Chest and Tricep Workout at Home: Build Strong, Toned Arms And Chest


Our Summary and Answer:


Chest and tricep workouts are great ways to work your upper body while also improving your arm strength! This can be done at home with a bench, a chair a sturdy surface. First, you’re going to want to start with pushups.


Push-ups tone the muscles in your chest and triceps and are a great way to get started! If you need some modification, try doing push-ups from an elevated surface such as a countertop or chair (make sure they don’t break!). You can also do close grip push-ups on the ball, bodyweight tricep extensions, incline push-ups, and more!


Do you want a workout that is easy to do from the comfort of your own home, with no gym membership required? Well, then look no further.


This blog post will show you how to get toned arms in just 10 minutes a day. In this article, I will be going over some exercises for chest and tricep workouts at home.


These are low intensity moves, but they still help build strength and tone muscles! So follow these steps below to get started on your journey towards solid and toned arms!


6 Reasons Why To Train Your Chest and Triceps?

There are several reasons why you should train your triceps and chest every other day. Let’s go over a few of them below.


#1 - Increasing Strength

Training your chest and triceps through means of push-ups will help increase strength. The stronger our muscles are, the less prone we are to injury. This also contributes to a leaner look in terms of muscle tone!


#2 - Improving Posture & Reducing Injury

When you train your chest and tricep muscles, you are helping to improve your posture. As well as that, it reduces the risk of injury when being active. The stronger muscles are less prone to damage!


#3 - Boosting Metabolism

Training your chest and tricep muscles helps increase metabolism. Again, the more muscle mass you have increases your overall caloric expenditure for the day. This is great to help achieve weight loss goals if paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.


#4 - Less Stress on Joints

When muscles are strong, it takes the stress off joints. When our joints are stressed or feel pain, our movement is limited. If you have less movement in your joints, the less likely you are to be active, further preventing weight loss. Strength training can help prevent this!


#5 - Confidence Grows!

When you have strong, toned muscles, it has a positive impact on your self-confidence. When we feel good about our looks, we tend to carry ourselves better and feel happier in general. Confidence is a powerful thing. By increasing our confidence, we improve our overall quality of life as well as those around us.


#6 - Improved Physical Appearance

This is a no-brainer. The leaner muscle mass we have, the more defined our muscles will be, and the less body fat we will carry around. This equals better-looking arms!


Chest And Triceps Exercises to Do at Home!

We now know why we should train our chest and triceps. But how do we go about doing this? Well, let’s look at some exercises you can try today!


#1 - Push-ups

Push-ups are a great way to start your tricep workout at home. If you haven’t tried push-ups before, they are essentially lying face down on the ground with hands placed shoulder-width apart, then pushing yourself up off the floor while keeping your back straight.


It is essential to keep proper form when doing push-ups. You don’t want to hurt your back or cause damage!


#2 - Close-grip Push-ups

These are done the same way as traditional push-ups but with hands closer together. This targets specific muscles. Make sure to keep proper form and watch how close your hands should be!


#3 -Tricep Extensions

These are done in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a chair (or something relatively sturdy) and some free weights. First, get yourself in position by standing in front of your surface with feet shoulder-width apart, holding one dumbbell in each hand extended above your head with elbows bent so upper arms are parallel to the floor.


Slowly bend your elbows and lower dumbbells behind you toward your butt. Pause, then straighten arms back up to the starting position.


#4 - Tricep Dips

These can be done on a chair (or bench) as well as an exercise ball. Be sure if you plan on using a bench or chair to place feet on the surface behind you and not the ground.


To complete this exercise, place your hands shoulder-width apart on either side of you, holding onto something sturdy (such as a bench), and put your feet out in front of you. Next, slowly bend elbows and lower yourself until your arms form a 90-degree angle. Pause, then straighten your arms back to the starting position.


#5 - Bodyweight Tricep Extensions

This may seem not very easy, but it’s not! It is doing a one-arm push-up with your opposite leg in front of you. You are essentially in a plank position when performing this exercise.


To complete this exercise:


  1. Start by getting into a push-up position on the ground.
  2. Pick one arm up and extend it above your head with your palm facing forward.
  3. Push through your opposite arm to lift yourself off the floor using only that arm!


#6 - Close-grip Push-ups on Ball

This is a great way to add some instability and challenge yourself. If you can’t complete a push-up, this will be tough and very beneficial! Start in a standard push-up position with your hands on either side of an exercise ball to do this exercise.


Then, perform push-ups as you usually would but try to keep your hands on the ball! You will have to work hard to balance yourself, and this is a great thing.


#7 - Incline Push-ups

This is a modified version of standard push-ups. This exercise can be performed by pushing up from an elevated surface such as a countertop or even a sturdy chair. This is an excellent modification for those who cannot complete regular push-ups.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do tricep and chest together?

 You can do tricep and chest together as long as you are doing different exercises. For example, chest day would include the bench press, while tricep day would include pushups.


Is it better to train triceps with chest?

It is not better or worse to train them together. You can do both on the same day!


I am new to exercise and not very strong. How can I do these workouts?

When starting out, it is more important to make sure you learn the proper form and techniques of an exercise than it is to complete a high number of reps or sets (which can lead to injury). Once you have mastered form and technique, slowly increase your reps/sets or weight to complete more work. If you are having trouble with certain exercises, focus on others in the meantime. I would recommend trying tricep dips versus pushups for example.


Final Thoughts

The end of the day, we want to come home and feel like our workout was worth it. We also don’t have a lot of time or money for gym memberships so taking care of ourselves should be as attainable as possible!


So, if you need something quick and easy that will get your arms toned, give this routine a try. You can do it at home which is great because then you won’t have to worry about transporting equipment back and forth from the gym–especially when you’re tight on space in your apartment or townhouse.


Get started with these exercises now by following along with our video below! Happy training!