How Many Calories On A Cheat Day Is Acceptable?


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Our Summary And Answer:


The calories in a cheat day can vary. On average, you should be able to eat about 500-1000 calories over your calorie budget for the day and lose weight. However, if you’re wanting to gain weight and bulk up than it’s best to increase your calorie intake and add in more carbohydrates when planning your cheat days.


Are you wondering how many calories on a cheat day is acceptable? You’re not alone! A lot of people are curious about this topic. In this blog post, we’ll provide some information on the topic and talk about what experts say about cheating. Keep reading to learn more!


What Does A Cheat Day Mean?

A cheat day is a common topic in the fitness and bodybuilding world. When you go on a cheat day, it means that you deliberately eat more than usual and sometimes “cheat” on your diet. Why So Popular? Cheat days are popular because they can be used to break through plateaus and make calorie restriction easier. They’re also a great way to “reward” yourself for making good food choices throughout the week. If you’re a junk food addict, then it can be a great way to give yourself a break from strict dieting and allow yourself to indulge.


Why Is It Important To Know How Many Calories On A Cheat Day?

Some people probably already know about cheat days while some might not. Regardless of what category you fall under, it is important to know how many calories on a cheat day are healthy and safe. If you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t want to go overboard with your cheat day and undo all of your hard work.


How Many Calories On A Cheat Day?

So, how many calories on a cheat day is acceptable? This varies on a case-by-case basis and depends on your goals. It’s important to remember that on a cheat day you should eat more than usual, however, not as much as you want. While some people do recommend that if you’re trying to lose weight then use cheat days as an excuse to eat what you want, the truth is there is no “good” or “bad” food. Everything in moderation is the key! You want to stay within your calorie budget for the week – not go overboard because you are eating whatever you want, whenever you want.


Benefits of Having A Cheat Day

Now that you know how many calories on a cheat day is acceptable, let’s talk about the benefits of having one.


#1 - Break Through Plateaus

If you’re someone who is used to eating at a certain calorie intake, then it’s likely that your weight loss will go slower over time. This is because your body becomes more efficient and doesn’t use as many calories throughout the day. The word “plateau” comes from this phenomenon – when your weight loss increases briefly and then levels off. A cheat day can help you break through this plateau and continue seeing results.


#2 - Indulge In Your Favorite Foods

If you’re like most people, then you probably have a few favorite foods that you love to eat. On a cheat day, you can indulge in these foods without feeling guilty! This is a great way to enjoy your favorite foods and not feel like you’re restricted. Just be sure to moderation and not eat too much!


#3 - Cheat Day Can Help Keep You On Track

In some cases, cheat days can actually help keep you on track. This is because they can make calorie restriction easier and help you stay motivated. If you know you have a cheat day coming up, you might be more likely to stick to your diet during the week.


#4 - Enjoy Social Events Without Feeling Guilty

If you’re someone who likes to indulge in social events, then having a cheat day can help make this possible without feeling guilty. Instead of denying yourself all weekend long, you can have a cheat day each week and enjoy yourself. Just be sure to not go overboard!


#5 - Cheat Day Helps Keep You From Binge Eating

Some people struggle with binge eating, which can lead to some major consequences. On a cheat day, it’s likely that you won’t eat as much if you’re used to eating very little on the regular days. A cheat day might even help prevent future episodes of binge eating by not letting you feel tempted to eat a ton.


Cheat Day Tips

1) Create A Calorie Budget For The Week: This is one of the first things that you should do before having a cheat day. This will help you stay within your calorie limits and not go overboard.


2) Indulge In Your Favorite Foods, But In Moderation: As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to indulge in your favorite foods but not eat too much! Just because it’s a cheat day doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want.


3) Stick To Your Normal Diet: While you can loosen up a bit on your cheat day, you don’t want to go completely off the rails. It’s still important to stick to your normal diet most of the time so you don’t undo all of your hard work.


