Does HIIT Burn Belly Fat

Does HIIT Burn Belly Fat? Here’s The Science Behind It

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Does HIIT Burn Belly Fat: In recent years HIIT has become an extremely popular workout routine. To back this, the American College of Sports Medicine performed a survey that asked health and fitness professionals their preferred workout routine. When the data was collected, it showed that HIIT was the number one fitness trend in 2018. But why is this? It’s because it’s a super quick workout that can burn immense calories. That brings us to this question, “Does HIIT burn belly fat?”.


It’s commonly known that HIIT workouts target belly fat way more than other fitness routines. This is because a HIIT workout puts you into an afterburn state, unlike traditional cardio. When you enter the afterburn effect, you burn more calories after the workout when your body is trying to re-create its natural state.


As you can see, a HIIT workout does burn belly fat, and it’s a commonly used fitness routine that many professionals use. The primary reason that people like undergoing this type of routine is because of something called the afterburn effect. From entering this state, you burn calories during and after the workout.


Want to know more about HIIT workouts and how to lose belly fat? I suggest you become familiar with the below. Here we discuss how often you should do it, along with workout routines that you can follow today.


How often should you do HIIT to lose belly fat?

When you want to lose belly fat, there are two things you need to focus on: fitness routines and diet. Although it would be phenomenal to eat what you like and undergo a HIIT workout which magically makes you lose belly fat. But, the hard truth is that you need the perfect balance between the two to start losing belly fat.


Losing belly fat can vary in difficulty depending on your diet, fitness, daily lifestyle, and genetics. But, how often should you do HIIT to lose belly fat? Well, as a bare minimum, you’ll want to undergo a HIIT workout three times a week. If you have the time and fitness levels, you could increase this to four to five, ensuring enough quality recovery.


For a HIIT workout to be effective, you’ll want to perform this type of workout for around 45 minutes. The HIIT routine you select will widely vary on your fitness levels and access to equipment. But, a HIIT workout is about hitting the entire body, so try to find a routine that’s suited towards that goal.


If you’re struggling to find HIIT workouts that primarily focus on belly fat and no equipment, you’ll want to check out the below. Here, we go over various HIIT workouts that you can perform anywhere, from just your own body weight which targets burning belly fat.


5 HIIT workouts to burn belly fat at home

Below are some HIIT exercises which you can implement into your HIIT workout to burn belly fat. If you really want to target your belly, you should use most, and if not all of the below.

#1 - Burpees

If you haven’t heard of a burpee, you may have been living under a rock. The burpee is the most commonly known exercise in the world of fitness. It works your quads, triceps, lats, shoulders, chest, and most importantly, your core. You’ll initiate all body parts from doing this exercise, which will rapidly increase your heart rate and burn calories.


How to do a burpee

a) Before doing a burpee, get your positioning right: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.


b) After this, send your hips backward and get yourself into a push-up position.


c) From here, lower your chest towards the floor.


d) To complete the repetition, push yourself up into a jump from using your feet and arms.


#2 - Mountain Climbers

Another great exercise that targets the core is mountain climbers. Many people include these within their HIIT workout because it’s a superb high-intensity workout that can be performed anywhere without weights.


How to do mountain climbers


a) To perform mountain climbers, get into a plank-like position.


b) From here, you’ll want to imagine that you’re running (aka climbing a mountain). Do this by driving your knees towards your chest one at a time.


c) After you get the hang of this exercise, you’ll want to perform it continuously for a period of time.


#3 - Russian twists

Including the above, another great core workout to introduce into your HIIT workout is Russian twists. This workout helps improve your oblique strength and also definition. Typically, the exercise is performed with some type of weight or medicine ball, but you can also do it weight-free.


How to do Russian Twists


  • First, sit on the ground with your knees bent.


  • After, raise your heels off the ground and tighten your core to balance yourself.


  • Now you’ll want to twist your torso and tap both hands on the floor.


  • Once you’ve touched the floor on your right side, immediately touch the left side and so forth.


#4 - Crunches

If you want to put an isolation core exercise in your HIIT workout routine, then a superb exercise is a crunch. This primarily focuses on your core and nothing else. When doing this type of exercise, you’ll want to perform it slow and controlled. By doing it this way, you’ll feel your core work much harder than if you were to throw your body weight forward.


How to do crunches


a) First, start off by lying down on your back and bend your knees.


b) After, place your arms across your chest and contract your abs.


c) Lastly, try to push your chest towards your knees by only engaging the core.


d) Always remember to relax your head and neck to reduce injury.


#5 - Tuck jump

Another exercise you can perform is the tuck jump. The tuck jump is a much more intense workout than crunches and Russian twists because they work more of the body than just the core.


How to do tuck jumps


a) A tuck jump is straightforward, and you’ll want to stand with your legs shoulder-width apart.


b) When you’re in this position, you can explosively jump while tucking your knees into your chest.


c) Continuously perform this for a period of time.


As you can see, there are various HIIT exercises that you can include within your HIIT workout routine that targets belly fat and your core. All are superb at decreasing belly fat. However, these should be accompanied by a good diet and consistency to increase the effectiveness of the exercises.


Is it bad to do HIIT every day?

When trying to lose weight or belly fat, it can be difficult not to become obsessed and addicted. But, working out every day is actually bad for you. When performing a HIIT workout routine, you’ll want to give your body enough time to rest. Failing this can result in fatigue, illness, or excessive muscle soreness, decreasing the workout output.


The maximum you’ll want to perform a HIIT workout in the ideal world is six days a week. However, be assured this isn’t suitable for everyone. This highly depends on your current fitness levels, daily activity, diet, and various other factors. Many professional athletes train upwards of six days a week, and some amateurs may only exercise three or four days a week.


Needless to say, yes, it’s bad to undergo a HIIT workout every single day. However, performing a HIIT workout five or six times a week isn’t bad if you’re following a suitable resting and dietary plan.


Final thoughts : Does HIIT Burn Belly Fat

After reading the above, you should be able to understand whether or not a HIIT workout burns belly fat. When doing a HIIT workout, you don’t necessarily need to target your core muscles to burn belly fat, as targeting the whole body will reduce the amount of fat on your body anyways. Needless to say, it’s a great exercise routine that can produce excellent results if implemented correctly.

Does HIIT Burn Belly Fat

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