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Planning A Workout Schedule for Men (In Detail)

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Planning A Workout Schedule for Men

Bulking up or losing the beer belly that you’ve had for the last few years, either one can feel like you are about to climb a mountain. Many times, the biggest and most complex thing about starting these journeys will be making a proper workout schedule that will help you stay on the right path.


Your workout routine should focus on balancing each of the major parts of your body while giving you at least one day to do proper cardio training. Further, the workout routine should incorporate a proper meal plan that works in tandem with your workouts to ensure you always have enough energy.


We have seen many men that make a few simple mistakes in their workout schedules that later burn out completely because they have damaged joints or muscles. It is important to know what to schedule and what to focus on in limited amounts, or you may end up with odd shapes.


How Do You Plan a Workout Schedule?

Before we can take a comprehensive look at why it is important to make a workout schedule, we need to take a look at how you are going to plan the schedule. We are going to focus on five types of exercises that you will have to put into the schedule and how often each should be done.


Whether you are using Google Calendar to make the schedule or you are still using an old pen and paper calendar, it is important to write everything down as you go. We recommend focusing on just the initial first two weeks, and once you have completed that, a natural rhythm should appear.


#1 - Hard Exercise

Squats, deadlifts, bench presses, weighted lunges, or anything else that will be pushing you to your absolute limit are what we refer to as hard exercise. We recommend incorporating at least two of these days into your weekly exercise schedule, with a maximum of three days.


These are the exercises that will push your body to its limits, and depending on the type of muscle definition you are hoping for, it will be one of the hardest to recover from. Usually, having two of these days consecutively will be damaging as your body has not had the right amount of time to recover.


#2 - Leg Days

Leg days can be a part of your heavy days or your light days, depending on whether or not you realize how important they actually are. You can have the largest pectoral muscles on earth, but if your legs get tired after just five steps of lugging you around, you will have a problem.


Every week should have at least one type of leg day incorporated, whether you are doing leg presses, squats, or even swimming. The muscles in your legs are deeply connected to your lower back, and as you train them, the lower body will naturally start to increase in strength.


#3 - Arm Days

Every man will want to focus on arm days, doing as many presses, pushups, or deadlifts as they can manage without completely passing out. We have seen several people that focus so much on arm days that they completely forget about every other part of their body.


Generally, you can incorporate arm days as part of your heavier training days, helping your arm and upper back muscles to grow together. As you become more used to your routine, it will naturally help you take on much more extreme exercises if you plan on becoming an Adonis.


#4 - Cardio

Every bodybuilder will swear that they never touch cardio training; this is because this type of training can actually cause your muscles to become smaller. However, this happens because the muscles in your body are becoming stronger and more defined for an actual purpose.


If all you are aiming for is a bodybuilder physique, then you can do the minimum amount of cardio; however, we do recommend having at least one full day of cardio in your training. This will greatly increase your overall endurance and ensure that your muscles are growing much stronger.


Why Planning a Workout Schedule Is Important?

Now that you have your workout schedule in front of you, we know you are wondering why it is even important to have it all written down. Everything seems basic and easy enough to understand and remember; however, you would most likely forget everything within a few hours.


There are four common reasons why a proper workout schedule is not only important to your overall progression but also important for your health. We have seen several men that try to become their best versions without ever taking the time to plan their routines ahead of time.


#1 - Focus

If you know why you are going into the gym each day, then you will know exactly where to start and how to start it. With most people doing better in an organized and structured environment, having your workout scheduled will force you to focus on what you are going to be doing each day.


If you are trying to exercise with no schedule, then the chances are likely that your entire routine each day will be completely aimless. Having you go from cardio to arms to legs, all without ever actually making progress as you are unsure of what you must be doing.


#2 - Repitition

The key to having the largest muscles is training every part of your body, but it is also to train every single part of your body repeatedly throughout the months. As you continue to exercise, you will have to strain your muscles to have them actually growing, with just one quick exercise rarely having any effect.


This is where the schedule will help you, as you can schedule each exercise you are doing to be done on a regular. Most men have chaotic schedules at first that quickly change into more structured schedules that have them training the same groups of muscles on specific days of the week.


#3 - Capability

When you attempt your first weighed squat, chances are you will be unbalanced and bending in all the wrong ways. As your muscles start to grow and you are repeating the process, you will soon find yourself executing the perfect squat every time, no matter how tired your muscles are.


