Endomorph Intermittent Fasting

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Endomorph Intermittent Fasting

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There are three main body types; endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph. Endomorphs have softer and larger bodies than the other two types. They have more body fat, wider waist, and tend to be more insulin resistant.


A typical intermittent fasting plan aims to reduce calorie intake and increase your metabolic rate, which can lead to weight loss. In this article, you learn what intermittent fasting is, the benefits, and the food to eat while intermittent fasting.


How to Determine Your Body Type?

U.S. psychologist W.H. Sheldon coined the term “somatotype” to classify people according to their physical traits. There are, per Sheldon’s research, three basic body types that everyone is born with; ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph body type.


  • Endomorph Body Type 


Endomorphs are also known as round, fat type, or dwarf type. Endomorphs are characterized by a red neck, flat shoulder width, short and thick neck, large chest circumference, and a strong physique. They have a higher-than-average body composition and struggle with losing weight.


  • Ectomorph Body Type 


Ectomorphs are also known as the long and slim, linear type. Athletes and fashion models fit into this category. People with this body type have thin muscles, narrow shoulders, slender necks, flat thorax, and a high body. Ectomorphs have little body fat and difficulty putting on muscle mass. 


  • Mesomorph Body Type 


Most adults have a mesomorphic or symmetrical body type. This body type shows that the upper abdominal angle is roughly 90 degrees, and the overall body structure is moderate and symmetrical. 

How Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

Many people today practice intermittent fasting, without food for long periods. It works by reducing your overall calorie intake per day. When you fast, your caloric intake drops naturally, which may help you shed a few pounds over time.


Not only that, but your body produces more of the hormone norepinephrine when you fast. This hormone facilitates the process of metabolizing stored fat into usable energy. It is believed that fasting causes changes in your hormone levels that promote weight loss and fat burning.


Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Endomorphs trying to lose weight will find intermittent fasting an effective weight-loss tool. Intermittent fasting is said to help people lose weight because it limits the number of calories they can eat.


Another benefit of intermittent fasting is that it stimulates the production of human growth hormone (HGH), which has been associated with muscle gain and fat loss. Studies also show that intermittent fasting improves memory, insulin resistance, and heart health and reduces inflammation.


Fasting has been shown to reduce insulin levels, which is especially beneficial for insulin-resistant endomorphs. 


People with diabetes and obesity also stand to gain from intermittent fasting. Studies show that Intermittent fasting may help improve their health, especially as a result of weight loss. Finally, intermittent fasting is a safe and effective method for reducing body fat without damaging any of your muscles. 


Does Intermittent Fasting Work for Endomorphs?

Endomorphs have a slower metabolism, and this body type tends to gain body fat and weight easily. Thus, an endomorph needs to watch what they eat even more carefully than the average person. Because of this, an endomorph may require an intense diet and exercise routine that targets belly fat and helps regulate insulin levels. 


On the other hand, a common problem among endomorphs is decreased insulin sensitivity. It’s worth noting that this can lead to various medical conditions like digestive problems, obesity, type-2 diabetes, and certain cancers, and intermittent fasting can help with this. 


Also, one of the main ways intermittent fasting helps endomorphs avoid weight gain is that it helps reduce inflammation. While inflammation is both normal and necessary for the body to function properly, chronic inflammation is not healthy and can lead to obesity and other complications. Some endomorphs tend to suffer from chronic inflammation, which could make them more likely to be overweight. Research shows that intermittent fasting effectively reduces chronic inflammation, a major contributor to weight gain.


Another way intermittent fasting helps endomorphs is that it restricts their eating window and overall calorie intake, which can help lose weight over time. Furthermore, intermittent fasting causes hormonal changes that promote fat-burning and shedding.


In a nutshell, intermittent fasting helps improve brain function, increase insulin sensitivity, and reduce inflammation. These are the essentials for losing weight and keeping your body functioning correctly.


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Best Intermittent Fasting Types for Endomorphs

There are different ways to do intermittent fasting and different fasting windows. Here are some of the best and most effective fasting windows for endomorphs: 


  • Alternate-Day Fasting 


Alternate-day fasting is highly recommended for endomorphs and is one of the most popular and effective fasting methods. In this eating window, you fast every other day and then eat normally the day after.  


On fasting days, however, you should limit your caloric intake to 500–600 calories, or 20–25% of your daily total. Many experts believe the alternate fasting method may be one of the most effective for endomorphs to lose weight. One study found that 8-12 weeks of alternate fasting causes a decrease in bad cholesterol levels. 


