Kettlebells For Fat Loss: Your Ultimate Fat Burning Exercise

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You deserve the maximum fat loss results from your training, and kettlebells will deliver that and more!


You will undoubtedly be aware of HIIT training, treadmill cardio and other ways to aid your fat loss goals. But did you know that kettlebells are the biggest destroyer of body fat?


That’s why I have written this kettlebell weight loss article!


I need you to know how good kettlebell training is for fat loss and how you can strip that body fat quickly (and still add lean muscle tissue!).


I want you to smash your weight loss goals.


I want you to look in the mirror every week and see yourself become leaner and more defined.


And you will be amazed at just how well kettlebells become your fat loss training tool of choice!


When you finish reading this article, you will know the blueprint for how to add kettlebells for maximum fat loss (and lean muscle gain).


So let’s go through everything you need to know!

Why are kettlebells good for fat loss?

Kettlebells are like the cool cousin of dumbbells. They’re fun and help you lose fat and get in shape!


One of the reasons why kettlebells are great for fat loss is that they work multiple muscle groups at once.


Why is this important?


If you can make your body use more muscles simultaneously, you will force it to use more calories! More calories burnt will lead to more opportunities for fat loss!


But it doesn’t stop there! Kettlebells can significantly impact your heart rate, primarily if you perform the right combination of exercises with them.


A higher heart rate during exercise will lead to more calories being burnt, and by now, you know what that means, right?


Yep! More fat loss!


In short, kettlebells are like the ultimate fat-burning weapon!


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What muscles do kettlebells work?

Let’s be honest; when you first look at a kettlebell, they look like mounds of rounded metal with thick handles! But looks can be deceiving!


Don’t underestimate the power of muscle building and fat loss these lumps of iron can create!


When you lift kettlebells, you’re not only working your arms and shoulders but also your core, legs, and back muscles. You get a full-body workout every time you pick up a kettlebell!


And remember what we said about working lots of muscles together? Yep! More opportunity for calorie burn!


For example, when you do kettlebell swings, you’re working your glutes (your butt muscles), quads (front of your thigh), and hamstrings (back of your thigh). And if you do kettlebell goblet squats, you’re working your legs, core, and even your back.


But it’s not only that; kettlebells are great for building strength, endurance and power. And the best part, kettlebells are fun to use, and you can do a lot of different exercises with them, making your workout more fun and less tedious.


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How many calories will I burn using kettlebells?

The number of calories you can burn using kettlebells depends on which exercises you perform.


But let’s assume you perform a kettlebell swing. This exercise will work your legs, core, shoulders, back and arms. That’s a lot of muscles that need energy! And as you know, the more muscles you work, the more energy is required, and the more calories are used!


Here are some rough estimates of how many calories you can burn during a 15-minute session doing different kettlebell exercises:


  • Kettlebell swings – 150-200 calories


  • Kettlebell goblet squats – 112.5-150 calories


  • Kettlebell deadlifts – 112.5-150 calories


  • Kettlebell Turkish get-ups – 75-100 calories


  • Kettlebell snatches – 187.5-250 calories


  • Kettlebell clean and press – 112.5-150 calories


  • Kettlebell lunge – 112.5-150 calories


  • Kettlebell windmill – 75-100 calories


  • Kettlebell farmers walk – 112.5-150 calories


  • Kettlebell single-arm rows – 75-100 calories


Remember that these are rough estimates and can vary depending on your weight, intensity, and workout duration.


But you need to be aware of the following: the more you weigh, the greater the calorie burn!

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Kettlebells: Which exercise is best for fat loss?

Regarding fat loss, kettlebells must be in your exercise arsenal! If they aren’t, then after reading this article, we are sure they will be!


But which exercise is best for fat loss? Which do you think?




It is the kettlebell exercise that involves the most muscle groups.


Below are three popular fat-loss kettlebell exercises that will turn your body into a calorie-eating, fat-blasting machine!

#1 Kettlebell swings

Kettlebell Swings

These are like a full-body workout in one move. They work your legs, core, and arms simultaneously, which means you can burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time. Plus, it’s like playing a game of “whack-a-mole” with your fat cells!

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#2 Kettlebell goblet squats

Kettlebell Goblet Squats

These bad boys simultaneously work your legs, core, and back. Plus, they’re easy to do and don’t require a lot of technical skill. So you can focus on burning fat instead of thinking about proper form.

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#3 Kettlebell snatches

Kettlebell Snatches

These are like the ultimate fat-burning exercise! They work your whole body and build strength, endurance and power. Plus, they’re fun to do, and you can pretend you’re a ninja or an action hero while you’re doing them.


If you were to be brave and push yourself, you could do three of them as giant sets, but I recommend you only do that once you have more experience.

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Three Kettlebell fat loss workouts

Here are three kettlebell workouts using the exercises from earlier. Each workout includes five exercises and should take 15-20 minutes to complete.

The "Swinging Sensation" Workout:

The Swinging Sensation Workout

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The "Get-Up and Go" Workout :

The Get-Up and Go Workout

The "Snatch Attack" Workout:

The Snatch Attack Workout

Remember, these are rough estimates, and the number of calories you burn will depend on factors such as your weight, intensity, and workout duration.