4) Plan Ahead: If you know that you’re going to have a cheat day, then you want to plan ahead. This means that you should not restrict yourself too much during the week so you can enjoy yourself on your cheat day.


5) Don’t Let Cheat Days Turn Into Binge Days: This is a potential danger of cheat days – if you’re not careful, they can turn into binge days. This is when you concentrate on foods that are not healthy and eat too much of them. Just be sure to stick to your normal diet most of the time, even on a cheat day!


6) Work Out: While you might feel like taking a break on your cheat day, it’s important to still do some form of physical activity. This can help burn off any extra calories that you consume and give your body the exercise it needs. Just be sure not to overdo it when working out!


7) Drink Plenty Of Water: Water is essential for good health and it can help you stay hydrated on your cheat day. This is important, especially if you plan on drinking alcohol or eating a lot of high-calorie foods.


8) Don’t Stress About It: Remember – cheat days are meant to be enjoyed! If you stress out about it, then the whole point of having a cheat day is lost. Just relax and have fun!


What Is The Difference Between A Cheat Meal vs A Cheat Day?

A lot of people get confused between cheat meals and cheat days, so it’s important to know the difference. Cheat meals are smaller in size, whereas cheat days are much larger – usually over 2-3 times your normal calorie intake. Cheat days are also more flexible, meaning you can eat whatever you want within your calorie budget. cheat meals are stricter and must follow a certain set of guidelines.


How Should You Plan Your Cheat Day Meals?

If you’re planning on having a cheat day, then it’s important to plan ahead! Here are some tips to help you do this:


#1 - Use A Food Journal To Plan Ahead

It’s always helpful to write down what you plan on eating for your cheat meal or day. You can even use an app like MyFitnessPal to keep track of your calorie intake. Just be sure not to go overboard – it’s important to have a set limit so you stay within your calorie budget!


#2 - Decide What You Will Eat In Advance

Planning ahead means that you should know what foods you plan on eating before having a cheat day. This will help prevent you from eating unhealthy foods that you might regret later.


#3 - Choose Healthy Foods You Enjoy

Since your calorie intake will be much higher on your cheat day, it’s important to choose calorie-dense foods that you enjoy. Just be sure not to go overboard – too many calories can mean weight gain instead of muscle gains!


#4 - Find Foods With High Protein Content

It’s always better to have a higher protein intake when bulking. This is because it helps fill you up, gives you energy, and stimulates muscle growth. Plus, it will prevent the excess calories from being stored as body fat! Just be sure to stay within your calorie budget when choosing high-protein foods!


How To Avoid Over Eating On Cheat Days?

Over eating is something that many people struggle with when having a cheat day. Here are some tips to help you avoid this:


#1 - Don't Starve Yourself During The Week

If you’re starving yourself during the week in order to “save up” for your cheat day, then you’re going to be more likely to over eat on that day. Just be sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet throughout the week so you can enjoy yourself on your cheat day!


#2 - Don't Eat Unhealthy Foods

This might seem like common sense, but it’s easy to slip up and grab an unhealthy snack when you’re not paying attention. Just be sure to have healthy foods available so you don’t eat something you’ll regret later.


#3 - Eat Slowly And Stop When You're Full

It’s important to take your time when you’re eating on your cheat day – don’t just shovel huge piles of food into your mouth! Just remember that the foods you eat on this day are there to be enjoyed, not stuffed down your throat! It’s also important to know when enough is enough – if you feel full, then stop eating.


#4 - Don't Drink Too Much On Your Cheat Day

Alcoholic drinks and sodas can add a lot of extra calories to your diet. Plus, drinking while you’re overeating can mean that the excess calories won’t be absorbed as well. Just be sure to drink in moderation on your cheat day!


Final Thoughts

A cheat day can be a great way to enjoy some of your favorite foods while still staying on track with your fitness goals. Just be sure to plan ahead, stay within your calorie budget, and avoid over eating! It’s also a good idea to experiment with different foods and see what works for you! Happy Cheating!