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Traditionalists argue that you can only get muscular upper arms with free weights, but I’m here to tell you that this isn’t the case.


Using suitable machines, you can isolate both the long head and short head of the biceps, helping you to achieve excellent results with just a few sets.


The trick is to use a comprehensive biceps workout that utilizes a variety of bicep machines.


To get the best results, I like to focus on compound movements that use the preacher curl machine, single cable bicep curls, supine cable curls, and an incline curl machine. I usually do 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps for each exercise, with limited rest time between sets.


So, if you are ready to venture away from the standard dumbbell arm routines, keep reading to learn more about my ultimate bicep machine workout.


I’ll guide you through how to do each exercise, explain which head of the bicep the movement works, and give you some pro advice on how to get the best results.


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Don't Limit Your Upper Arm Workouts to Free Weights

Go to any gym and see lines of guys waiting to use the dumbbells. This is because the standard bicep curl is a staple of most upper-body workouts.


But there’s no need to limit yourself to free-weight biceps exercises – machines offer a great way to isolate the biceps and help you develop muscle growth.


Unlike lifting with free weights, biceps machines are specifically designed to target the biceps brachii. This helps to ensure that you don’t waste any energy on other muscle groups and that you can put maximum effort into your bicep workouts.


Plus, machines are much safer since they reduce the risk of dropping the weights on yourself or someone else. So, if you want bigger arms, don’t just stick to the free weights – try adding some machine exercises into your routine!


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Bicep Machine Exercises You Must Add

1. Preacher Curl Machine

Preacher Curl Machine

Muscles Worked


Long Head of the Biceps


Benefits of This Exercise


A preacher curl machine or preacher bench is a specialized exercise equipment primarily used to isolate and strengthen the biceps muscles.


This unique machine design allows you to use a heavier weight than you could typically use on regular biceps curls.


The preacher curl machine ensures that the biceps are being worked to their fullest extent and allows for better form and range of motion.


It also supports the back, which is essential for proper form during bicep curls.


How to Perform the Exercise


To perform machine preacher curls, sit on the preacher curl bench and position your arms at a 90-degree angle. Make sure your arms are shoulder-width apart, and your triceps are braced against the pad.


From here, slowly curl the weight up towards your shoulder joint, focusing on squeezing your biceps at the top of the movement.


Slowly lower the weight to the starting position when you have reached the movement’s top. I like to do 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps of preacher curls before moving on to the next exercise.


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2. Single Cable Bicep Curl

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Muscles Worked


Long Head and Short Head of the Biceps


Benefits of This Exercise


This is one of my favorite exercises for targeting both heads of the biceps – the long head and the short head.


Single cable bicep curls help you build bigger arms faster than if you were to isolate one muscle group at a time by simultaneously targeting both muscle sections.


How to Perform the Exercise


To do this exercise, stand with your legs straight and your feet shoulder-width apart.


Then, grab one of the handles attached to a cable machine with one arm using an underhand grip.


Make sure the cable runs through the middle of your body, evenly distributed on both sides.


From here, slowly curl the weight towards your chest, focusing on squeezing your biceps at the top of the movement.


Once you have reached the top, slowly lower the weight back down to a neutral position. Again, I like to do 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps of this exercise before moving on.


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3. Supine Cable Curls

Supine Cable Curls

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Muscles Worked


Long Head of the Biceps


Benefits of This Exercise


The supine cable curl is an excellent way to target the long head of the bicep without putting too much strain on the wrists or elbows.


This is because the supine (lying) position reduces stress on these joints while allowing you to use heavy weights.


How to Perform the Exercise


To perform a recline cable curl, lie on your back on a flat bench as if you were going to do a bench press. Then, grab a handle connected to a low pulley system. Position your hands at shoulder width with your palms facing up.


From here, curl the weight towards your chin, creating tension by squeezing your biceps at the movement’s top.


When you reach the top, slowly lower the weight back down to the starting position, maintaining control of the weight and constant tension.


I usually do three sets of 10-15 reps for this exercise, but feel free to adjust the number of reps depending on how many sets you’re doing.


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4. Incline Curl Machine

Muscles Worked


Long Head of the Biceps


Benefits of This Exercise


The incline curl machine is another excellent way to work the long head of the biceps.


Unlike regular barbell curls, this exercise allows you to use heavier weights while maintaining proper form. This helps to ensure that you’re stressing the muscles and getting maximum results.


How to Perform the Exercise


To perform the incline curl machine, set the bench angle to around 45 degrees and sit with your back against the bench.


Grab the handles and keep your arms parallel to each other. From here, slowly curl the weight towards your chest, creating tension, and squeezing your biceps at the top of the movement.


Once you’ve reached the top, release some tension while maintaining weight control and return your arm to neutral.


I usually do three sets of 10-15 reps for this exercise, but again, feel free to adjust the number of reps depending on how many sets you’re doing.


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5. Individual Arm Bicep Curls

Individual Arm Bicep Curls

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Muscles Worked


Short Heads of the Biceps Brachii


Benefits of This Exercise


These are great ways to target the short head of the bicep.


