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Strengthening your glutes is vital if you want to get in better shape. Training your gluteus can strengthen your core and lower back and improve leg mobility, and it’s also crucial for your form and posture throughout your workouts.


Gluteal solid muscles are essential for balance, comfort, and athletic performance, so working on them with a suitable machine is vital. Most gyms have a variety of devices that can help you strengthen your glutes and get the most out of each workout.


This article will cover the best gym machines for developing your glutes. Plus, we’ll cover what the gluteal muscles do and why it is essential to develop these muscles.


What Do the Glute Muscles Do?

The gluteal region, more commonly referred to as the buttocks, serves many functions beyond just looking good in a pair of skinny jeans. Your gluteal muscles help you walk, run, sprint, and jump, among other physical activities.


These muscles are engaged whenever you rotate your hips, raise your legs, and perform other activities. Your glutes help stabilize your hips, pelvis, and spine. These muscles support the body even at rest, serving as a cushion.


If you want to improve your sitting posture and body balance and gain more forward momentum, working on strengthening your buttocks is a great place to start.


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The 5 Best Butt Workout Machines

As mentioned earlier, strengthening your butt muscles helps to increase your body balance and get you in better shape. Need to know what exercise machine to use for your glutes? Here are the five best gym machines for the glutes:


  • The Cable Machine


  • The Leg Press Machine


  • Hamstring Curl Machine


  • Stair-Stepper Machine


  • Elliptical Machine


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1. The Cable Machine

The cable machine is one of the best gym equipment to target your glutes specifically. Although this machine may look like simple gym equipment with a pulley system, it is surprisingly versatile.


This gym machine can help you develop your glutes, biceps, triceps, core muscles, and lower body. To use this machine effectively, you need to do nothing more than choose the right weight.


One of the best glute exercises you can perform with cable machines is the “Cable Glute Kickbacks.” This exercise is simple to do and targets your three gluteal muscles, and Additionally, it is super-effective at improving your functional strength and body balance. Here’s how to perform the cable glute kickback:


  • Connect the cable pulley to your left leg and hold on to the machine for balance.


  • Bend forward from the hips and lower your torso until it is almost parallel with the ground.


  • Raise the cuffed leg as high as possible and then send it back. Make sure it’s parallel to the ground and aligned with your upper body.


  • At the top of the movement, squeeze your glutes and slowly return your leg to the starting position. Be sure to work both legs evenly when performing this exercise.


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2. The Leg Press Machine

Regardless of how you use it, the leg press machine forces you to engage your glutes. Leg press machines are beginner-friendly and allow you to load any desired weight.


This machine targets your glutes specifically and helps you develop your hamstring muscles and major muscle groups. The leg press is easily one of the best glute exercises because it requires you to assume a position that works the glutes and legs in ways that cardio machines can’t.


If you want even better results, try increasing the resistance by adding weight as your strength improves. However, one of the drawbacks of leg presses is that you must always use the correct form to reap the benefits.


If not, you’ll develop other muscle groups. Plus, you must be careful not to put too much weight on the machine. You will get rapid results if you use this machine correctly and regularly.


On the other hand, always pay attention to your glutes and lower back when performing leg presses. The best way to perform leg presses with proper form is to press your glutes and lower back against the machine’s seat during the exercise. Most leg press machines have a place where you can position your hands comfortably.


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3. Hamstring Curl Machine

Despite its name, the hamstring curl machine works the glutes just as much as the hamstrings and thus deserves a spot on this list of glute exercise machines. The hamstring curl machine helps you develop your posterior chain muscles, which, when strengthened, allow for a full range of leg flexion.


Strengthening your posterior chain muscles helps improve your speed, agility, and muscle endurance. On the other hand, you can perform a proper hamstring curl using a couple of different gym pieces of equipment.


You can perform a hamstring curl on a cable machine simply by adjusting the machine’s pulley. This exercise strengthens your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Hamstring curls, like squats, are more conventional exercises involving weights to increase strength.


Strengthening your core and promoting consistent growth are two main benefits of including hamstring and lower back exercises in your workout routine.


Glute workouts you can perform with this machine include seated leg curls, single leg extensions, standing leg curls, and ab crunches. These aren’t the only leg workouts you can do on this machine, but they are a great addition to your leg workout routine.


However, don’t expect much progress, only with the hamstring curl. Pair this exercise with other glute workouts to get the most out of your hamstring curl.


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4. Stair-Stepper Machine

The stair stepper machine is one of the best gym cardio machines for the glutes. This cardio machine is excellent for training your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. The stair-stepper device may be necessary to give your workout routines a game-changing addition.


Training with this machine for 30 minutes strengthens your glutes and core. Unlike other cardio machines, this one simulates actual movement. Rather than wasting your gains on long treadmill runs, the stair stepper is a great way to include cardio into your glute workout routine.


Using the stepper correctly can help you build your glutes without putting unnecessary strain on your knees. If your knees hurt, try pressing your entire heel down to strengthen your hamstrings and glutes and relieve some pressure on your knees.


Like the leg press machine, you need to use the stair stepper machine with proper form. It is important to note that if you do not use the stair stepper correctly, you will receive only cardio and not gluteal benefits.


On the other hand, stair steppers are about as versatile as a leg press machine and thus have fewer possible uses. All you need to do is set the device to your desired resistance level and speed, and you’re good to go.


Although the stair stepper’s application may seem limited, the machine offers a great way to build your functional strength slowly.


