Is Bang a Good Pre-Workout Drink

Is Bang a Good Pre-Workout Drink? – Here’s What You Should Know

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Is Bang a Good Pre-Workout Drink

As the world of health and fitness progresses, more unique and innovative supplements are becoming readily available on today’s market. Something relatively new to the block is pre-workout drinks, and a prominent manufacturer is Bang. But there’s been some questioning about whether or not Bang is considered a good pre-workout. Here’s what we think:


Considering other pre-workout drinks on the market, Bang’s supplement is top tier. It’s unlike any energy drink, as it’s solely dedicated towards people that workout. Because of this, it has zero calories, no sugar, creatine, EAAs, caffeine, and various other ingredients that aid muscle growth, endurance, and recovery.


It seems well-balanced after reading various reviews and running through Bang’s nutrition facts for their pre-workout drink. Needless to say, all pre-workout drinks are considered bad if consumed in incorrect amounts, and because of their popularity, there has been some controversy about the product.


If you want to understand more about what bang pre-workout really is, why they’ve developed it this way, and the answer to “is Bang a good pre-workout”, I recommend you become knowledgeable on the information below.


What is Bang pre-workout?

Before we get into what Bang pre-workout is, let’s first discuss the company behind this drink. The founder of Bang Energy, Jack Owoc, first established the company in 1993. Since they were founded, him and his team have continuously supplied up-to-date and well-research nutritional supplements. Over the years, there were able to achieve this through prestigious thinking, examination, and quality control. From this, they acquired four rewards from the SFMA, South Florida Business Journal, EY, and Apogee Awards. 


It goes without saying that Bang Energy has a superb track record of delivering quality nutritional supplements. Now you understand the background of the company, what is bang pre-workout?


Bang Energy’s pre-workout drink isn’t your typical high sugar and unhealthy energy drink. It’s actually a lot different, and it’s specially designed for high-performing athletes. Included within the drink’s nutritional value, you’ll find ingredients like EAAs, caffeine, Super Creatine, CoQ10, and various other vitamins that help aid muscle growth, endurance, strength, and recovery. To conclude what bang pre-workout energy drink is, it’s an energy drink designed to get more from your workouts.


But a question that arises constantly is, “is bang a good pre-workout?”. To really determine this, the best and most practical way of answering this question is by breaking down the nutritional value the drink contains.


Nutritional facts of Bang’s pre-workout drink

Please note, the below nutritional facts are based on one Bang energy drink which is 16 Fl oz (473ml).

Nutrition Name

% Daily Value



Total Fat






Total carbohydrate




Including the above nutrition, it’s also packed with the below vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin C – 27mg (30% of your daily value)
  • Vitamin B6 – 5mg (30% of your daily value)
  • Magnesium – 5mg (1% of your daily value)
  • Potassium – 85mg (2% of your daily value)
  • Niacin – 5mg (30% of your daily value)
  • Vitamin B12 – 5mcg (60% of your daily value)

Additionally to the above nutritional facts, Bang has also incorporated some much-needed ingredients to help aid muscle strength, endurance, and recovery. These are:

  • 300mg of caffeine – This is substantially more than most energy drinks, but this was done on purpose to give you extra energy and help burn more fat. As a result of the caffeine contents, you’ll notice you can workout for longer, with less pain.


  • Super Creatine – is Bang Energy’s very own trademarked version of creatine. Although it shares some similarities to traditional creatine, it’s much different. This version offers similar benefits as creatine, but it also enhances your blood-brain barrier and mental focus. It’s clear why they created this ingredient, considering their slogan is “Potent Brain and Body Fuel”.


  • EAAs – When determining “is Bang a good pre-workout”, you need to think about EAAs. EAAs, is well-known to be a better alternative to BCAAs. This is because they help aid muscle recovery and increase lean body mass by promoting protein synthesis.


  • CoQ10 – Because the high contents of caffeine can be somewhat damaging if consumed in incorrect amounts, they’ve added CoQ10 to their drinks. CoQ10 is a commonly used supplement for people with poor heart health and blood sugar regulation.


Overview of Bang Pre-workout energy drink

Now you understand the nutritional value of Bang’s pre-workout energy drink, it can help you answer the most critical question. Is bang a good pre-workout? Considering other pre-workout energy drinks available on the market, Bang has made a good energy drink for people who workout.


Needless to say, all pre-workout drinks come with pros and cons. However, you’ll typically only encounter the cons if you don’t consider bang pre-workout in your balanced diet.


If you’re looking for a pre-workout that is filled with electrolytes, EAAs, caffeine and has no calories, then Bang’s energy drink is sufficient for you.


Is Bang pre-workout safe?

That brings us to this question, is Bang’s pre-workout energy drink safe? As mentioned above, all pre-workouts have their pros and cons. Yet, the cons only occur if you have genetic issues or don’t consider the pre-workouts consumption in your daily diet. To better understand whether or not Bang pre-workout is safe, become knowledgeable on the below:


Pros to Bang’s pre-workout energy drink


  • Sports enhancement – Bang’s pre-workout energy drinks blend perfectly with all essential nutrients needed to perform better while undergoing sports or a workout. With the likes of EAAs, caffeine, CoQ10, carbonated water, Super Creatine (Creatyl-L-Leucine), and various other nutrients, users can experience peak muscle strength, endurance, and recovery.


  • Electrolytes – It also includes electrolytes, which helps transport all the nutrients through your body and into your muscles. This means the energy drink kicks in fast and heads straight towards the important organs that need it most.


  • No sugar – Most importantly, this isn’t a sugary energy drink. Instead, it has a substitution called sucralose. This is much less bad for you, and you also won’t experience any blood sugar spikes or crashes.


Cons to Bang’s pre-workout energy drink

  • Caffeine and Super Creatine mix – According to this study, when loading creating and drinking caffeinated beverages like Coffee, you minimize creatine’s effects on the muscles. Because of this, the drink may be less effective in that area.


  • Sodium benzoate – People are also very skeptical about caffeine and sodium benzoate. Bang’s pre-workout drink contains sodium benzoate. It’s well-known that the mixture of the two can be harmful and cause some adverse effects. However, it hasn’t been reported that Bang’s pre-workout drinks have had this type of effect on people.


Is Bang a Good Pre-Workout Drink

Are Bang energy drinks a good substitute for pre-workout?

When comparing the two, it can be somewhat tricky. But, you should try and look at it this way. If you compare both of Bang’s energy drinks with their powered-formed pre-workout, you can quickly see that the powder is a much more concentrated version.


Comparing both the supplement facts with the nutritional facts makes it clear that the powder version of pre-workout is much more potent. Depending on what type of person you are, you may find that one is better than the other.


For instance, if you have a hard time consuming a powered pre-workout because of its higher dosage of caffeine and other ingredients, then a Bang’s energy drink may be the best alternative.


Whereas on the other side of the spectrum, if you don’t believe Bang’s energy drinks give you much of a “kick”, you may want to opt-in for the powdered pre-workout.


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