Should You Work on Biceps or Triceps First While Bodybuilding?

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Should You Work on Biceps or Triceps

Should You Work on Biceps or Triceps

Bodybuilding is one of the few training techniques in the world that can be extremely confusing when you start focusing on it. Many people are unsure where to begin when they have to train their muscles to be as strong and visible as possible, with triceps and biceps leading to confusion.


It would be best if you always started with your triceps, as these muscles are connected to many other parts and strengthen the body more equally. Biceps must be trained after your triceps to help balance muscles and shape throughout your arms and chest. 


There are many reasons that you will have to focus on each muscle throughout your journey to become the best Adonis that you genuinely are. Triceps first have many benefits while the biceps should not be ignored, or you may risk getting an uneven shape to your body overall.

Why You Should Do Triceps First?

Many times people focus on what they have always found to be the most visible without taking a moment to consider how the body is connected. You can have enormous biceps on earth, but it means nothing to how you will look without the proper triceps supporting them.


Training your triceps first means you get a more balanced exercise; we have focused on each reason why you should be considering training them properly. We have seen many people that ignore the obvious and end up with undefined muscles that are not as capable as they should be.


#1 - Connected To More Muscles

While the bicep is the most visible muscle that you can find on your arm, the triceps are connected to a significantly larger amount of other muscles. Helping to flex, twist, bend, pull, and even torque along with all the other muscles connected to your arms.


This is why exercising and training your triceps helps to significantly increase all the muscles in your arms rather than just one or two at a time. Most exercises that focus on your triceps also helps to strengthen and shape the full range of muscles, including the biceps on your arms.


#2 - Potential For Growth

Surprisingly, because the triceps are connected to so many other muscles, their growth potential is many times larger than your biceps. This means they can become quite powerful and defined without looking like they are merely inflated like balloons without a purpose.


While the triceps themselves may always look smaller than the muscles around them, as you train and strengthen them, they grow larger. Creating a well-rounded look that makes your entire upper arm look strong, rather than an arm that only has a few locations where things are defined.


#3 - Contribution To Strength

Because the triceps are connected to more muscles, are capable of doing both pulling and pushing motions, and generally have more torque abilities, they are stronger. We have seen many people with massive biceps easily outperform those who have a heavy focus on their triceps.


If your triceps are trained and generally just stronger, your entire arm strength will be increased drastically, simply because of the other muscles being trained. Triceps offer a lot more training and definition to your body, which naturally means that you have much stronger muscles overall.


What Happens If You Do Biceps First?

We always recommend that you do your triceps first, but it can be confusing to understand why it is necessarily a bad idea to focus on your biceps first, especially if you are hoping to properly flex and show your muscles whenever you may want to.


Fortunately, there is always a way to overcome mistakes, and you will be able to refocus if you have already done your biceps first comfortably. Further, if you are starting your exercises, it is not a big problem and may very well only require that you add in some new techniques each day.


#1 - Slower Growth

If you are only focusing on training your biceps, you will start to experience slower growth with most of the muscles in your arm. As the exercises that focus on your biceps can focus on only training that muscle, it slows down the growth of the supporting muscles you need.


Further, we have seen many people suffer from slower muscle growth in their shoulders, pecks, and forearms with massive biceps. The wrong way of thinking led them to have huge biceps with other muscles that are too weak to create a clean look properly.


#2 - Unable To Exercise Properly

It may sound weird or even outlandish, but if your biceps are too big, they can and will become a hindrance to the range of techniques you can use. Further, as the muscle is so much stronger than the rest of the supporting muscles, you won’t properly train them.


If you are starting exercising to become a bodybuilder, this is not an issue and can be corrected relatively easily. However, if your biceps are already quite large, it will cause problems as you may struggle to move your arms in the best way possible to complete each technique.

How To Properly Do Biceps and Triceps on The Same Day?

Now that you know what muscles to focus on first, you may wonder how you can train them both on the same day. This becomes even more evident when you go to train your triceps for the first time, and you find your arms are complete noodles afterwards.


However, there are a few things that you can focus on that will allow you to exercise both sets of muscles in one day. However, there are a few sacrifices that you will have to make to adjust to the ways that you will be training to allow your muscles to be trained appropriately.


#1 - Start With Triceps

It’s always important to do this, especially if you will be training both sets of muscles in one day. Doing triceps first will allow you to have a full-body workout without having to later stress about only having trained your biceps, with most people having cycles throughout the week.


A balanced exercise routine may focus on triceps on Monday, biceps on Tuesday, chest and back on Wednesday, legs and core on Thursday, with light cardio on Friday. This allows you to dedicate and focus on each part of your body each day, learning which muscles need extra focus.


#2 - Train In the Morning

If you need to do both triceps and biceps in one day, we recommend that you start exercising in the morning before doing anything else. Have your triceps and their accompanying muscles fully exercised before beginning the day, following through with every technique you have planned.


This fits in with the triceps always going first that we need you to focus on to have a much better-defined body when you become a bodybuilder. Further, your body will relax and reset during the day; as the triceps are trained, your whole body will be pushed rather than just one muscle.


#3 - Train In the Afternoon

You will need to rest after your triceps have been trained, focusing on not using your muscles too much during the day. However, after around six to eight hours of just working, as usual, you should be ready to start training your biceps, following through on all your standard techniques.


Doing your exercises in this manner will ensure that your muscles are not so tired that you can barely move them when you are done. Many people recommend not doing both on the same day, as your muscles may be too tired to reach their limit when you start doing your bicep exercises.


Should You Work on Biceps or Triceps

Final Thoughts : Should You Work on Biceps or Triceps

Your triceps should always be trained and focused on first before you start exercising and training your biceps. This allows for equal growth for all the muscles in your arms, with supporting muscles that will enable you to grow stronger in a balanced manner.


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