How do I Start Bulking up? (A to Z)

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How do I Start Bulking up?: Have you always been the skinny one in your class? Have you been trying to bulk up but is the process not working so far or going very slowly? Then you are probably missing some of the basic steps. 


We see lots of people on social media all bulked up. If they can do it, so can you!


What do I need to do when wanting to bulk up? Make it a lifestyle. No surprise here, you will need to go to the gym regularly. Also, you will need to be conscious of your food intake. Meaning being aware of what you are eating and when. There is no shortcut. You will need to do the necessary work.


As mentioned above, there are a few basic principles that are important when wanting to bulk up.


However, it isn’t just going to the gym and doing random excursuses or eating protein shakes every hour that will get you to where you want to go.


There is much more to look at when wanting to bulk up. This article will take you through the necessary lifestyle changes that will get you to achieve your goals. 

Where do I Start When Wanting to Bulk up?

So, where to start? Honesty, you will need to change your lifestyle. Your life will revolve around going to the gym, becoming your own best chef, and consistency.


The gym

To gain muscle, you will need to go to the gym and lift weights regularly. Your body is made up out of many different sets of muscles. If you want to bulk up training, all muscle groups is recommended. Try to find a gym that has many different weights and tools to help you. If you have trouble motivating yourself to go to the gym, it can be helpful to work out with a friend or get a personal trainer. The exercises that are required to help you build muscle will get discussed further below.


 Becoming your own best chef

When bulking up, tracking your food intake is essential. The diet you are consuming will directly affect the amount of muscle and weight you are increasing. Most people think it requires lots and lots of proteins. Yes, proteins are part of it, but eating carbs are even more critical. If you want to gain healthy fats and muscles, going to a fast-food restaurant is not going to work, though. Therefore cooking your own meals and knowing what you are eating will help you bulk up fast.


Consistency is key

The gym and your food intake are essential parts of the puzzle when trying to bulk up. To reach your goal, there is one final piece to consider. This is consistency. If you are not consistent, your body won’t change. If you go to the gym one day and the next four days you will be lying in bed eating junk food, you can imagine that reaching your goal is not very likely to happen. If you genuinely want to bulk up, you will need to be consistent. Go to the gym at least four days a week and be conscious of your food intake seven days a week. Bulking up is a lifestyle change. It requires you to think and act like an athlete.


Exercises for Bulking up

When going to the gym, it can be overwhelming to see so many different tools and weights. Each tool is developed to help you train something in your body. This can be muscle but also endurance, for example. If you want to bulk up, doing too many endurance exercises or cardio is not recommended. These exercises will make you lose weight. They will get you lean instead of bulky. If you want to gain weight and muscle, the exercises you are going to do should look something in the lines of:


Exercises for bulking up



Instead of trying to do a lot of reps, try doing the reps slowly and controlled. Use heavyweights that take you close to failure.


Take your time

Perform the reps perfectly. When you can’t lift them anymore, then take a rest. Repeat the exercise.


Work your whole body

 If you want to bulk, you will need to train your entire body and all different muscles. So create a workout where you train your whole body. If you prefer to train the arms one day and the legs the other, this is also an excellent method to get the most out of your muscles. 


Diet is Most Important

Eat, eat and eat. When wanting to gain weight, eating is very important. Training your muscles will ask for some serious energy from your body.


For the muscles to grow, you will need to eat. A lot of people mistake protein intake to be the most important. When wanting to bulk up, you will need to eat a consistent diet consisting of proteins, carbs, and fats. The amount you need to consume should get based on your unique body type and the amount of exercise you are doing.


There are many calculators that you can find online to help you get started. Watch your process closely make changes to your diet accordingly.

Protein will help rebuild muscles. Proteins can come from:

  • meat
  • Eggs
  • Legumes
  • Shakes or bars


Carbs will provide fuel for muscles and energy for your body, the are essential if you want to bulk up. There are many products that contain healthy proteins.Examples are:

  • Rice
  • Oats
  • Quinoa
  • Pasta
  • Bread

Fats are essential for your bodily functions. Examples of fats are:

  • Avocado’s
  • Nuts
  • Natural cooking oils
  • Nut butters


Don’t skip a meal and eat healthily. Eat at least three main meals a day containing the amount of protein, carbs, and fats you need to gain weight and muscle. Going for fast food will not bring you the result you want. They will not provide the necessary energy for your body. Preferably cook your own meals, so you know exactly what you are consuming. If you eat something out of a package, look at the ingredients and the number of fats, carbs, and proteins it contains. Last but not least, count your intake.

Tips on Bulking up Fast

There are a few ways to bulk up fast. These are:


Start from a lean state
The leaner you are, the quicker you will see the muscle gain. If you want to be lean, your calorie intake will be less than the calories you lose while training. Be aware, though, that you maintain a balance. If your calorie intake is too low, you won’t gain any muscles.


Eat enough calories, protein, carbs and fats
As mentioned above, eating is essential when you want to gain muscles and weight. Make sure that you eat three main meals that contain calories, proteins, carbs, and fats. The amount you intake should be determined by the amount of training you are doing and your body type. Online you can find many different calculators.


Go to the gym more often
If you want to gain muscles, you will have to do the work as you can imagine. If you go to the gym more frequently and work out more often, you will quickly gain muscles.


Increase volume
The more you train, the easier it will be to increase the volume of reps. The higher the volume, the stronger the muscle.


Choose weights that are close to muscle failure
We mentioned this above already. If you want to gain muscle, it is recommended to work with weights close to muscle failure. When the muscle is constantly triggered to its maximum capacity, it will get stronger faster than when you do an extreme amount of reps with less weight.


Track your weight and intake
Eating is important, but so is tracking what you are eating. If you want to gain muscles quickly, tracking precisely the amount you are eating is crucial. When overeating, you will gain unnecessary fat. When you don’t eat enough, you will lose weight instead of gaining the muscle and weight you are looking to achieve. If you track your intake, you can adjust it accordingly.


Sleep, sleep and sleep.
For your muscles to grow, they need time to recover. This is where sleep becomes essential. Sleeping is the moment in our lives where our body has the most time to recover and reset. If you sleep enough, then your body will recover faster. Once the body is completely recovered, it can handle the next training more effectively. You will be able to do more reps and carry heavier weights, for example.

Keep in mind

It is not a one size fits all approach. Every human is different. The amount of muscle and weight you will gain will be based on your body type. Trial and error will be part of the process of reaching your personal goals.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, we hope it has become clearer on what is required if you want to bulk up. There is no easy way. You will need to do the work if you’re going to reach your goals. The gym, food, and consistency will become your new best friends.


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