Master the Single Arm Dumbbell Bicep Curl For Huge Biceps

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You’ve made it here!


To the palace of bicep gains!


And I will share my 20 years of experience in quickly getting your arms the biggest they can get!


You’ve been looking to grow those biceps, and somehow, the Bicep-Multiverse has answered your muscle-gaining requests and revealed to you that the single-arm dumbbell bicep curl is your golden exercise!


No? Well, I thought it was a fun intro!


Right – Thanks in advance for dropping by, and I may as well tell you that once you read this entire blog post, you will be itching to get to the gym to train your biceps!




Well, will you argue about bicep muscle gains when you can easily add another whole inch to your guns by adding this exercise and tweaking your arm workouts?


Will you challenge the logic of 20 years of experience where I have made my trainee’s arms go from 15 inches to 19 inches within 24 months?


By the time you finish reading this blog, you will know what the dumbbell bicep curl is, why you should be doing it, all the benefits & gotcha’s and HOW you can add this to your current arm blasting workouts!


So let’s crack on and get those guns growing!


What is a Single Arm Dumbbell Bicep Curl?

Let’s break down this bicep grower; I want you to know what it is.


The single-arm dumbbell bicep curl is an upper-body exercise that targets the bicep muscle group.


The curl primarily targets your biceps (brachii) and hits both key muscles; short head bicep and long head bicep. As a bonus, it also hits the forearm muscles and is a good overall arm exercise.


Why You Need To Add Single Arm Dumbbell Curls

I want you to know why you will be doing what I am telling you to do – else we have failed at the first muscle-building hurdle.


Here are five of the key benefits of this curl:


  • Say Hello to Guns: Want to show off your well-defined biceps? Then the single dumbbell bicep curl is the way to go! It’ll target your bicep muscles like nothing else and help you flex those babies with confidence.


  • Flexibility: You can curl the single dumbbell bicep in various positions- standing, sitting, or kneeling. And let’s not forget you can adjust the weight of the dumbbell to suit your level of strength. So, you can switch things up and keep the exercise fresh.


  • Convenience is Key: You’ll find dumbbells in most gyms, and if you have a set at home, you’re sorted! No need to travel far and wide or pay for expensive equipment. You can do the single dumbbell bicep curl in the comfort of your own home.


  • Compound Strength: The exercise mainly targets your biceps but also engages your forearms. So, you’ll be hitting multiple birds with one stone- strengthening your upper body and building muscle definition.


  • Injury Prevention: Strengthening your biceps through the single dumbbell bicep curl can also help prevent elbow joint injuries and boost your grip strength. So you can be sure you’re caring for your body while building those muscles.


Bicep Anatomy 101: Know Your Biceps

I couldn’t write this article without putting up an image of the biceps and what their made up of.


Knowing your bicep brachii, short-head bicep muscle, and long head is critical in understanding the biceps.


Bicep Anatomy for Single Arm Bicep Curl

The Best Way To Do Single Arm Dumbbell Bicep Curls For Huge Bi's



I think I am shouting above, but if there is one thing you ALWAYS do, that is this! Perform every exercise you do through its full range, or you will waste precious muscle growth opportunities!


How to do the single arm dumbbell bicep curl


  • First, make sure you have warmed up by doing 10 minutes on the treadmill and some light dumbbell curls (which you will learn below)


  • Once the warm-up sets are over, get a pair of dumbbells that will enable you to perform ten strict curls.


  • Place these dumbbells in front of you (either on the floor or dumbbell rack)


  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and grab the dumbbells in each hand.


  • Hold the dumbbells to your sides, so your palms face your upper thighs.


  • Keep your elbow fixed to your sides, ensure your shoulder is down and back, rotate your wrist so your palm faces forward, and curl the dumbbell up.


  • The top of the movement will be when the dumbbell touches your front shoulder; at this position, flex the bicep hard for 2 seconds and then lower the dumbbell to the starting position.


  • Well done! You have just completed one rep! Let’s go for nine more!


Here Are 6 Tips I Want You To Use When Doing These Curls

Now, this is where I want you to shine!


