Complete Guide On Bodybuilding With No Supplements


By bulksupplementsdirect

When you hear the term bodybuilder, naturally, the first thing that comes to your mind is a person or an athlete with a giant physique like the Hulk! Bodybuilding has become the dream of many teens and is gaining so much attention now. Several fitness models are promoting the various ways by which you can do bodybuilding with no supplements.


If your prime concern is to do bodybuilding with no added supplements, you should choose natural products for long-term benefits. Get some good sleep, maintain a healthy diet, and do the correct exercises.


In this article, I will analyze ways to be a bodybuilder with no supplements, the proper way to maintain a correct diet for the same, and the best supplements available in retail.


Is Bodybuilding Possible Without Any Supplements?

Yes! Of course, it is possible to become a bodybuilder without any artificial supplements.


To understand this better, you must learn who a bodybuilder is and why you need supplements to be the same. Most importantly, a bodybuilder is a person with enormous muscle bulk who has worked out enough to bring out this big muscular physique in his appearance. Moreover, there are fitness gyms that specialize only in bodybuilding!


Also, if you search the internet, you will come across many such names. Who has not heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger! This Austrian guy has taken down the internet with the charms of his exquisite physique. There are more worth mentioning names like Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, and so on.


A study in the United States has shown that about eighty percent of high schoolers have searched for ways and tried a way or two themselves, to become a bodybuilder. It is a burning issue for most alpha males!


So coming back to the main question, do you need these supplements to build such a physique? No, you do not need them. Even so, a lot of fitness models on YouTube and Instagram will tell you the same.


Bodybuilding is not a short-term process. Moreover, this is not something you can continue for a few months and then suddenly turn off one day. The physique and the attention you get are addicting!


One thing you need to understand here is how these supplements affect your entire bodybuilding process. Supplements are artificial products that don’t occur naturally. They are to be prepared by chemical and medicinal processes. There are pills and powder, shakes, and some more.


For instance, to create more muscle bulk you need protein – that is a given. You can gain this from meat, fish, etc. There are also protein shakes and powder available. In this regard, meat and fish are natural elements. Meanwhile, powder and shakes are supplements.


So, for long-term benefits, you should choose natural healthy ingredients. It will last longer. Besides, you can get them easily. They do not cost you much, unlike artificial supplements.


How To Do Bodybuilding Without Supplements?

Bodybuilding is a long process. You cannot expect to get the results overnight. You must commit to some basic lifestyle modifications. In this case, there are four core principles you must abide by. Diet, discipline, exercise, and rest.


These four principles are not as easy as they seem. You must be full of willpower and try to maintain as much as you can. Let us take a closer look at them.



#1 - Diet

Generally, there is a misconception that you have to take large amounts of protein and steroids to build muscle bulk. But that is not true at all! You might end up with an eating disorder like anorexia nervosa!


In this case, doctors advise that you raise your calorie intake to about 250 – 500 calories daily and then observe after a month. If this is suiting you well, then continue. Otherwise, if you are getting fat, lower the added calories.


However, your diet must contain a good balance of carbs, protein, and fat. Also, take vitamins, minerals, and drink lots of water.


#2 - Discipline

Discipline means that you stick to your routine and do not act otherwise. If you are committed enough, it should not be much trouble. You can see for yourself, several lean guys went on a strict routine and gained the ultimate bodybuilder physique!


Moreover, if you aim to be a fitness model, this is the most vital part of your journey. Because once you achieve your goal, it is even harder to maintain the form. Be patient and keep working harder!


#3 - Exercise

These are some weight lifting exercises that all bodybuilders do. There are dumbbells, deadlifts, incline and decline presses, splits, etc. You can choose what you like and make a complete schedule of how much you want to spend on exercise. It is better to exercise three to four times every week. Likewise, each session should be a maximum of 45 minutes.


Take a rest in between and perform the sets of repetitions for your upper and lower body. Stimulate and contract every muscle! Exercising is forty per cent of your endeavours, and a proper diet is another forty per cent. Certainly, your hard work will pay off if you do not mess up your routine.


#4 -Rest

Experts have concluded that a good amount of sleep is a must in bodybuilders. You should get about eight hours of sleep on average for perfect health.


Sleeping increases your productivity, enhances your power to concentrate, boosts up your energy. It eventually gives you more strength to keep going and adhering to your schedule!


Replace Supplements By Your Diet

Usually, a lot of people are often skeptical about whether they should take supplements or not. If you are reading this article, it’s natural that you are doubtful about this as well.

However, if you are to avoid supplements completely, you will face some problems like deficiency of vitamins, minerals, protein, and some problems with your prior workout nutrient demands. But you can always take some alternatives to cover for these deficiencies. Take a look at the following.


#1 - Covering For Protein Deficit

This portion can be a little tricky. Basically, we take the largest part of our daily food intake during lunch. So, your protein intake is highest at the same time.

What you can do here is, you can take small portions of protein-rich food throughout your day. That is to say, you can increase the number of tuna sandwiches or eggs in your breakfast, and for dinner, you can have beef, low-fat milk, yogurt, pulses, beans, nuts, etc.


#2 - Covering For Vitamins And Minerals

The only alternative to this step is to eat more and more fresh leafy vegetables and colourful fruits. So, give your body all the fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins it requires.

Although, the deficit of water-soluble vitamins occurs more. So, take good quantities of milk, vegetables, eggs, fish, meat, oats, brazil nuts, avocadoes, bananas, papayas, etc.


#3 - Take A Light Meal Before Workout

Generally, most people exercise in the morning. So, if you do heavy workouts in the morning, take some small snacks or a light meal before you start. It will help you to deal with your nutrient deficit.

Just make sure, whatever you eat, the fat content is not very high. Carbs and protein must be adequate to fulfil your body’s demands.



How Should You Maintain Your Diet To Be A Bodybuilder?

Most importantly, you must eat a well-balanced meal. Eat a good quantity of carbs, protein, and fat which should come from good quality food materials.

Let us begin with protein. You must take one gram of protein for every pound of your weight. That is to say, if you weigh 200 pounds, you must eat 200 grams of protein daily. Eat a good quantity of whole eggs, salmon, isolated whey protein, collagen enriched food. Don’t take processed meat.

Fats should constitute twenty-five per cent of your meal. Take more coconuts, extra virgin olive oils, macadamia nuts, raw nuts, and seeds. Nevertheless, avoid peanuts and cashew nuts.

For carbs, avoid brown rice. They have high satiety value. Take white rice, legumes, vegetables, and sweet potatoes.


Closing Thoughts

By now, you must know what you ought to do for bodybuilding with no supplements. It requires great willpower and compliance. I hope this article helped you to know what you were looking for.


Thank you for reading the entire article with patience. Stay in good health! Goodbye!