Does Planet Fitness Have Bench Presses

Does Planet Fitness Have Bench Presses? – Surprising Truth!

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Does Planet Fitness Have Bench Presses: Something that both you and I have seen circulating on the web is the ultimate question, “does Planet Fitness have bench presses?”. Let’s be honest, for a severe gym-goer, this is a question you hope the answer is “yes” too, but you’ll undoubtedly be surprised. From being heavily invested within the fitness industry, we know a lot about Planet Fitness’s Business model, which we can suggest.


Planet Fitness doesn’t have bench presses or squat racks in their gyms. This is because Planet Fitness isn’t designed to cater for serious lifters. The owner of Planet Fitness made the executive decision to remove these pieces of equipment when someone complained that the equipment was intimidating.


Don’t worry, we’re also surprised like you. However, this is something I’d expect from a commercial gym that only costs $10 each month. Because it’s such an inexpensive gym, you can start to understand why they don’t have these types of equipment. Needless to say, the actual reasoning behind them removing the equipment is ridiculous from most people’s perspective.


Want to know more about why Planet Fitness doesn’t have bench presses, along with alternative exercises you can try at their gyms? Read the below:


Why Planet Fitness doesn’t have bench presses?

The reasons why Planet Fitness doesn’t have bench presses could be countless. But, I believe they don’t include these within their gyms for the following reasons:


  • Target audience – First things first, it’s the wrong target audience. If you’re joining the gym to master your physique, then Planet Fitness isn’t for you. Although their monthly subscription prices seem tempting, there’s a reason for that. Gyms were established during the bodybuilding era (the best era was the 50s to the 70s), and most gyms followed this design. However, as more people are less inclined to train like a bodybuilder, Planet Fitness decided to create gyms that target people who aren’t into this type of training. Instead, they train to keep fit through using cardio machines or light-weight exercises.



  • Lawsuits – If you look at the four compound exercises, deadlifts, squats, bench presses, and military press, they can be strenuous on the body. Because of this, it’s extremely easy for someone to hurt themselves if they don’t follow the correct posture and maintain a suitable weight. For a gym that only charges its members $10 a month, I can assure you this is a nightmare. All it takes is a slight miss-balance for someone to develop some type of lawsuit to the gym.


As you can see, there are various reasons why Planet fitness doesn’t have bench presses. In a fitness fanatics’ opinion, I genuinely think this is ridiculous. Instead of neglecting exercises like a bench press, squat, deadlift, or shoulder press, gyms should be promoting these muscle-mass-building exercises. If performed correctly, this can undergo various benefits and undoubtedly be one of the best exercises to build muscle mass.


How do you do bench press at Planet Fitness?

If you’re a Planet Fitness member and stuck in a membership contract, I understand you’re probably looking for alternative exercises that you can work the chest area.


Without a doubt, the bench press is one of the best exercises to build chest strength and mass. However, there are alternative exercises you can implement into your Planet Fitness gym routine that can help enhance your chest. Here’s what you can try:

#1 - Dips

Hands down, dips have to be one of my favorite bench press alternatives that you’re able to implement into your exercise routine. This is because you’re able to modify your body to target certain muscle groups more easily. For example, if you want to target your chest more than your triceps, you’ll want to lean your body forward.


The only real drawback to this exercise is that performing a dip is relatively complex for most people without an assistant machine. But, If your Planet Fitness gym has a dip bar, you can also use a resistance band to help aid with the dips until you can perform them without one.


Want to know how to perform a dip? See below:


> First, stand in front of the dip bars and position each of your hands on the equipment. Be sure that they’re parallel to each other to promote even muscle activation.


 > After put your weight onto your arms, and extend them fully, so you’re off the group.


 > Now, perform a repetition by bending your arms 90-degrees.


 > Lastly, push yourself up to the original position by using your chest and triceps.


Note, this exercise works superbly with progressive overload. Once you’ve mastered the dip, you can apply a dip belt or weight vest to increase the intensity of the exercise. If you don’t want to invest in any of the mentioned, you can even put a dumbbell between your ankles.


#2 - Floor press

Believe it or not, you don’t actually need a bench to perform a bench press. Instead, you can perform a floor press. The only real downside is that you restrict your movement slightly. But if you can overcome that though, it can be a superb exercise that targets both the chest and triceps. To perform this, consider undergoing the below instructions:


 > First, grab yourself two dumbbells that you can comfortably press.


 > Place them on either side of your hips and lay in between them.


 > Keep your legs slightly bent and grab the dumbbells.


 > After, you’ll just want to perform a press with the usual chest press movement.


You can perform this exercise with a barbell, but you’ll really want to do this with a spotter only because it’s hard to remove the barbell from your hands after you’ve completed the repetitions. Doing a floor press is also a simple way of performing a different variation of a bench press.


For example, to undergo an incline press, you’ll want to place something soft and sturdy behind your back. With a decline press, you’ll want to locate something below your buttock and lower back.  


#3 - Landmine press

The last exercise for chest I wanted to mention that doesn’t require a bench is the landmine press. With this exercise, you’ll need a barbell and some plates. Here’s how you perform it:


 > First, grab a barbell and a plate that you can comfortably lift (you only need one side of plates)


 > When you’ve obtained these, find a wall. You’ll locate the non-weighted end of the barbell on the base of the wall, and the weighted end needs to face you.


 > Now you are in this position, hold the barbell with your hands like you’re praying.


 > To undergo a repetition, you’ll want to force the barbell upward while using your chest.


What’s better Smith machine or bench press?

When it comes to using a smith machine or bench press, I’d always choose bench press. If you’ve only got access to a smith machine, you can perform bench-related exercises on it and still see great results. However, with a bench press, you activate much more muscle groups and obtain better activation.


This is because it’s a free weight exercise. Typically, free weight exercises require you to balance the weight while performing the workout. Because of this, your body needs help from additional fibres, ligaments, muscles, and much more to obtain stability and repetitions.


Final Thoughts : Does Planet Fitness Have Bench Presses

After reading, you should now be aware that Planet Fitness doesn’t have bench presses. Although this can be extremely disheartening for some, you have to understand that a commercial gym does not target people who want to use these types of equipment.


Additionally to the above, we also discuss some alternative exercises you can perform inside a Planet Fitness that’ll still target your chest muscles.


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