5 Shoulder Workout Supersets For Massive Delts!

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shoulder workout superset

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Shoulders are the most profound muscles that give a powerful herculean-Esque appearance. They give the aura of power and strength and make the upper body look muscular and broad!


Everyone wants a developed set of shoulder muscles, and in this article, we will show you what it takes and how you can get them in the quickest way possible!


Let’s dig deeper to show how you can add a shoulder workout superset to blast your deltoids to supersize and strength!


Shoulder Muscle 101 - What are the shoulders?

Shoulders! The robust set of muscles gives the appearance of power and width! We all want them, and we all work them hard, right?


The shoulders, also known as deltoids (or delts in the gym world), consist of three muscle heads.


These three heads are connected to the arm and back, which enable our bodies to lift the arms through several ranges. Without these three heads, our bodies would be limited in picking up, dropping down and pressing above our heads. So we could say they are critical to our everyday life!


The shoulder muscle is made up of three heads that are known as the anterior (front), medial (middle), and posterior (rear) deltoids.


Anterior Delt

The front deltoid (known as the anterior) is on the front of the shoulder; without it, we wouldn’t be able to raise our arms in front or press them above our heads.


This muscle is often activated during exercises such as the shoulder press, front raise, and push-ups and so is a crucial muscle in everyday activity.


Medial Delt

The side deltoid (known as the medial) is in the middle of the shoulder; without it, we wouldn’t be able to raise our arms out to the side or use them to pull our bodies up.


This muscle is often activated during exercises such as the lateral raise, reverse fly, and pull-ups.


Posterior Delt

The posterior deltoid is located in the back of the shoulder and is responsible for shoulder extension and horizontal adduction.


This muscle is often activated during the rear delt fly, reverse fly, and rows.


But that’s not it for shoulders. The shoulders depend on the rotator cuff and trapezius muscles to support the shoulder joint. So having a solid set of shoulder muscles significantly improves the posture of the upper body and the overall capability for upper body movement.


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What are supersets?

A superset is a high-intensity training technique where you select two exercises and perform them back-to-back with minimal rest.


Supersets can be grouped into two categories:


Agonist superset: This involves working for the same muscle group with two exercises. For example, performing a set of dumbbell bicep curls followed by a set of hammer curls without rest in between. This type of superset breaks down the muscle fibres quickly and therefore causes them to recover bigger and stronger.


Antagonist superset: This type involves opposing muscle groups with two exercises. For example, performing a set of chest presses followed by a set of pull-downs without rest. This type of superset aims to increase muscle endurance and burn more calories.


Both superset types have their advantages. The agonist superset is great if muscle mass and size are what you are after for a given muscle.


Antagonist supersets are a good addition if you want to increase energy expenditure and endurance.


Supersets are a great way to increase the intensity of your workout, boost your metabolism, and save time in the gym. They are also great for breaking through plateaus, as they challenge the muscles differently than traditional sets. However, it’s important to note that because of the increased intensity, it’s essential to use proper form and not overdo it, as this can lead to injury.


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Why should you perform supersets for a shoulder workout?

To progress in the gym, you must get into the habit of changing things up. That can be via exercise, sets, reps, intensity, order of exercises and the number of times you train the muscle.


Doing so will keep the muscle guessing and stop it from adapting to the stress.


But let’s look a little deeper into the reasons for performing supersets so that you can understand why you should adopt them.:


Increased Intensity: Supersets will enable you to perform a large volume of work in reduced time. This places immense stress on the body and muscles and so do expect quicker muscle breakdown and, as a result, increased muscle growth.


Increased Metabolism: Supersets boost your metabolism, which does help you burn more calories and fat. This will drive down your overall body fat and make your body and shoulders more defined and lean.


Improved Endurance: By working with opposing muscle groups, you can improve your overall muscle endurance. This is especially beneficial if you want to increase your reps or weights on your shoulder exercises.


Variety: Supersets can also add variety to your workout routine. Switching up the exercises and muscle groups you’re working on can prevent boredom and keep your body guessing.


Time-saving: Supersets are an efficient way to get a lot of work done quickly, which can be especially beneficial if you’re short on time or want to fit a shoulder workout into your busy schedule.


It’s important to note that supersets are a higher intensity workout, so it’s essential to be aware of your limits and use proper form. It’s also important to progress gradually, starting with lighter weights and fewer reps, before working your way up to heavier weights and more reps.


