Nine Best Free Workout Apps For iPhone

Nine Best Free Workout Apps For iPhone (In-Depth Review)

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Nine Best Free Workout Apps For iPhone: It used to be that we would all go and exercise together as groups, everyone keeping track of what needs to be done and how to do it. However, as technology improved and we all got too busy, the need to have something that helps you to track and plan workouts became essential.


The best overall workout apps that are free will usually be FitOn, Strava, Nike Training Club, and 8Fit, as they have a range of focus. If you need more focused or just simply tracking apps, then StrongLifts, Fitness Points, FitBod, or RunKeeper may be better for your needs.


These are just the basics of the apps, and if you are looking for the best free training and workout app for your iPhone, you need to know the benefits of having each one. When looking at a workout app, the options can feel somewhat overwhelming, especially if you are still learning about the basics.


Do workout apps help?

According to a recent study done at Lander College in the USA, fitness app users are more likely to adhere to their training goals. As the apps are prone to prompt users to go out and exercise in some way, they have shown that they have an overall healthy impact on those who are using them


We always recommend that people use some fitness app to help them stay on the path of getting fit. Not only do the apps show you how to do a multitude of exercises properly, they usually promote healthier living styles overall, even the free apps that show advertisements on the side.


Further, if you have a free app that only tracks how you have been exercising or the intensity, the impact can be significant. With many people making a game out of training and becoming as fit as possible, encouraging rapid exercise and overall muscle growth purely to show to others.


Nine Best Free Workout Apps For iPhone

Now that we know whether or not the apps will be effective, we need to look at the nine best free fitness apps that you can install through the app store. Each of these apps has proven that they not only encourage exercise but can become demanding of exercise if set up properly.


We have seen many people that see no benefit from the apps at all; however, they are usually the same people that have thousands of unread emails as well. When choosing your app, you must always remember that they have to adhere to the notification habits you already have.


#1 - Strava

On the surface, Strava looks like a simple app for runners and cyclists to use when exercising; however, once you install it, you soon find yourself challenged. The app compares your times to others on the app and will actively encourage you to do better and keep track of most exercises.


It is one of the top apps that we recommend getting for your iPhone if you are starting to exercise or if you are already a top fitness expert. The drive to see how much better you are doing than friends or even strangers will be the best motivation to keep going.


#2 - Nike Training Club

Initially designed for women, the Nike Training Club has sets of training routines that you can choose from, each one aimed at a different body shape. The app now boasts training routines for everyone, with healthy eating recipes included for the best possible results.


Now that the Nike Training Club app has become open to a wider audience, we recommend getting this if you are starting or need to get back into a routine. The app will have the right motivations to keep you going while also ensuring that you are not going so fast that you hurt yourself.


#3 - FitOn

With the largest library of exercises at no cost, FitOn is one of the most popular apps to use on any device that is currently smart. The app offers videos without ads, full meal plans, and scheduled workouts to get you through the day, with the app always reminding you to keep going.


As the app is completely free with most exercises available to you, there are a few things that will be hidden behind a paywall. Usually, these are the tracking features that you would get with other apps; you may not be able to keep accurate track of how many calories you are actively burning.


#4 - 8Fit

When you need something that forces you to do high-speed interval training, then 8Fit is the perfect app for you. Made to help you keep your gym level training at home, the app has several plans and routines that will force your heart to beat almost faster than it ever has before at home.


The app focuses on replacing paid subscriptions to gyms almost entirely; as such, we recommend getting it if you are planning on training entirely at home. We would also recommend trying the app out when you are going on vacation, where you can safely try new things without replacing your old routines.


#5 - StrongLifts

This is the app we have chosen for those who are already active and busy, usually focusing on strength training. The app is made to guide you through several different exercises throughout the week but will not hold your hand in the exact amount you should be doing, allowing you to create a routine.


We always recommend that people work with this app when they want to incorporate an at-home exercise into their daily routines. Many times, you will only be able to go to the gym once a day but still have some time to exercise at home; StrongLifts will guide you through quick and effective routines at home.


#6 - Seven

If you are starting the road to becoming fit, we would recommend staying away from Seven, as it focuses on quick seven-minute workouts. However, if you are already fit and need something to add to your daily routines, then this app has everything that you will need.


It will track how much you are exercising, and as you continue to work through everything, you can add more exercises into your routine than you already have. However, if you are obese, overweight, or facing a health issue, only seven minutes may not be enough, and you should focus on getting more comprehensive training.


#7 - Keelo

Keelo is the first app we are including that works with the other fitness apps instead of providing everything in one place. With a focus on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), the app will help you lose weight rapidly with exercises that are between seven to 20 minutes long.


