How to Start Bikini Competition Training

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How to Start Bikini Competition Training: You will have to put in the work, vary your routines, be patient and stay disciplined! But it’s a safe bet that these efforts are worth it. Bikini competition training might be difficult at the beginning, but it will quickly become a real passion!

How to Start Bikini Competition Training

What is Bikini Competition?

Bikini Competition is a subdivision of bodybuilding shows focusing on femininity, big round glutes, and hourglass shapes. The competitors need to have muscle definition, but they should be huge. 

Competitors are judged on front and back poses

If you want to compete in these shows, you must go through intense preparations. You will need an athletic body with shapes, curves, and muscles but still very feminine! 


Women have long been afraid of bodybuilding and gaining muscle—the fear of looking like a man, of being too muscular. Bikini models prove that it’s the opposite, that on the contrary, muscles can be sexy. 

The Diet

The fundamental pillar to the body that you desire is the diet. But be careful, contrary to what many may believe, it is not a question of depriving yourself of eating very little to look very thin. This is not the goal here at all.


On the contrary, you must eat well, qualitatively and quantitatively. You should not be hungry but instead meet your needs with quality food. On this subject, I advise you to read our complete article with videos on the basics of nutrition.


It is about having sufficient food intake to have good performance during your workouts, recover well between, and stimulate recovery and muscle building. A low-calorie diet may not help you achieve these goals, interfere with your performance, and allow your body to thrive.


The Training

Training routines for Bikini Competition focus on building the buttocks, sculpting the legs, and shaping an hourglass body.

#1 - Targeted buttocks training

If you are interested in bikini programs, you probably know that you must strengthen your buttocks. Having plump, full buttocks is one of the main goals of female athletes. You will have to spend time on it with many exercises and put up with soreness to do this. 


An excellent glutes training program combines heavy work on complete exercises such as the squat, deadlift, thigh press with isolation exercises specific to the glutes. Here is a sample:


Hip thrust: 3 sets of 10 reps 


You can better isolate your glutes with hip thrusts. These moves can seem a bit awkward initially, but remember that you are getting a firm and toned backside as a result.


Place your feet flat on the floor and the back of your head against a bench. Bend your knees and place your hands on your knees. With your abs braced, rest a barbell across your pelvis. Put your feet firmly on the floor and your upper back against the bench as you lower your hips. Extend your glutes to the maximum extent possible at the top of the movement.


Romanian deadlift: 4 sets of 8 reps


Another foolproof exercise that specifically tones your glutes and hamstrings is the Romanian deadlift. 


From a standing position, hold the dumbbell with both hands. Knees should be slightly bent and feet hip-width apart. As you lower the weights, reduce your leg’s roundness and bend your knees while maintaining a straight back. Pull yourself up by pushing your hips forward and squeezing your glutes.


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#2 - Sculpt Lean Legs

The inside of your thigh has a series of muscles beginning in the pelvic area and travelling toward the knee.  


You must tweak your routines to ensure your inner and outer thighs are effectively targeted in an exercise. 


When performing standard lifts, change your leg and foot positions, turn your feet out for a sumo squat or move laterally—side-to-side.


Sumo squat: 4 sets of 6 reps


Take a dumbbell and hold it with both hands. Put your feet about one and a half times wider than your shoulders, and point your toes out slightly. Maintain neutral spinal alignment as you lower your hips until your upper thighs align with the floor. Your knees should remain straight directly above your ankles. Return to the starting position by squeezing your glutes.


Crossover step-up: 3 sets of 10 reps


You will need a bench of about knee height. Stand slightly behind the bench, holding a dumbbell in each hand.


Cross your left foot over your body and put it on the bench. Make sure your knee and foot are aligned as you push yourself up to stand on the bench. Lower yourself and switch to the other foot.


Curtsy lunge: 4 sets of 8 reps


Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Move your right foot in a circle until it crosses your left foot at the back. Clasp your hands and lower down to a deep lunge—your knee should be close to but not touching the floor. Gradually raise to the starting position and switch to the other leg. 


#3 - Tighten Your Core

If you want to compete in bikini shoes, you should spend your days planking, mountain climbing, and leg raising. Here are a few more routines to augment your program. 


Suitcase Carry: 3 sets of 12 reps


Hold one heavy dumbbell in your hands with your chest raised, shoulders back and spine neutral, hips level, and legs straight. Step forward 15 times in a straight line in a quick, small motion. Reverse direction, switch hands, then begin again.


Side plank with band row: 2 sets of 10 reps


Attach a resistance band to a stable object. Hold the handle in your top hand, arm extended, in a side plank, as you stack your hips and shoulders. You should ensure the band is tensioned enough.


Pull the band, keeping driving your elbows into your sides as you hold the side plank. Return it slowly to the beginning. 

#4 - Shape an Hourglass Figure

You need strategic cardio. It is an excellent way to stay in shape to have good cardiovascular health, and it also helps in recovery when done in a low-intensity way. If you find it very difficult to consume enough calories each day and your goal is above all to gain weight and form, then it will be better to do very little cardio, if at all in some cases.


If, on the contrary, you have the feeling that you gain weight easily, that you would like to lose a little fat, then cardio will be an effective tool for you, and you should not hesitate to do several sessions per week. 


Don’t Get Discouraged. 


One point to be aware of, progressing towards a bikini physique may not look like the photos you see on social media. Most of the photos are taken when the girls are competing or prepped for a photo shoot. They have a very low-fat mass rate, and of course, this physique is maintained over a short period; they are not like that all year round.


It is very important to understand that you should not use them as a comparison. Preparing for a bikini competition requires a much more personalized approach and consistent effort.


You can use the photos of your favourite bikini model as a motivation to push yourself but do not constantly compare yourself and tell yourself that you are far from their level. The overall goal is to progress every day towards your goal. It’s not a sprint but a long-distance race. 


How to Start Bikini Competition Training : Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to prepare for Bikini Competition?

It cannot be done in 2 months, and not in 2 weeks, but a day will come when you will look back and be able to measure how far you have come. You will be proud of yourself without a doubt. Do things well, be patient, rigorous, and passionate, and you will gradually see your body transform.

What is my starting point for Bikini Competition?

To establish your strategy, it is first essential to target the point from which you are starting. And in particular, the benchmark. Do you need to lose weight or rather to gain some? These are two different strategies that will need to be put in place depending on where you are starting. This will notably influence your daily energy intake and cardio-training needs as well.

What diet should I use for Bikini Competition training?

Depending on this goal and your primary metabolism, that is to say, the speed at which you burn calories, you will adjust your daily energy intake. A thin girl who needs to build muscle and has a speedy metabolism will not have the same needs as a person who needs to lose a few pounds and has a much slower metabolism. We are not all equal when it comes to the energy expenditure of our bodies. It is essential to know ourselves well to evolve.

How should I train for Bikini Competition?

For a harmonious and balanced bikini body, you must train the whole body. All the body muscles must be solicited frequently to improve strength, prevent imbalances, and attain an aesthetic physique. Of course, there are areas that you will want to develop as a priority and to which you must assign more effort—the legs, abs, and glutes.

How to Start Bikini Competition Training

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