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The eight best shoulder exercises to pack on size and strength

Barbell Military Press: This compound exercise targets the deltoids, triceps, and upper chest and builds overall shoulder strength.


  1. Dumbbell Lateral Raise: This isolation exercise targets the lateral head of the deltoid and is excellent for adding size and definition to the shoulders.

  2. Reverse Fly: This exercise works the posterior deltoids and the upper back, helping to build a strong and balanced shoulder.

  3. Barbell Upright Row: This compound exercise targets the front and middle deltoids, trapezius, and biceps.

  4. Dumbbell Front Raise: This isolation exercise targets the anterior deltoids and is excellent for building shoulder definition.

  5. Seated Dumbbell Press: This exercise is similar to the military press, but sitting it places more emphasis on the shoulders.

  6. Face Pull: This exercise works the posterior deltoids and the rotator cuff muscles, helping to prevent injury and promote balanced development.

  7. Y Raise: This exercise targets the lower traps, posterior delts and middle delts; it’s a challenging exercise that can help to sculpt and shape the shoulders.


5 Shoulder Workout Supersets You Must Do

Below are five shoulder workout superset plans you can adopt into your shoulder training. You can pick 1 or 2 superset workouts, add them to your schedule, and then tweak them as you see fit.


Please note the following.


  • Do not perform more than two groups of super sets per workout. IE, if you will perform superset 1 and superset 2 from below then limit it to just that. 


  • Rest up to 2 mins between supersets


  • Limit each superset to 4 total sets (so performing a superset of exercises 8 times)


shoulder workout supersets
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Top 9 tips for growing your deltoids (shoulders)

  1. Include compound exercises such as the military press, push press, and push jerks in your workout routine. These exercises work multiple muscle groups, including the deltoids, and can help build mass and strength.

  2. Incorporate isolation exercises such as lateral raises and front raise to target the deltoids specifically.

  3. Use proper form when performing exercises to ensure you engage the correct muscle groups.

  4. Gradually increase your weight and reps to continue challenging your muscles and promoting growth.

  5. Incorporate dropsets, supersets, and other high-intensity techniques to add variety to your routine and shock your muscles into growth.

  6. Allow for enough recovery time between workouts to allow your muscles to repair and grow.

  7. Keep a workout journal to track your progress and adjust your routine.

  8. Incorporate exercises that work the rotator cuff muscles to help prevent injury and promote balanced development.

  9. Have a balanced and nutritious diet with enough protein to support muscle growth.

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Is it good to superset shoulders?

Using two or more exercises back to back in a superset workout for shoulders will force the muscle to adapt and grow bigger! The high-intensity training style has proven effective for changing up training.

What's good to pair with shoulders?

Pairing exercises for shoulders depends on what you want to target. It’s generally assumed that side and rear delts are the most difficult to train and grow. So ensuring you superset side lateral raises and rear dumbbell flys is a good starting position.

What can I superset with shoulder shrugs?

You can superset side lateral raises with shoulder shrugs to train the shoulders. If you want to focus on rear delts, you can add rear cable flys.

What three shoulder exercises should I do?

You always want to ensure that you hit all three shoulder heads. So dumbbell presses, side laterals and rear delt flys are a bread-and-butter shoulder workout routine.

What to superset with shoulder press?

Superset shoulder press with side laterals and play about with the weight and rep range to change things.

Can I do a lateral raises superset workout?

Yes. You can do dumbbell side laterals with cable side laterals, so add a new training angle to the shoulders. The cable side laterals will provide constant tension throughout the movement. This is a great shoulder superset workout; you should start with light weight to master both movements.

Can I add upright rows with shoulder supersets?

Upright rows have been known actually to cause shoulder impingement and it’s not an exercise that is recommended.

Can I use a cable machine for all shoulder supersets?

As long as you warm up, use lightweight and perform the exercise with strict form, then there is no reason why you can’t use the cable machine for your shoulder superset workout.

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Closing thoughts on Shoulder Training

Using supersets in your shoulder training can bring a new phase of muscle mass and strength to your physique.


Using the information in this article, you can try superset workouts and then tweak them based on your existing level AND the results you will see.


But all of this will only be optimised if you ensure your overall training, nutrition, and recovery are in place and fit for purpose!


So let’s crack on, get those massive shoulders, and let us know how you get on! We always love hearing from our readers!


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