I want to share the most important tips with you so you can use them from Day 1 and not have to learn them by trial and error!


1.  Start with the Right Weight: Pick a dumbbell that you can comfortably lift for ten reps while maintaining proper form. If the weight is too heavy, it can lead to improper form and potential injury.


2. Proper Form: I can’t stress this enough. Remember that half reps = half growth opportunities!


3. Avoid swinging: Control the reps through the entire range of motion. Don’t swing the dumbbells up, as that will only increase the risk of injury.


4. Engage Your Core: Engage your core muscles as you lift the weight to stabilize your body and maintain proper form.


5. Breathe Properly: Exhale as you lift the weight towards your chest and inhale as you lower it back down.


6. Gradually Increase Weight: Progressive overload is probably the biggest reason for continuously growing your muscles! In this case, I want you to increase the weight every time you get to ten reps.


Here Are The Results Your Biceps Can Expect

I want you to witness your gains!


The results you get by adding this exercise can, will and should amaze you IF you follow all the advice in this post.


But expect the following:


Increased Bicep Strength: You can expect to gain up to 15% strength by performing these curls. Keep a log from Day 1 and witness your progress.


Bigger biceps: Following a balanced bicep and arm training protocol for 12 weeks, you can expect to gain up to 1 inch in size on your upper arm.


Improved Grip Strength: Holding and curling a dumbbell requires you to grip the handle firmly. This recruits your grip muscles and forearm, so expect both to increase.


Single Arm Dumbbell Curls Demonstration 2

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Here's How To Add These Curls To Your Workouts

I will assume that you currently work out and train your biceps.


If so, you can easily add four sets of single-arm dumbbell curls to your bicep training. You can add them at the beginning or end, follow the progressive overload training principle, and see how you progress.


How to ensure your arms keep growing with these dumbbell curls

To make sure you get the most from this exercise, I want to share the following with you


  • Add this exercise to your bicep workouts for 12 weeks


  • Adopt the progressive overload principle and so add weight every time you get ten strict reps


  • Keep a log of every workout; this will show your progress and also reveal any basis for tweaks


  • Perform every rep with 2 seconds curling up, 2 seconds flexing hard at the top, and then 4 seconds on the movement’s negative


  • If you need cables or resistance bands to substitute, do so sparingly.


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Use there tweaks to modify the exercise to suit your needs

Here are some of the most popular ways in which you can vary this curl to your needs:


Vary the Weight: You can change how the bicep is targeted by varying the weight to get to the ten reps. Always keep the muscle guessing and give it reasons to grow.


Change the Grip: You can use a neutral (hammer) grip if that helps, and even a reverse (overhand) grip.


Adjust the Reps and Sets: Your priority should always be ten reps and add weight for mass and strength. But you can incorporate super sets and higher rep ranges to shock the biceps. This could mean performing 25 reps for reduced weight or 20 reps with a slower tempo.


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Avoid these common mistakes when doing single dumbbell bicep curl:

I’ve told you what you should be doing, but now I want to be clearer about what you should NOT do:


Swinging the weights up Strict form means executing the full range of motion with strict, slow form. Don’t cheat the weight up; you will only be cheating your gains!


Overarching Your Back: Another mistake is arching your back during the exercise, which can place unnecessary stress on your lower back. Instead, maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement, engaging your core muscles for stability.


Lifting Too Much Weight: A weight that’s too heavy will force the body to cheat. Cheating = risk of injury. So always stick to a weight that you can get ten reps and work back from there.


Allowing Your Elbow to Flare Out: Keeping your elbow close to your body throughout the exercise is important for targeting your biceps effectively.


Flex Your Biceps: To get the most out of the exercise, it’s important to contract your biceps fully at the top for a count of 2 seconds. This helps to activate and strengthen your muscles effectively.


Two Muscle-Building Arm Workouts With Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Dumbbell Curl - Bicep Blast Routine 1

Dumbbell Curl - Bicep Blast Routine 1

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Dumbbell Curl - Bicep Blast Routine 2

3 Alternative Exercises For Dumbbell Curls

#1 Hammer curls

This exercise targets your biceps and your forearms. To do this exercise, hold a dumbbell in each hand with a neutral grip (palms facing each other), and curl the weight up to your shoulder while keeping your elbows close to your body. Slowly lower the weight back to the starting position and repeat for several reps.

