How to Build Leg Muscles Fast


By bulksupplementsdirect

Nobody wants to work hard in the gym and then look like they have chicken legs! Up and down the country, gyms have people who focus only on their upper body and miss the proverbial “leg day” to have a disproportionate physique.


Don’t be one of those people! Missing leg day hinders and limits your entire body’s development. How? Training leg day actually calls upon the entire bodies resources and muscle to perform some of the key exercises.


Movements such as squats, leg presses and walking dumbell lunges engage the core and supporting upper body muscles, thus making it a multi-muscle and multi join movement.

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What do I do to build strength and muscle in my legs?

If truth be told, building a good pair of legs is not that difficult in terms of how you do it. The challenge lies in the effort and dedication it needs to push your body through the leg workouts! This is the single reason why people miss “leg day”. It is tough!


So let’s take a look at what you need to do to build a solid pair of legs!


The king of leg builders, the barbell squat, is responsible for building some of the most muscular legs in bodybuilding and powerlifting for over 70 years. If you pay your dues at the squat rack, expect to be rewarded with a solid foundation of leg development.

Squatting builds the entire leg muscles as well as the upper body and core; as the whole movement puts a lot of stress across the body.


Tip: Squatting twice a week with varied reps from 6 reps to 15 reps and no more than 5 sets per session will work wonders on for overall development. Aiming to hit the rep range and then increasing the weight by 5lb is a sure way to ensure you are always progressing.


Dumbell Lunges

These are often overlooked, but walking dumbell lunges work the entire leg muscles and provide the ability to stretch and contract the muscle on each rep. They have become more popular over the past 5 years as more and more people see the benefits and results from them in a short space of time.


Tip: Performing no more then 5 sets of 10 reps in each session, dumbell lunges will work wonders on your glute and hamstring development. 


Standing Calve Raises

Every gym has one of these station, but even yours don’t, all you need to do is grab two dumbells and stand on the edge of a step and allow for a deep stretch; up and down.


Tip: Performing a higher rep range to 15 and ensuring you get a full stretch at the bottom and a 3 to 5 second flex at the top – this movement will pack on the size to your calve development.


As always, please ensure you perform the exercises with correct form and range of motion. This will ensure that you get the most from the movement and pack on the size and strength needed.

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