepy after workouts, chances are you are not adopting healthy practices. So, make sure you are sticking to your routine and doing everything correctly.


Thank you for reading the entire article with patience. Live happy and healthy!


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