And also, remember to have fun while burning those calories!

How much weight loss can I expect with kettlebell fat loss workouts?

With the proper diet, nutrition and exercise plan, you can expect to lose around 2lbs of weight per week using one of the workout plans above.


The key to ensuring you reach your fat loss goal is monitoring your results in and out of the gym.


So tracking and logging your food, calories, training, reps, weight used, bodyweight and bodyfat. You can then adapt and change depending on how fast or slow your progress is.


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Five tips to boost fat loss with kettlebells

I want you to reach your fat loss goals with kettlebells, and so I want to share with you the five most practical tips that have been proven to help any fat loss journey:


Use heavier kettlebells: The heavier the kettlebell, the more calories you’ll burn. So don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with a heavier weight. Just make sure you can perform the exercises with proper form.


Increase your volume: The more reps and sets you do, the more calories you burn. So try doing more reps or adding an extra set to your workouts.


Eat clean: Eating healthy foods can help you lose fat faster. Try to eat lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables, and avoid processed foods and sugary drinks.


Log your progress: You can only measure your success if you know where you started and where you are now. So log your workouts, weight, sets, reps and general progress.


Change it up: Be bold and push yourself and add more exercises. If you find things easy, swap the exercises every other workout, so you stay energized.


In short, kettlebells are like a fat-burning machine, and these five tips are like the turbo boost button on that machine. So get prepared, and let’s get these added asap!


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Are kettlebells good for fat loss?

Kettlebells are an excellent tool if your goal is to burn fat. Using the correct kettlebell training, you can ramp up burning calories and reducing body fat and see results within a few weeks.

Do kettlebell swings help you lose belly fat?

Kettlebell swings will burn calories, and this, in turn, will aid in reducing body fat. Where the body fat gets used from is mainly genetic, but you can’t spot reduce. The body fat loss will occur over the entire body.

Is a 20-minute kettlebell workout enough?

A 20-minute kettlebell workout can be enough if you follow one of the workout schedules in this article. The kettlebell training, along with the correct diet and nutrition, will be enough to add muscle, lose weight and feel good!

How quickly do you see results from kettlebells?

Kettlebell training will help you lose fat and build muscle, and with the correct diet and nutrition, you can see results in as little as weeks.

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Is it OK to do kettlebells every day?

I do not recommend that you do kettlebell training every day. The body needs rest and recovery, so training with kettlebells three times per week will suffice.

Will the goblet squat burn fat and build muscle?

The kettlebell goblet squat is an explosive movement and primarily trains the lower body. It will aid in losing fat, hip mobility and building muscle. So it’s a good all-rounder. But, it must be respected, and the form you use must be correct else you may experience lower back pain. 

How many kettlebell swings for fat loss shall I do per day?

You should perform 15 minutes sessions of kettlebell swings, this can be up to 200 kettlebell swings. However, your current size, weight and fitness conditioning will influence the number you can do.

What is a good exercise to target belly fat?

Kettlebell exercises are a great way to target belly fat. A popular choice is the kettlebell swing, which is a dynamic, compound movement that works your entire body and can significantly aid in burning belly fat.

How can I use kettlebells to lose love handles?

Kettlebell exercises can be very effective in helping you lose love handles. One effective move is the kettlebell Russian twist. This exercise targets your oblique muscles, which are located on the sides of your stomach, where love handles form. Consistent practice can help reduce belly fat and love handles.

Are there simple kettlebell workouts to lose belly fat?

Yes, there are simple kettlebell workouts that can help you lose belly fat. A beginner-friendly routine might include kettlebell swings, goblet squats, and Russian twists. These exercises target multiple muscle groups at once, boosting your metabolic rate and helping you burn belly fat more efficiently.

How does using a kettlebell help reduce belly fat?

Using kettlebells can help reduce belly fat by providing high-intensity, full-body workouts. This not only boosts your heart rate but also your metabolic rate, resulting in a higher calorie burn both during and after the workout. This can help in reducing belly fat and achieving a more toned physique.

Can kettlebell exercises help burn excess belly fat?

Yes, kettlebell exercises can help burn excess belly fat. These workouts combine strength training with cardio, which increases your heart rate and helps burn more calories. Regularly practicing kettlebell exercises can, therefore, aid in losing belly fat.

What should I keep in mind when using kettlebells for reducing belly fat?

When using kettlebells for reducing belly fat, it’s important to focus on form and consistency. Incorrect form can lead to injury, while inconsistent workouts will slow down your fat loss progress. Additionally, remember that reducing belly fat also requires a healthy diet, as no amount of exercise can compensate for poor eating habits.

Closing thoughts on kettlebells for weight loss

Now you are prepared! Now you are ready!


I’ve gone through all the critical information you need to start putting things into action!


So decide what your fat loss goals are, select the kettlebell for fat loss workout from above and let’s get your body turned into a fat-burning machine!


But I won’t stop there!


I want to be part of your kettlebell training and fat loss results! regularly for more fantastic content. For a complete list of our previous blog posts, please go here)

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