Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat for Women

9 Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat for Women at Home

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Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat for Women: As the summer ends every year, we all look at ourselves in the mirror and think that we will be working on ourselves to look much better. However, winter comes and goes in the blink of an eye, and many people find themselves facing summer with a larger belly than they ever thought possible.


The best immediate exercises that you can do that will reduce belly fat for women are crunches, leg lifts, planks, walking pushups, and lunge twists. If you have a bit more time and want a permanent solution running and doing high cardio exercises will eliminate belly fat effectively.


The curse of having some extra fat around your belly is something that a lot of women face, especially as they start ageing, and it seems never to want to leave them. Understanding why belly fat is so hard to reduce and how to maintain a flat belly is vital to reaching true happiness.  


Why Is Reducing Belly Fat So Hard?

There are several reasons why it is hard to lose belly fat for all ages, starting with the loss of muscle mass as we become more sedentary in our daily lives. Further, eating heavily processed foods increases the total fat being stored in the body and also block fat from being metabolized.


All of this together means that your body is no longer using the energy stored within fat as fast as it should, causing your belly to grow larger than desired. However, it should be noted that the belly is also where a lot of important organs are kept, each requiring a layer of fat to protect them.


This is also why you will first start gaining fat on your belly and hips and then the rest of your body, with the average woman having more loose fat on the belly than anywhere else. When you start losing weight, everywhere else will be first to lose excess fat before your belly starts shrinking.


9 Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Now that we know why you are getting more belly fat than you ever thought you would have to deal with, we need to decide on which exercises you will be focusing on. These are all exercises that will burn the fat away instead of simply trying to do training in the hopes of hitting just the right spot.


We always suggest that you incorporate more exercises that will burn energy when you are trying to get rid of belly fat. It is important that you remember that simply building stomach muscles does not burn the fat that is there specifically and may lead to you having a six-pack hidden beneath a layer of fat.


#1 - Reverse Crunch

The reverse crunch is probably one of the most painful exercises that you will have to start doing to help combat the encroaching belly fat. As the movement is slightly strange to do initially, it will burn a lot of energy and require some extra balancing to ensure that you are getting the best results.


With your back flat on the ground and your arms on the side, you need to lift your legs together, folding in up to a 90-degree angle with your hips. Keeping your knees also bent at 90-degrees, do this movement slowly and then put your legs slowly back down, repeat as many times as you can.


#2 - Lunge Twist

The lunge twist is an exercise technique unique to women as it incorporates the body’s natural flexibility to its full potential. We recommend starting out without added weights to get the technique down, then increasing the reps and adding weights once your core is stronger.


Standing straight, move into a normal lunge with your front leg bent at 90-degrees at each joint and your rear leg stretched out. As you reach the end of your lunge, twist your body at the hips towards the front-facing leg, repeat 10 to 20 times per set, or until you are no longer capable of keeping the form.


#3 - Crunch

The crunch is the bane of everyone doing exercises as it is one of the few techniques that can push anyone to their limit. With even the largest bodybuilders suffering when they attempt to reach their maximum, as the crunch uses your weight to push your muscles to their limits.


While lying flat on the ground, put your hands behind your head, lift your legs, similar to a reverse crunch, while also lifting your upper body. The crunch should be your upper and lower body almost meeting over your belly; however, never quite touching and not moving fast.


#4 - Captain’s Chair

The captain’s chair is one of the exercises where you will need some basic equipment to help your core muscles get a full exercise. All you will really need is somewhere to push down on your arms, lifting your body and giving some movement space for your lower body.


With your arms on the handle of your equipment, bring your legs up to bend 90-degrees at your hips, even if you are lifting yourself by a few inches. For the basic captain’s chair, this is all that is needed; keep this position for half a minute to a full minute and then relax, repeating three times.


#5 - Bicycle Crunch Exercise

Like the other types of crunch exercises, this one will focus on using a lot of your energy while training your core muscles to their absolute maximum. However, unlike the previous crunch exercises, the speed required here is something that quickly overwhelms even the fittest.


In the same position as a normal crunch, bring your upper body and lower body towards each other, however, twist your body so that your left elbow touches your right knee. Repeat this action with your right elbow touching your left knee; you will need to do this quickly, attempting one crunch every two to five seconds.


#6 - Planks

The dreaded plank is one of the exercises that is the easiest to do initially and can quickly push your entire body to its absolute limits. Because your entire body is being strained all at once, planks burn a lot of energy if done properly and will greatly help diminish your belly fat.


With your forearms flat on the ground, lift and lock your entire body into an almost 30-degree angle to the ground. Tensing every muscle to help you keep your balance, keep this position for at least 30 seconds to have the best effect of planking on your muscles.