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#2 Cable curls

A cable machine allows for constant tension on the biceps throughout the entire range of motion. Attach a straight bar to the low pulley and stand facing the machine to do this exercise. Grab the bar with an underhand grip and curl the weight towards your shoulders, keeping your elbows close to your body. Slowly lower the weight back to the starting position and repeat for several reps.

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#3 Chin-ups

This is a bodyweight exercise that is great for building both bicep and back strength. To do this exercise, grab onto a chin-up bar with an underhand grip and hang with your arms fully extended. Pull your body up towards the bar until your chin is over the bar, then slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position and repeat for several reps.

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FAQs on Growing Your Biceps With This Exercise

What is a single-arm dumbbell bicep curl?

The single-arm dumbbell curl is where you curl a dumbbell, either seated or standing, one arm at a time for several reps. The exercise works your biceps and forearms and packs on significant muscle size and strength.

What are the benefits of doing single-arm dumbbell bicep curls?

The main benefits of dumbbell bicep curls are; the ability to focus on one arm at a time, place the majority of muscular stress on the two heads of the bicep brachii and allow you to move from different dumbbells so you can drop-set the exercise for increased intensity.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when doing single-arm dumbbell bicep curls?

To get the most gains from bicep curls, focus on the range of motion, pick a weight which allows you to get ten reps and perform the rep in 2-2-4 motion. This means 2 seconds up, 2 seconds flex and 4 seconds back to the starting position.

How can I incorporate single-arm dumbbell bicep curls into my workout routine?

You should add dumbbell curls to the start or end of your biceps workout and ensure you follow the progressive overload principle so you can force the muscles to adapt and grow.

How often should I train my biceps with single-arm dumbbell curls?

You should train the biceps once per week with up to 12 sets total. Anything more can lead to overtraining.

What are some effective bicep peak exercises?

The best bicep peak exercises are spider curls, preacher bench curls and dumbell curls.

What are some tips for increasing arm muscle growth?

To increase arm size, always aim to increase the weight or reps in every workout. This is called the progressive overload principle and maximizes your chances of growing the muscle consistently.

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What other exercises can I do to build my biceps besides single-arm dumbbell curls?

Other exercises to build the biceps include: cheat barbell curls, single-arm cable curls, cable barbell curls, preacher curls and close-grip pull-ups.

What are some variations of the dumbbell bicep curl?

You can use the cable machine and resistance bands to add variations to the exercise. In addition, you can also play with the time-under-tension and slow the entire rep down to be performed over a longer time.

How do rest and recovery play a role in bicep growth?

Your biceps will grow outside of the gym. So ensure you have the right diet and nutrition that will help fuel the muscles for workouts and recovery. Sleep is critical to muscular recovery and rebuilding, so always get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

What is the difference between a seated and standing dumbbell curl?

Seated means you can perform the dumbbell curl on an angled bench (45 to 90 degrees), and standing means performing the curl standing up.

How can I use the hammer curl to target different parts of my biceps?

The hammer curl can be performed vertically in line with the body OR across the body. Each variation hits the bicep heads with slightly different muscular stress.

Can I use the preacher curl to target my biceps?

Preacher curls are an awesome bicep peak and thickness builder, and adding them for three sets of 10 reps is highly recommended.

How can I incorporate the incline dumbbell curl into my workout routine?

Add angled dumbbell curls at the beginning or the end of the workout, depending on your current arm workout. It can be used as a builder or finisher with a weight that should enable you to do ten reps.

Closing Thoughts : Growing Your Guns with Dumbbell Curls

All ready? You should be ready and pumped to add this exercise to your bicep training to pack on the size and strength!


I want you to follow the advice above, add the curl to your existing (or new) workout plan and log everything! I want you to progress every workout and witness just how good this exercise is!


(oh, and keep in touch and check in with us regularly for more fantastic content. For a complete list of our previous blog posts, please go here)


Single Arm Dumbbell Curls Demonstration 4

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