Insanity Vs Running – Which Is Better?

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The groundwork to stay in good health is to work out regularly. There are a lot of recommended workouts to maintain physical fitness. People often fall into a fix to choose between insanity and running. The age-long contest – insanity Vs running is still a burning topic. So let us see which one is good for you!


If you are well-adjusted to high-intensity workouts, you can surely go with that. However, if you cannot tolerate high-intensity workout sessions, you can choose running instead. It entirely depends on your aims, abilities and choices.


To know more in detail about insanity programs and running, the main difference between the two, and whether you can do both at the same time or not, please read the entire article.


Insanity Vs Running – What Is The Difference?

The main difference between the two is that Insanity is an upgraded form of cardio, or rather known as the High-Intensity Interval Training. Insanity works up every muscle in your body. Running, on the other hand, simply implies walking at a faster pace. In the case of running, only the lower half of your body is actually in action.


If you are a workout freak, you must have come across the videos of Shaun T. The insanity programs were promoted by this genius mind himself. This American trainer has effectively proved how insanity helps you to gain the ultimate beach body fitness, burning every ounce of fat into muscle!


Many beginners may not know that besides the usual planks, push-ups, mountain climbs, knee crunches, running, and others, there is another fan-favourite – Insanity. Henceforth, we have to understand first what insanity is and all about it.



#1 - Insanity

Insanity workouts speak for their name! These are some crazy, maddening high-intensity workout sessions. They involve several different exercises for every part of your body. Namely – the cardio power and resistance, plyometric, cardio abs, etc. for your arms, legs, thighs, chest, abdomen, and butts.


Furthermore, before you decide to start an insanity program, you must have some minimum fitness. It is always advisable, to begin with warming up a little. If you are a pure beginner who has done nothing but walking or jogging in the past, insanity is not for you!


In addition to these, the insanity program involves 20 to 60 minutes daily workout sessions for six days at a stretch per week and then an intervening day before you move on to the following week. The entire program takes about two months.


The first four weeks make you sweat the most and include five exercises; viz – a basic fitness test for 20 minutes, the plyometric cardio for 30 to 40 minutes, cardio power and resistance for 40 minutes, pure cardio for 30 to 40 minutes, and the abdominal cardio for 20 minutes.


Afterward, there is a recovery period of 7 days. You have to do some basic core cardio and balance exercises to keep in the form. The next four weeks include another four exercises – the max interval circuit for an hour, the max interval plyometric for also an hour, the max cardio conditioning for 50 minutes, and finally, max recovery for another 50 minutes.


#2 - Running

Running, as we all know, is the most ancient workout. It helps to work your calf muscles, muscles in the front and back of your thighs e.g. quadriceps and hamstrings, respectively.


When you run, the entire weight of your body is supported by your heels. It is a very effective weight-bearing workout. Running helps to burn fat which makes your abs more prominent. Run for a good deal of one hour every day to get the best results. However, this can never promise you the perfect beach body you want.


Running is a good way to alleviate your mental exhaustion as well. To have perfectly shaped legs, yes, running is the best method. Experts say, if you don’t do any kind of exercise which is, of course bad, you must walk or run on a minimum basis. Running burns calories twice as much as walking does.


Which Is Best For You?

It depends on your fitness goals. Moreover, before embarking upon this big decision, there are a few things you need to ask yourself-


  • Are you ready to be fully committed to the insanity program?


  • Do you have any medical condition that needs attention?


  • Do you have any medical conditions that might hinder your progress?


  • What is your ultimate goal?


  • Do you want to lose weight only, or do you want the perfect Beach Body?


  • Are you here to just have perfectly toned legs or a perfectly toned body?


  • Are you too hard on yourself?


After you answer these, you will know which one to choose. As I mentioned, insanity takes a great deal of commitment. It’s like the long fast you can’t break! You must remain highly motivated.


Despite the good sides of running, some studies show running leads to saggy breasts in a fraction of females. They have reported a reduction in their breast sizes. To prevent this, it’s always better to wear sports bras while running.


So set your goal and choose your favourite. The age-long contest can go on but only you know what is best for you and your health. After all, health is the best wealth!


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Can You Do Both Insanity And Running?

Yes, you can do both simultaneously. Although it’s not that easy to maintain, insanity will boost up your energy to a level that you can comply with both.


You can keep your insanity workouts in the morning and run in the evening, or you can do it the other way round.


Some people have claimed to run 2 to 3 times a day alongside insanity sessions for the best results. In that way, you can continue running as a habit when you return to normal.


Benefits and Side Effects Of Insanity

Insanity is the most challenging workout. It is by far the hardest, as told by experts. Most importantly, it has been life-changing for many individuals who were in heavy depression because of their obesity. People who would get upset because they could not even see their toes while looking down, claim to have the perfect abs now! All thanks to Insanity!


Besides, insanity programs have been scheduled in a way to boost up your stamina and tolerance level. There goes a saying if you can tolerate two months of insanity, you can do anything!


It gives you the perfect six-packs and a flat tummy removing all fats. Also, you can do this easily at your home by watching the videos. If necessary, you can hire a trainer. In addition, insanity improves your metabolism and burns calories more than any other workout.


Nevertheless, there are a few side effects. You can avoid these if you are careful. Sometimes people skip the interval days or take more than necessary. The interval day is essential as it helps your body to recover from the physiological changes. The routine has been scheduled perfectly to allow your body this time.t


You have to be fully committed to the program. Do not hurt yourself or do more than necessary. Do not consume high-calorie diets or junk foods when you are in the program. Insanity is harmful during pregnancy.



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Closing Thoughts

By now I’m sure you have a better idea of insanity and running. When it comes to insanity vs running, there is no clear winner. Based on your goals and physical abilities, any one of them can be great. And I hope after reading this article you have a good idea of which you should choose.


Thanks for stopping by and good luck.


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