How to Build Muscles Fast at Home in 2022


By bulksupplementsdirect

Not everyone has the time to get to the gym and so some people are limited with what they can do.


You can still perform bodyweight exercises that can pack on muscle and strength to your body in minimal time.


Let’s go through the things you can do to optimise your muscle gaining potential whilst training at home.


Nutrition whilst training at home

Any training plan needs a solid nutritional foundation. The food you eat will determine the gains you make, and so fueling your body with the proper nutrients is vital. For this article, let’s assume that you have an optimised nutritional plan.

The exercise plan to packing on muscle at home


Using only your bodyweight, chin-ups will pack on size and strength to your upper body in record time. It stimulates the back, shoulders and arms and so has a lot of muscle growth potential.


Chin-ups can be done at home with a relatively cheap bar or it can be done outside in a park. The key is to build up so that you can do 50 chin-ups per workout. It may be that this takes multiple sets but the goal should be to hit 5 sets of 10 reps. Once you hit that; you can look at adding weight by perhaps carrying a rucksack with some books in it, or perhaps even buying a weighted vest.



Using your body weight, aim for 5 sets of 10 reps and once you get to this then add weight on your self. You can do this by getting some bands or purchasing a weighted vest.


Press-ups build the chest, shoulders and back and has the ability to pack on size across the entire upp body. Making slight adjustments to your hand spacing can engage the arms more (triceps) or chest.


For those that are more advanced, you can perform press-ups between two benches, stimulating the chest muscles more.


Tip: You can perform this exercise so that it targets difference muscle groups. Placing your hands closer hits the arms more and placing your hands a part will stimulate more of the chest area. 



Named the king of exercises, Squats will pack on muscle to your entire body as the movement is very taxing to a large part of the human body. Performing bodyweight squats so that you can get to 5 sets of 20 reps is the first goal


Once you achieve that, think about how you can add weight to yourself and aim for the same set/rep range.


Walking Lunges

Excellent addition to the workout schedule, walking lunges will stimulate the entire leg muscles and work your cardiovascular system hard. Once again, aim for 5 sets of 20 reps and when you hit that, think of ways to add some weight safely.


The key in all these simple exercises is to hit the rep range, follow a good full range of motion, and then add weight via a weighted vest or a safely secured rucksack.


Progress is key, so recording your workouts in a log and always performing heavier reps is vital to continuously improving and getting stronger.