Your workout schedule will help you become much more capable of doing different kinds of exercise, giving you the experience needed to become fully adept. This is why you will see that men that are walking walls of muscles have the same level of balance as the smallest gymnast when walking on the ground.


#4 - Progress

The biggest thing that a workout schedule allows you to see with ease is your own progress; as your muscles become stronger, you become more capable. A weight or exercise that was challenging to you in the beginning, may become an everyday movement for you as your muscles strengthen.


This is often why you will see that those who have scheduled are able to exactly measure just how strong they have become. They will have visible progress that they have made as their muscles have grown stronger, larger, and much more capable of overcoming previous challenges.


What Should You Have in Your Meal Plans?

Now that we have the workout schedule done, we need to focus on your meal plan, which is just as large a part of the exercise as anything else. We have seen many people that have made near-perfect workout schedules that try and continue on with their normal eating routines.


We always recommend that you have a full meal plan to help you with your exercises, as your muscles need the right ingredients to heal properly. Many men train to the absolute perfection of what their bodies need, then proceed to ruin everything by not eating the right foods.


#1 - Energy

Sugar is not energy, but carbs are; if you are losing weight, you can benefit from not eating things like breads and pastas as your body will get energy from your fat. However, once you are at your perfect weight and your muscles really start growing, you will need to give your body much more energy.


If you are fit and healthy, your digestive system will naturally burn much more energy throughout the day, requiring that you actively consume more. You should still be careful not to overeat, but the burning of calories inside you allows you to enjoy foods like rice and pasta without worry.


#2 - Proteins

A protein shake is the fitness fanatics’ best friend, especially if you are not allowed to eat most meats because the sauces are too rich or sugary. Your muscles need proteins to heal properly, and if you are bulking up or just losing weight through exercise, you will need much more to be healthy.


It is important that you have the right balance of proteins inside your body at all times, which is why your meal plan needs to include both normal protein shakes and foods rich in protein. You can technically never get enough protein as your body will simply waste excess protein as well.


#3 - Vitamins

An often-overlooked part of your meal plan is the number of vitamins that you need to get to ensure that your body stays healthy. Your muscles need some vitamins but will be happy with mostly protein; however, the rest of your body will always need vitamins to operate properly.


This should be something that you can absorb entirely through the foods you are eating if you are sticking to healthy vegetables, meats, and fruits. However, many people prefer to have a few basic vitamin pills as well to ensure everything is well and topped up.


#4 - Balance

We must say this because we have seen many people go into full kidney or liver failure because of overdoing everything in their meal plans. If you drink too many pills and too many protein shakes, your body will not be happy, and many organs may be damaged or clogged.


You must always keep a perfect balance of everything; if you are a lover of eating oranges, then you don’t need to then also drink a vitamin C pill every morning. The same with protein shakes, which are only meant to be drunk once a day at maximum, not before, during, and after every strenuous activity.


Cheat Days Are Important as Well

We have the workout schedule done, and we have your meal plan completed as well, now we need to take a look at why cheat days are so important. Many people are claiming that cheat days are a waste, while others say that everyone needs a cheat day once a week to stay sane.


Cheat days are extremely important for several reasons; they will help your body and mind to fully heal and relax from the strain you are putting them through. This is why you will often see the largest bodybuilders also eat the most at least once a week to fully relax.


We recommend either taking a full day off from exercise, choosing a day to eat whatever it is your want, or just having a day with friends to hang out. Each of these will allow you and your body to fully relax while you are exercising to keep your muscles looking good and as strong as possible.



Can I Work Out Every Day?

Yes, you can work out every single day if you are balancing and changing what parts of your body you are exercising. If you train the same group of muscles each day, you will damage the muscles and the joins in that location, causing long-term inoperable damage.

Should I Do Cardio Every Day?

If you want to include cardio every day, that can be healthy for your overall training goals; however, it is not a requirement. Cardio is about getting your heart to be as healthy as possible, not so much about growing your muscle size.

How Do You Start A Workout Routine?

The simple answer is that you need to identify the basic goals you have with the exercise; once you have that, you can plan and choose your routines. We always recommend that you start with the basics and then add more complex training once you are sure about what you want to do.

Final Thoughts

A good workout routine will focus on being perfectly balanced with each type of exercise that you would normally do. Your body will enjoy having the same techniques used regularly while also having a healthy diet to get the right proteins and vitamins from.

Planning A Workout Schedule for Men

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