  • The Warrior Diet 


This fasting method involves eating small amounts of raw vegetables and fruits during the day, followed by a heavy dinner. The Warrior diet is a good option for active endomorphs who prefer to avoid hunger during the day. 


This fasting method allows them to save their largest meal for when they will be most active and have the highest metabolic rate. 


  • The 16/8 Method 


If you follow the 16/8 fasting method, you’ll go without eating for 16 hours and then eat all your day’s food within a single 8-hour window. For example, you could eat all your food from 12 pm to 8 pm and then fast for the following 16 hours.


This fasting method is a great option for endomorphs since it allows them to consume more food per meal while limiting their overall caloric intake. The 16/8 method also aligns with the body’s natural circadian cycle, which may boost your metabolic rate.


  • The 5:2 Diet 


The 5:2 Diet fasting method is another good for endomorphs trying to maintain a healthy weight. With this approach, you maintain your regular eating schedule five days a week while cutting back to between 500 and 600 calories on the other two days.


For example, you could eat from Monday through Friday and then reduce your calorie intake to 500-600 on Saturday and Sunday. With this fasting method, you can reap the benefits of fasting without giving up eating normally. 


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What to Eat While Intermittent Fasting

Two things are important for intermittent fasting: when you eat and what you eat. With that said, here are some food suggestions for endomorphs who are on intermittent fasting: 


  • Green Leafy Vegetables 


Green leafy vegetables are low in carbs and calories. Furthermore, they are a great source of nutrients and are rich in antioxidants, making them a good choice for endomorphs. Some of the best vegetables for endomorphs include swiss chard, beet greens, cabbage, lettuce, kale, spinach, and collards. 


  • Fruit 


Endomorphs on intermittent fasting need fruits high in fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Some good options include apples, passion fruit, pears, berries, grapefruit, and citrus. These fruits are packed with essential nutrients and help curb your cravings.


  • Healthy Fats 


When trying to lose weight, it’s important to supply your body with healthy fats. That’s because healthy fats help maintain a healthy blood sugar level and make you feel fuller for longer. Eggs, chia seeds, nuts, avocados, flaxseed, and olives are all good examples of foods that provide healthy fats.


  • Whole Grains 


Intermittent fasting aims to reduce your carb intake, not cut it out completely. Your body still needs carbs to function properly.


However, ensure you are consuming the right carbs, namely complex carbs. On the other hand, complex carbs are rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Oats, brown rice, bulgur, wild rice, and whole-grain bread are examples of foods rich in complex carbs.


  • Protein Sources 


Protein is another essential nutrient your body needs during intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting increases your body’s susceptibility to inflammation and stress, which can lead to muscle mass loss.


Therefore, protein is essential for reducing inflammation and repairing muscle tissue. During intermittent fasting, ensure you eat enough turkey, chicken, and other protein-rich foods. Also, lean protein foods include lean beef, dry beans, lentils, and powdered peanut butter.


  • Fatty fish 


Fatty fish are another good source of healthy fats. Plus, they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and help keep our brains and heart healthy. Healthy fatty fish to eat during fasting include salmon, tuna, mackerel, and trout.


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What is BMI and how does it relate to intermittent fasting?

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a measure of body weight relative to height. When considering intermittent fasting, your BMI can help determine an appropriate fasting strategy that aligns with your health goals.

Is there a recommended intermittent fasting schedule for women?

Yes, women can follow various intermittent fasting schedules, but it’s important to consider their unique needs, such as hormonal fluctuations, when determining the optimal fasting approach.

How does intermittent fasting affect body weight?

Intermittent fasting can influence body weight by controlling calorie intake during specific eating windows, which may aid in weight management.

Can intermittent fasting have an impact on blood pressure?

Intermittent fasting has been associated with potential benefits for blood pressure regulation, contributing to overall cardiovascular health.

What are the health benefits of intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting offers various health benefits, including weight management, potential blood pressure improvements, and overall health enhancement.

How does time-restricted eating fit into intermittent fasting?

Time-restricted eating, a form of intermittent fasting, restricts eating to specific hours of the day, which can contribute to weight management and potential health improvements.


Endomorphs have a slow metabolism and are prone to gain weight quickly. However, endomorphs trying to lose weight may find intermittent fasting beneficial. Intermittent fasting is a great way to lose weight without damaging any of your muscles in the process.


We’ve already provided some of the best fasting windows and food to eat during intermittent fasting. So if you want to fast successfully, read this post and pick a fasting window that works for you.


However, if you have any health problems, consult your doctor first before making any major changes to your diet. 


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