How to Build up Arm Muscle Fast

How to Build up Arm Muscle Fast

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How to Build up Arm Muscle Fast: Shredded abs and protruding glutes are swoon-worthy, but they are not everything. For a healthy and aesthetic body, you also need strong and well-built arms. Follow this guide to build up arm muscle fast.


Word for the wise: Biceps are the first thing you see when you look at the arms, and they make Dwayne Johnson look great in suits. However, they are just one muscle group—the tip of the iceberg. Their older and often forgotten siblings, the triceps, make up two-thirds of your arm and are a group of three different muscles.


Whether you are preparing for a bodybuilding competition or simply want to look good when you wear a T-shirt, building arm muscles should be a critical part of your fitness regime.


Regular exercise and a good diet are a sine qua non of bigger and better arm muscle. Here are the tips to support and accelerate your results on this journey.


How to Build up Arm Muscle Fast

How Do Muscles Grow?

The human body contracts muscles by receiving signals triggered by motor neurons in a cellular component called the sarcoplasmic reticulum. Your muscles get stronger and more stable as you become more proficient at telling your muscles to contract by triggering these signals.


After a workout, the body replaces/replaces torn muscle fibres via a cellular process where it combines muscle fibres to form protein strands – myofibrils. The repaired myofibrils grow thick and multiply to a process known as muscle hypertrophy (growth).


This is how muscle stem cells /satellite cells do their job of adding muscle tissue to your arm muscles. When these cells are activated during a workout, they alter your muscle cells’ structure by encouraging the production of more nuclei. Consequently, they contribute directly to the development of myofibrillar muscle tissue.


Researchers have demonstrated in a fascinating study conducted recently that participants who have an impressive 58% hypertrophy of myofibers from a workout experience 23% stimulation of satellite cells.


Low growth responders, found to have 28% growth, recorded an activation rate of 17%. However, it is interesting that persons without growth had 0% stimulation of their satellite cells. This suggests that the more satellite cells you activate, the more muscles you grow.


Tips to Build Bigger Arms Fast

1. Work your triceps and biceps

Beginners in bodybuilding have the unhelpful tendency to work out only the biceps. Yet, two-thirds of the arm is occupied by the triceps. As its name suggests, it is made up of three portions: the vastus lateralis, the vastus medialis, and the longus head. It is, therefore, necessary to concentrate your efforts on the development of the triceps.


Although they ate activated by all pushing exercises aimed at building the pectorals and shoulders, the triceps must be worked alone so that their volume is in cohesion with that of the biceps that you love to show off.

2. Eat muscle growth food

For bodybuilding in general and that of the arms in particular, it is impossible to count on results if we do not adopt good eating habits.


To do this well, it is naturally essential to focus on proteins. However, we must not forget the carbohydrates –you need the strength to pump iron.


Therefore, your diet must be enriched with eggs, meat, fish, and rice, pasta, potatoes, while retaining lipids such as oils and seeds.

3. Work in series of targeted exercises

Fitness gurus preach that “what builds bigger arm muscle is being able to use as many muscle fibers as possible with a sufficiently intense load and correct placement.” Can’t argue with that. To gain vascular ripped arms, you must go the whole hog – using different workout variations to activate all the mussels.


We recommend a session devoted to developing the arms, 8 to 10 sets of 5 to 12 repetitions of triceps exercises. Among them, the most effective arm workouts include:


  • Push-ups
  • The bench press with a tight grip
  • Forehead bar
  • Cable rope pushdown
  • Lying triceps extension


For the biceps, we recommend workouts with 6 to 10 sets of 5 to 12 repetitions. The basic exercise is the curl, which is the natural movement of the biceps, which brings the hand towards the shoulder.


You can do bar curls (standing, an extension of the arms down, then return to the starting position) or dumbbell curls. You can do them standing but also in a seated position. This limits cheating since the body can swing less. Only the arms work. Other bicep workouts for optimal results include:


  • Chin-up
  • Hammer curl
  • Concentration curl
  • Reverse-grip bent-over row
  • Cable curl
  • Incline dumbbell Curl


4. Rest is Essential

Contrary to the popular belief that impatient beginners have, there is no point in exhausting your muscles by exercising them seven days a week. It is counterproductive. According to experts, two sessions per week devoted to the arms are sufficient.


You can add a few arm exercises twice a week at the end of a session that targets the chest, back, or shoulders, for example. The muscle needs rest. It is also during this recovery period that it gains strength and volume.

5. Consider stretching

Each weight training session should be followed by stretching. Stretching the sensitized muscles well during the session helps restore the muscle to its flexibility after it has been contracted. The stretching will also guarantee a good range of motion for the next sessions.


Stretching is also accompanied by small muscle tears-which amplify the signals for the natural repair and hypertrophy process earlier overviewed. In that case, stretching makes it possible to maintain good mobility and thus ensure convincing results in a shorter time.

Bottom Line


  • If you want to gain more arm muscles, you must strengthen the biceps and strengthen the triceps!


  • Muscles grow after a workout when the body repairs and replaces damaged muscle fibres by fusing myofibrils- protein strands


  • For faster muscle growth, you need a protein-rich diet, but carbs are also essential


  • You need dynamically variant sets of triceps and biceps exercises, 5-12 repetitions per set


  • Resting allows the muscle-repair-and-growth process to occur


  • Stretching after a workout optimizes muscle growth
How to Build up Arm Muscle Fast

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