How to Return to the Gym Safely in 2022

How to Return to the Gym Safely in 2022

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How to return to the gym safely​

With the constant rollouts of vaccines, more and more cities see their hospitalization numbers dwindling and allow a slow return to everyday life.


Gym goers are ecstatic that their beloved fitness centers have been reopening and are eager to get back into their daily routines. However, it would be best to take precautions when going into public establishments, despite vaccinations.


If you want to return to your gym and get started working on your summer body, you should keep reading for the best advice to stay safe and COVID-free


how to return to the gym safely

How to Keep Yourself Safe When Working Out

Working out is supposed to be beneficial to your health, not putting it at risk of contracting the virus. Follow these seven tips to ensure you take care of your health and stay safe when going back to the gym!

how to return to the gym safely

Choose A Good Gym

Be selective with where you choose to work out. When looking at the various gyms and fitness centers, choose one that takes the virus seriously and follows health and safety protocols.


They might require masks, take people’s temperatures, clean equipment regularly, and limit the number of guests allowed inside at a time. Those are the types of gyms that you should consider signing up for.


It would be best if you also opted for those that offer online classes or outdoor sessions to limit your time spent inside crowded areas and lower the risk of contracting the virus.

how to return to the gym safely

Maintain Social Distance

You should be maintaining a distance of 6ft whenever you’re around people, but especially when indoors!


It’s difficult to avoid contact with others when you are at a gym but try and lessen your interactions by opting for a less crowded fitness center and going at a non-peak time.


It would help if you tried to limit the number of people you come in contact with as much as possible.

Wear A Mask

You should wear your mask, even when exercising! Ensure that you are wearing it properly, too, with the fabric covering both your mouth and nose. Although you might feel uncomfortable at first and get hot, wearing a mask is the best method to keep you and those around you safe.


Don’t worry about lack of oxygen flow when exercising, as there have been numerous studies recently conducted that have determined that the mask has no adverse effect on your oxygen saturation, heart rate, or blood pressure while doing aerobic exercises.


You have nothing to worry about when wearing it since it won’t impact your ability to breathe! Make sure you bring a few disposable masks to the gym so you can change them out and throw them away when you are done.

Bring Your Own Stuff

Instead of using various equipment from the gym, you should consider bringing your own whenever possible.


It might be challenging and require extra effort, especially when dealing with dumbbells, but it is better to use your equipment than borrow the gym’s stuff which everyone touches.


Even if they clean their equipment, you are safer when using your own.


Please bring your own mat, bands, and water bottles–especially since some gyms might not even allow access to these items depending on their policies!

Wash Your Hands

This is the most basic and obvious advice to keeping yourself safe from the virus, but remember to wash your hands!


Use soap and warm water and wash your hands for at least twenty seconds. You should get through the “Happy Birthday” song at least twice before you finish.


Remember to wash your hands before and after working out. Don’t touch your face in the time between!

Disinfect Equipment

Even though your gym might claim to disinfect regularly or use UV light filters, you should still bring disinfectants with you every time you visit.


Wipe off every piece of equipment before and after using it to protect yourself and be courteous to the next gym goer.


Remember not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth during your workout, even after disinfecting the equipment! Germs can still linger, and you might have missed spots when wiping down. 

Limit Your Indoor Workouts

The best method to keeping yourself safe from COVID-19 when going to the gym is not to go!


Try and work out outside as much as possible. Thankfully the weather has been warming up, so take full advantage of the sunshine and book an outdoor workout session.


Being indoors with lots of sweaty people increases your risk of contracting the virus.

COVID-19 Safety Reminders

  • It can be challenging to maintain enough social distance when exercising indoors, but remember that you need to keep at least 6 ft away from other people. With the small rooms, crowded machines, and surge of people, you might find it challenging to adhere to these rules.


  • Sharing equipment isn’t good because if someone happens to contract the virus, it can quickly spread to you and other individuals. Everything should be disinfected after use, but you sometimes have no control over that as a visitor.


  • Air droplets travel further when exercising because you breathe out more forcefully. Even if you maintain a 6ft distance from someone else, you might inhale the virus on these respiratory droplets when stuck indoors. Fitness centers also tend to have poor air circulation and ventilation, increasing your risk even more.


Exercise is crucial to your health and overall wellbeing, so, understandably, people are desperate to get back to their regular routines and revisit their favorite gyms.


Your mental health also benefits from working out, so doctors recommend you exercise during these challenging and stressful times to help alleviate any anxieties.


If gyms near you are reopening and you have been considering going back, follow these tips to ensure you stay safe! Exercising will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle, so you don’t want to ruin it with the off-chance that you contract the virus because you weren’t making safe choices while at the gym. Ensure you adhere to all of the CDC’s guidelines and follow these safety practices to keep yourself healthy!

how to return to the gym safely

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