Should I take supplements on non-workout days?


You should take supplements on non-workout days, and the ones you take must form part of an overall targeted nutritional and supplement plan. You see, supplements are nutrients, and the body can always make use of nutrients if it is under training stress. Recovery and rebuilding occur when the body is fueled with the right […]

18 Common Whey Protein Questions


We get asked a lot of questions relating to whey protein so we thought we would answer the most common questions that get sent here. Read below to get the most common questions people think of when it comes to whey protein; Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email 1. Are whey protein […]

How to Use Protein Powder for Weight Loss 2021


Let’s be honest; 2020 has been a life-changing experience for many people and sadly, it has been life-ending for those that were unfortunate enough to get the virus and not recover.   The events of the pandemic has affected every aspect of life; be that professional or private. Businesses have had to pivot how they […]

Do I need Protein Powders or Protein Supplements?


Yes. If you are training hard and regularly and are following an optimised diet, you will likely need to supplement your diet with protein supplements. A recent study also revealed that consuming protein supplements before and after training put the body in an optimal state to increase muscle protein synthesis.    What does that study tell […]

What is Whey Protein?


If you go to the gym, are involved in any physical sport or are a generally active health-conscious individual, then you will likely have heard of whey protein. It is also likely that you may already be taking whey protein in the form of a protein shake. But why do you need a protein shake? […]