Can Pre Workout Make You Sick? Effects Of Pre Work Out Supplements


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Our Summary And Answer:


Pre-workouts can make you sick if you take too much of them because it contains a lot of caffeine in them which makes us feel tired and dehydrated. This, in turn, can make us irritable or aggressive, have stomach upset or nausea, headaches or dizziness, allergic reactions, shortness of breath, and dehydration. Pre-workout supplements can also cause serious medical problems, liver problems, and heart attacks. These supplements should be taken with caution and not in large amounts.


Do you feel like your pre-workout supplement is making you sick? Do you get headaches, heartburn, or nausea after taking it? There are a variety of reasons why this could be happening. The most likely reason would be that the amount of caffeine in your pre-workout supplement is too high for your body to handle. 


If you want to take a pre-workout supplement, try cutting down the number of doses per day and see if this makes any difference in how well it works. This article will help you understand why a pre-workout supplement makes you sick, and how to fix it. 


What Are Pre Workout Supplements?

Pre-workout supplements are generally used to improve your workout. They’re supposed to give you more energy, strength, and endurance. Some of them may even help you lose weight if they contain caffeine or other fat-burning ingredients. Pre-workout supplements may work by providing the nutrients that your body doesn’t get enough of on a daily basis.


Pre-workout supplements are supposed to help with your exercise by increasing your energy, giving you a feeling of euphoria, and helping you lose weight. Depending on the ingredients in the supplement, they may also help you increase strength or endurance for your workout. 


What Are The Benefits Of Pre Workout Supplements?

There are several benefits associated with using pre-workout supplements. Let’s go over a few of them:


#1 - More Energy & Endurance

Pre-workout supplements are supposed to give you more energy so that you can exercise harder and longer. This is especially helpful for short, high-intensity workouts. The extra boost of energy may help your muscles build themselves up faster. Most people would see results within the first week or two of taking pre-workout supplements.


#2 - Better Focus

The ingredients in pre-workout supplements are supposed to help you focus better and increase your concentration during the workout. A lot of people find it easier to just go through the motions when they’re working out, and then afterward they realize that they didn’t get a very good workout in. Taking a pre-workout supplement before your workout can help you concentrate on what you’re doing, and push yourself harder to get a better workout.


#3 - Better Muscle Building

Some pre-workout supplements also include ingredients that are supposed to make muscle growth easier. Supplements containing Creatine Monohydrate or Beta-Alanine, for instance, are used to boost muscle growth.


#4 - Better Fat Loss

Taking pre-workout supplements can also help you lose weight if they contain ingredients that are supposed to help burn fat. For example, many of them will include caffeine, capsaicin, or other thermogenic ingredients.


#5 - Other Benefits

Other benefits that you may experience from taking a pre-workout supplement include better blood circulation, more energy and focus during the day, and an overall feeling of well-being. 


What Are The Side Effects Of Using Pre Workout Supplements?

Now that you know a little more about what a pre-workout supplement does for you, let’s talk a bit about the possible side effects. Many different ingredients can go into making pre-workout supplements, and these may or may not interact with each other.


Depending on which ones are present in your particular supplement, there could be some side effects that you would otherwise not experience. Side effects may include:


#1 - Irritability or Feeling Aggressive

If you’re taking a pre-workout supplement that has caffeine in it, this may just be the reason why you’re feeling irritable or aggressive. The ingredients in your pre-workout supplement are supposed to help increase your energy levels, but too much of it can also make you feel edgy. Caffeine is known to cause feelings of anger and irritability in some people.


#2 - Stomach Upset or Nausea

The majority of pre-workout supplements are also very acidic (if they’re caffeinated), which can cause acid reflux, heartburn, and upset stomach. This is one of the main causes of why people get nauseous while taking a pre-workout supplement.


#3 - Headaches or Dizziness

The ingredients in your pre-workout supplements can also cause you to experience a headache or dizziness, which is more common if there’s caffeine in it. If you become dehydrated from this, the dizziness and headaches may also be much worse.


#4 - Allergic Reactions

Some people who take pre-workout supplements (especially those that contain artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners), can react to them. The ingredients in pre-workout supplements are anything under the sun, so if you’re allergic to any of them, then you may experience side effects like hives or rashes.


#5 - Shortness of Breath

If you take too much of certain ingredients in your pre-workout supplement (like caffeine), it can cause shortness of breath and make the blood vessels expand more than they should. This is why some people feel like they can’t breathe while they’re working out, and why some people have heart attacks or strokes when they take pre-workout supplements.


#6- Dehydration

And of course, the main cause of all of these side effects is dehydration. Many pre-workout supplements will ask you to drink a lot of water while taking them, and that’s because they can dehydrate you more than anything else. You shouldn’t take too many high caffeine pre-workout supplements on top of your daily caffeine intake, and not on top of your water intake.


#7 - May Cause Serious Medical Problems

It’s also important to point out that the ingredients in some pre-workout supplements may cause serious problems. For example, people with kidney problems should not take any form of creatine because it will damage their kidneys even further.


People with heart conditions or high blood pressure should also avoid taking pre-workout supplements that contain stimulants because it makes your heart rate go up to much. In rare cases, you could even have a heart attack or stroke from taking pre-workout supplements.


#8 - May Cause Liver Problems

One of the most serious side effects that you may experience from taking pre-workout supplements is liver problems. This occurs if you’re taking a large amount of caffeine and other ingredients at one time, which can damage your liver.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I feel sick after my pre-workout?

There are many different reasons why you might be feeling sick after your pre-workout. The most common reason is that you’re dehydrated, which happens if the ingredients in your pre-workout cause you to urinate more than usual. Any time that you lose a lot of water from sweating or urinating, you’re going to feel sick.


What helps nausea from pre-workout?

If you’re experiencing nausea from your pre-workout, it can be a good idea to stop taking it and go back to the drawing board. Many times, people start feeling nauseous after their first few days on a new pre-workout supplement.


Should I stop working out if I feel nauseous?

It’s a good idea to stop working out if you have nausea, especially if it gets worse after you take your pre-workout supplement or any other supplements. It’s important to get yourself checked out by a doctor before you go back to the gym because it could be very serious.


Final Thoughts

Pre-workout supplements should be used with caution and only after you’ve researched them. The best pre-workout supplement will be the one that works best for your body and doesn’t cause you any side effects. If you’re very sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants, then it may be a good idea to pick one without them or just use half of what is recommended on the bottle.


We hope this article has shed some light on the side effects of pre-workout and what you can do to prevent them in the future.