This exercise helps you achieve maximum bicep development while working your core muscles simultaneously.


Plus, thanks to the angle of the exercise, you have to keep your upper arms straight, helping to maintain tension longer than with other exercises


How to Perform the Exercise


Set the weight on the weight stack to the required load


Sit down on the bench with your back firmly against the rest and then fix your upper arms on the side. Grab the handles in each hand.


From here, slowly bring the weight up towards your chin while focusing on tightening your biceps through the motion. Once you reach the top of the movement, lower the weight to the starting position and repeat for three sets of 8-12 reps.


When to Use Certain Bar Attachments

As you add more cable machine exercises into your arm day routine, you may consider replacing the standard straight bar attached to the machine with one of the other attachments near the weight stack.


These are some of the most common types of bicep curl machine attachments and how they can help you better target your biceps:


  1. EZ Curl Attachment: This unique attachment helps to target the long head of the bicep. It’s designed with an angled handle that allows for a greater range of motion and more effective muscle contraction.

  2. Rotating Bar Attachment: This attachment is great for working both heads of the biceps simultaneously. The unique design forces you to keep your arms fixed, allowing you to isolate the muscles better.

  3. Curved Handles Attachment: Curved handles are the way to go if you want to add variations to your cable biceps curls. They provide a different angle from which to work the biceps, helping to stimulate new growth and development.

  4. Individual D-Handles: Unlike a straight bar or EZ bar, D-handles are designed for one hand at a time, allowing you to work each arm individually. This is great for building strength and ensuring that both arms are evenly worked.


I recommend experimenting with each attachment to get the most out of your upper arm routines.

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My Results and Gains

I have been using the ultimate bicep machine workout for about six months, and I am already seeing great results. My arms look more muscular and defined, and my strength has increased significantly.


In addition, I feel like I have better control of my form when doing biceps exercises, which helps me focus on getting a deep burn in each muscle group.


Overall, I’m delighted with my progress and can’t wait to see what else this routine can do for me over the coming weeks!


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bicep machine workouts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are bicep machine exercises as effective as dumbbell exercises?

Bicep machine exercises can be just as practical as free weight exercises. The key is to ensure that you are using the correct form and targeting both heads of the biceps with various machines and attachments.

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How often should I do these exercises?

I recommend doing this workout routine at least twice weekly for maximum results. Make sure to take adequate rest days between workouts to give your muscles time to recover.


Also, don’t forget to work out your other muscle groups. There’s more to a good physique than big guns.

Do I need to use heavier weights on the machines?

It depends. If you’re looking to build more muscle mass, you may want to increase the weight over time to challenge yourself.


However, lighter weights are acceptable if you’re looking to focus more on endurance and control. Just be sure to focus on your form and use slow, controlled motions.

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Do I need to do any other exercises for my biceps?

Yes! In addition to the exercises listed above, it’s essential to incorporate a variety of other compound upper body movements into your routine.


This will help you build an overall more substantial and muscular physique. I recommend adding exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, triceps pushdowns, and rows.

How long should I rest between sets?

I usually rest for 30-45 seconds between sets, allowing me to get the most out of each exercise while allowing enough time for recovery before moving on to the next one.


However, feel free to adjust this if you feel more tired than usual. Remember to build more mass by keeping your muscles under sustained stress.

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What are the benefits of using bicep machines for workouts?

Bicep machine workouts can offer targeted strength training, stability, and they can help isolate the bicep muscles. This can be especially beneficial if you’re focusing on Long Head Bicep Exercises or Short Head Biceps Exercises for a well-rounded bicep development.

How does bicep machine workout compare with other types of bicep exercises?

While machine workouts can provide targeted and efficient training, other types of bicep exercises like bicep exercises with dumbbells, bodyweight bicep exercises, and bicep exercises with resistance bands also offer versatility and can be done at home. For example, a 5 minute dumbbell bicep workout can be a quick and effective option for those short on time.

Can I combine bicep workouts with other muscle group workouts?

Definitely. You can pair a bicep workout with tricep workouts, creating an effective bicep tricep superset. It’s also common to do bicep and tricep on the same day. Mixing it with chest workouts is another popular approach, and there are great chest and bicep workouts that you can follow.

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What are some exercises that I can do on the bicep machine?

There are numerous exercises that you can perform on a bicep machine. These include the traditional machine bicep curl, the eccentric bicep curl, and the lateral bicep curl. If you’re looking for variation, you might want to compare the difference between Hammer Curl vs Bicep Curl.

I want to increase the size of my biceps. Can the bicep machine help?

Yes, consistent bicep machine workouts can contribute to increased bicep size. However, remember that the Best Way To Increase Biceps Width involves a combination of consistent strength training, a protein-rich diet, and adequate rest. For even more gains, check out our guide on how to add 1 inch to your biceps.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it – my ultimate bicep machine workout! By focusing on compound movements that work both heads of the biceps, you can build bigger arms faster than ever before.


And don’t forget to mix your routine with different weights and attachments. This will help keep your muscles guessing and ensure you get the best results from each exercise.


If you put in the time and effort to make this part of your regular upper body routine, I’m confident you’ll see some fantastic gains!


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