We always recommend adding this to your suite of training apps either way, as it integrates so well with other apps instead of trying to take control of everything. A few apps that all work well together will always be more effective than just one app that you can easily ignore whenever it pings you.


#8 - RunKeeper

It can never be denied; despite how much we hate doing it, running is always one of the best ways to become healthy. RunKeeper is an app that will focus entirely on your running pace, the speed you are running, the distance you are doing, and the overall quality of your running throughout the months.


As such, we also recommend this app for those who already enjoy going on runs or walks throughout their neighbourhoods. It will help to show you exactly where your limits are what you should be doing to overcome these limits to reach new personal bests as you continue to train.


#9 - FitBod

Similar to apps that focus on losing weight or becoming the best runner, FitBod focuses on getting the best possible body shape through muscle training. With exercises that focus on specific muscles and muscle groups, FitBod is the perfect companion app for your strength training days.


We recommend installing this app as a part of your app suite to ensure that you always get the best possible workout. It does not focus on a wider range of exercises; it easily integrates with the other fitness apps you can install, allowing for a more comprehensive measurement each week.


Six benefits of using workout apps

You may be wondering why people would even want to get fitness apps, as their benefit seems questionable at best. However, it has been proven through several research papers that one of the best things you can install on your smartphone is a suite of fitness apps to help you focus.


There are several benefits to having a few of the apps running on your phone at all times, each one ensuring that you will be able to reach the full potential of your body. We recommend that you always have these in mind when you are choosing the best app for your needs.


#1 - Consistency

Because the apps are always sending your notifications, your consistency in training will drastically improve, especially as you are reminded to do your training. With many apps asking you how much you should be reminded to do your training in case you may forget to do it.


Further, because the apps decide what training you will be doing, they also ensure that you are consistently doing the right training. Ensuring that you are consistently gaining new muscles and burning the right amount of calories whenever you are doing an exercise.


#2 - New Techniques

Something that many people fall into is doing the exact same set of techniques each day, with the only thing changing being the amount they are doing. However, because these apps are connected to personal trainers, they ensure that you are always learning new techniques.


Learning new techniques allows you to easily and comfortably build muscles in spots that you did not even know you needed to train. We always recommend that people try new things, even if they are considered to be Master of Training, there is always something new to learn and focus on.


#3 - Proper Examples

Something that many people that are still learning to exercise struggle with is finding a way to exercise using proper examples. Fitness apps always have a video or complete diagram that you can use to learn the techniques properly, allowing you to execute these techniques without hurting yourself.


We recommend watching full routines first, then restarting the exercise and following along, as the trainers will always move slowly enough for you to follow along. As you become more experienced, you will know what certain poses are called and what you need to do to enjoy the routine.


#4 - Privacy

There is nothing as disheartening as walking into a gym and seeing other people that are already fit, it’s never true that they are judging, but it can feel like that. The fitness apps give you the chance to train to your full potential in the privacy of your room, never mind your own house.


This is a great confidence booster to people that might be unsure about how to train properly, as they are still learning how to do everything properly. We always recommend that you use a fitness app if you are shy; it will boost your confidence without requiring that you


#5 - Sharing

There is nothing as fantastic as sharing a new journey and adventure with new friends or family, which fitness apps have made entirely possible. You can now share challenges and results with family and friends that are thousands of miles away or if they’re just lazy people.


We have seen many people that bought a fitness tracking app and installed a few apps that have transformed their entire social circle simply because they can share the experience. Fitness apps have changed the way many people work out, from solitary suffering to a social experience.


#6 - Full Plans

The biggest benefit of any fitness app is the complete plan you get with them, focusing on training, techniques, and your overall diet. This helps you gain control of your total weight and ensures that you are always bulking up, becoming stronger as your muscles are trained properly.


We have seen many people that claim they do not need the apps to falter later down the line when they completely lose focus. The apps are designed to guide you completely through your training routines for years to come, ensuring you are always fit and healthy.


Nine Best Free Workout Apps For iPhone : FAQ's

Can I work out for free?

The simple answer will always be yes; you can work out for free if you focus on stamina and endurance training techniques. Focusing on training your muscles using your weight instead of relying on weights, you can train in your bedroom completely for free.

Is FitOn free?

FitOn is one of the most popular free fitness apps that you can install on your iPhone; it is divided into its free offerings and its paid services. However, you can easily have complete workouts using the free services the app provides.

Final Thoughts : Nine Best Free Workout Apps For iPhone

The best fitness apps are FitOn, Strava, Nike Training Club, and 8Fit for your beginners, while StrongLifts, FitBod, Keelo, or RunKeeper are mixed systems. Choosing the best possible app will depend on what you are already capable of doing and how much you want to get done.

Nine Best Free Workout Apps For iPhone

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