#7 - Leg Lifts

Another exercise that focuses on the core and lower body muscles, leg lifts, will have your muscle burning faster than you thought possible. Many people assume that crunches and other exercises can replace leg lifts; however, this is not true as your body will benefit from the full routine.


Lying flat on your back with your head straight and your arms flat on the ground on your side, slowly lift your legs and feet into the air. Making sure to keep your knees straight the whole time until your feet are at least at a 30-degree angle from the ground; keep this position for 20 or more seconds, then return to the ground.


#8 - Walking Push Up

Probably one of the most challenging exercises we are recommending for your belly fat problem is walking pushups. Combining forward movement with a normal pushup, this exercise will require some space to correctly perform as you will be moving your legs throughout the exercise to your sides.


In the normal pushup position, push yourself up until you have extended your arms full, then walk your feet up until your hands are flat on the ground, and your feet are also close to being flat. Then take a step to the side with both legs, stepping back, slowly walking back, and going down to the pushup ready position.


#9 - Running

We have to include this, and we know that many people will want to yell at us for including something that everyone hates doing. However, running is the best way to burn massive amounts of energy, forcing your body to start burning fat, including the bothersome belly fat.


You can run on a treadmill, around your office block, or through your favorite hiking trails; be sure that your heart is properly racing throughout. If you are starting to exercise, we recommend starting slow, focusing on running shorter distances to build the routine.


Importance Of Diet for Losing Belly Fat

You can be the most active person on earth and still have belly fat that refuses to go away if you are not eating properly. The real reason so many people face a constant struggle of having belly fat is that they are eating in unhealthy ways, either the wrong food or at the wrong times.


We have seen many people that spend hours each day at the gym immediately walk around the corner to buy the most sugar-filled coffee drinks. If you are making the change to become healthier, you will benefit much more when completely changing your diet.


While exercise will help you lose weight, it is meant to help you build muscles; the only proper way to lose excess fat is to control how much fat you allow into your body. This is why fad diets and quick seven-day workouts are never as effective as they are claiming to be.


How Can You Maintain a Healthy Belly?

Now that we know the exercise that will help you build core muscles and burn as much fat as possible, we need to take a look at how you can maintain your belly. This is by far the biggest challenge that many people face as they lose complete focus when the seasons change.


If you are aware of what needs to be done to maintain your body, then you won’t have to look in the mirror and be completely unhappy about your belly fat. We have three things to say about how to maintain your body, each one applying to almost every person on earth.


#1 - Exercise

Exercise is important, no matter what kind of job you are doing each day, spending at least one hour just training will greatly improve your overall health. We always recommend that people do some basic exercise, even if it is just going for a walk at a slightly faster pace.


Many times, people that are complaining about being unable to control their weight are also the people that would rather spend hours watching TV or playing games. The unfortunate fact is that you must work to get healthy, with weight control being a constant challenge to overcome.


#2 - Diet

We will preface this by saying we don’t expect you to live solely on dried chicken and rice cakes; instead, we recommend taking up calorie counting. If you will be hanging out with friends, it will be better to budget how much you are eating before going out with them to enjoy the evening.


Further, if you have just eaten giant ice cream, you should avoid eating something else that is high in calories and sugar. Dieting is not about switching every meal for a salad; instead, it is about learning to have proper portion control and not overeating at every meal.


#3 - Accepting Your Shape

Sometimes, you may have a few rolls when bending over, and this is perfectly fine; even the best supermodels on earth have a few. Accepting the shape of your body is the best thing you can do to your mental and physical health as it will ensure you are always at your best.


We have seen too many people become sickly because they believe they are too fat, too round, too skinny, or not round enough. Everyone looks different, and no one should ever look like Instagram models in real life; you are a person, not an image edited for five hours.


Losing Belly Fat : FAQ's

What Can You Drink to Lose Belly Fat?

The simple answer is water, black and bitter coffee, or black and bitter tea; no miracle concoction will have you lose weight. Further, protein shakes and meal replacement shakes are often unhealthy to drink without the right supplements and require that you still have the right food.

How Can You Lose Belly Fat Permanently?

By being vigilant throughout your daily life and never stopping the work you are doing to exercise and watch what you are eating. We have seen too many people that think you can exercise for a month and then stay healthy for the rest of your life without ever having to train again.

Does Walking Reduce Belly Fat?

Any exercise that uses a lot of energy will help burn your belly fat; this includes just walking for a few miles each morning or afternoon. As your body relies on the stored fat to produce energy for movement and being awake, your belly fat will start to be used.

Final Thoughts : Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat for Women

We recommend that you do basic core training exercises to have your body start burning all of your excess fat, like crunches, leg lifts, plans, and lunge twists. To maintain your body with no belly fat, we always recommend that you change your eating habits and incorporate permanent training.

Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat for Women

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