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5. Elliptical Machine

If you’re not seeing any progress on the treadmill, you can switch to the elliptical machine. The elevation-simulating features of these machines make for a more challenging workout and more cardiovascular stimulation.


Although the elliptical strengthens your quads, you can also tweak your routine to target your glutes. The only change you need to make to target your glutes is to “walk backwards.” Yes, take backward steps instead of your normal forward ones.


You’ll experience a more significant burn in your butt as your glutes work harder to push you in this reverse direction. Increase the incline and difficulty level for a great glute workout.


Also, to help develop your glutes, stick your butt on the machine while pedaling your legs and shift your weight from your heels.


This combination will allow you to enjoy a good cardio workout while shaping and lifting your glutes. This machine will tone your muscles, activate your gluteus maximus, and give you good sweat.


The five fitness machines listed above are some of the best exercise machines for developing the glutes. Other glute machines you can use for butt workouts include:


  • Hip thrust machine


  • Smith machine


  • GHD machine


  • Indoor cycling bike


  • Exercise stationary bike


How to Choose the Best Exercise Machine for Working the Glutes

There are a few factors to consider before purchasing fitness equipment and setting up a home gym. You need to invest in a good cable machine with adjustable pulleys to build strong glutes.


A good cable machine will allow you to perform a wide range of strength training exercises and targeted glute exercises without investing in additional equipment.


The next step is to invest in free weights and standard barbells. You will also find dumbbells in most home gym setups, which you can use to perform exercises for the glutes. Also, consider including hip extensions, split step squats, and a bench for offset lunges.


The main factors to consider when setting up a home gym are space requirements, cost, and multipurpose equipment to maximize space and efficiency. A full-body workout for the glutes is possible at home, whenever you like, provided you have the proper gym equipment.


Benefits of Training Your Glutes With a Machine

There are two main ways to train your glutes: free weights and machines. Free weights are the way to go if you want to achieve overall fitness. Compared to machines, free weights engage a far more comprehensive range of muscle groups and produce better results in terms of general fitness.


However, a machine is better if your goal is to train your glutes specifically. Here’s why:


Machines Are Better at Isolating Your Glutes

A machine is a better option for targeting your gluteal muscles precisely without engaging your lower back or calves like you would with free weights. Stiff-legged deadlifts, for instance, work your glutes and hamstrings and engage your back muscles to help with the lifting.


60 to 70% of your workouts should focus on your glutes, while the remaining 30 to 40% should target your lower back. However, with glute-specific gym machines, you can strengthen your glute muscles and build greater butt strength.


For example, the hip thrust machine allows you to focus specifically on your glutes. You can adjust the strap to sit precisely where it should on your hips or waist, allowing you to isolate your glutes as you thrust. The machine also has a bench where you can rest your upper body to stabilize your entire lower body.


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Machines Provide More Control and Precision

Machines allow you to target your glutes with greater precision and control than free weights. When using free weights, you’re likely to be working in a broader range of motion, which provides more room for you to lose your control and form in the name of heavy lifting.


If your glutes aren’t strong enough, your body will try to compensate by jerking, bending your knees, swinging, and engaging your hips during the lift.


When this happens, your glutes workout becomes less effective, leading to slower progress. Plus, you may increase your risk of injury due to poor form or posture.


Unlike free weights, machines have a single range of motion, allowing you to focus more on your form. Strengthening your glutes using machines also helps you maintain a better overall posture. In the long run, that will help you build greater strength and lower your risk of injury.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best Gym Machines For Glutes

1. What muscles make up the glutes?

There are three main muscles that make up the gluteal region: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus, the largest of the three muscles, forms the main shape and bulk of the buttocks.


The gluteus maximus muscle controls hip extension, which plays a significant role in our day-to-day movement. Additionally, the gluteus maximus controls activities like running, climbing, and requiring force.


Another function of this muscle is to rotate the thigh away from the body’s center. The gluteus medius is located in between the gluteus maximus and minimus. The primary function of this muscle is to keep the pelvis stable during movement.


Additionally, it helps to draw the legs in toward the midline. On the other hand, the gluteus minimus is the deepest and smallest of the three muscles.


This muscle works in conjunction with the gluteus medius and performs a similar function. Therefore, the three gluteal muscles generally help with movement, which is vital to our daily tasks.


2. How often should you train your glutes?

Your glutes require two to three workout sessions per week. Sticking to this workout schedule is essential because the free days give your body enough time to rest and recover.


Additionally, you must perform your glute-specific activities properly to get the desired results. Consistency with these glutes-workouts is also crucial because it helps to produce better results.


3. How do you better activate the glute muscles?

An easy way to improve your mobility is by activating your glute muscles. Muscle activation refers to the process of strengthening weak muscles. Activating your glutes muscles helps to improve movements, improve posture, and reduce your risk of injury,


Some of the best exercises for activating your muscles include glute bridges, crab walks, donkey kicks, and mountain climbers. Some of the best cardio exercises for activating your glute muscles include stationary cycling, running, stair climbing, and elliptical machine workouts.


4. What gym equipment strengthens the legs and glute muscles simultaneously?

Exercises that help you train your legs and glute muscles include leg curls, barbell hip thrusts, and glute kickbacks. Cardio equipment like the treadmill and stair climber also help you simultaneously work your legs and glute muscles.

Best Gym Machines for Glutes


Training your buttocks helps to improve your overall mobility, stability, and athletic performance. You can use different gym machines to build your glutes, and the hamstring curl, leg press, and cable machine are some of the best gym machines for glutes.


Use the five machines in this article to get toned and strong glutes that improve your overall performance and make you look great.


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