Best Ways to Burn Body Fat

The Best Ways to Burn Body Fat

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Best Ways to Burn Body Fat

Fat is an essential compound in your body that protects your organs, stores energy, and keeps your body moving.


Certain parts of your body store more fat, such as your belly and thighs, and some people have a more challenging time getting rid of it than others. Your gender, age, genes, and lifestyle are a few factors that contribute to your fat storage and the rate at which it burns.


There are tons of workout fads and trick diets that all swear to burn fat quickly as long as you take certain supplements.


They promise to lose weight while you sleep or if you stop eating bread–these are all gimmicks and unsustainable lifestyle choices. Instead of participating in these unhealthy scams, you should learn the best types of exercises to burn fat and build good habits to help you lose more weight overall.


Best Ways to Burn Body Fat

What It Means to Burn Fat

The best way you can burn fat is by knowing how your body functions. When you’re informed, you can alter your exercise routines to suit your lifestyle better and create more effective habits and weight loss regimens. Your body gets energy from three different sources: fat, protein, and carbohydrates. The type of physical activity you’re doing affects which source your body draws power from. Fat and carbs are the primary sources of energy, while protein is used to help repair muscles.


Your body burns through carbs predominantly when doing high-intensity workouts like cardio and burns fat for slower exercises over a more extended period. If losing weight is your overall goal, you should partake in any physical activity since you will lose weight as long as you intake fewer calories than you burn. Higher intensity workouts burn more calories, despite lower-intensity ones burning more fat.

Best Ways to Burn Body Fat

The Best Way to Burn Fat

Even though the high intensity is best for losing weight and burning more calories, you shouldn’t ignore low-intensity workouts. For you to burn the most amount of fat, it’s best to mix up your activities to get a variety of exercises and work your whole body. Changing up your fitness routine will keep your body stimulated and prevent injuries from overuse. It also helps you avoid boredom from repetitive workouts.

Best Ways to Burn Body Fat


Any workout that leaves you breathless is considered a high-intensity form of cardio. You should be too out of breath from your activity to speak in complete sentences without needing to pause and take in the air. High-intensity training helps you focus on weight loss and improve your overall physical fitness level and endurance. However, you should remember that it’s not about running as fast as you can the entire time–instead, a steady pace is better to build stamina and increase the burn.


Cardio is fantastic for your health and has many benefits, but it can also negatively affect your body if done too often or carelessly. You’re more likely to injure yourself if you go all out and run too often in a week. Overusing your muscles and overtraining can lead to severe injuries down the line, impairing your ability to work out and potentially creating lasting difficulties for your health.


You can also burn out and grow tired of working out if you try to maintain the same energy and intensity every day. If you don’t have the proper technique while running, you can injure yourself even more since your posture and breathwork are vital to your success as a runner. You must allow your body to recover for a few days during the week and supplement your workouts with other activities to target various areas of your body.


Typically, twenty minutes is the ideal length of time for a high-intensity workout. If you’re looking for an exercise routine, try interval training. It’s a trendy program where you switch up your routine by running for 30 seconds, then walking for 60 seconds, on and off. These types of workouts help increase the burn by prolonging your intensity without tiring you out faster.

Best Ways to Burn Body Fat

Moderate Intensity Cardio

Moderate-intensity cardio is where you are tired and breathing hard during and after a workout yet still feel comfortable enough to complete sentences and carry on a conversation. Doctors and experts recommend this form of exercise the most since it typically sees excellent burning fat and has many health benefits. Staying active can improve your overall health by lowering your blood pressure and diabetes or heart disease risk. It strengthens your immune system and builds up your stamina.


The best aspect of these types of exercises is that so many activities fall under the category of moderate cardio, so it’s effortless to get a workout in without feeling like you have to go to the gym. As long as your body gets within the moderate heart rate zone, it counts! This could be anything from playing a sport or swimming with friends to mowing the lawn or shoveling snow.

Low-Intensity Cardio

Low-intensity cardio is the most comfortable type of exercise in which you maintain a consistent pace that allows you to hold conversations like normal. You won’t find this type of workout as physically challenging or exhausting, which means you won’t burn as many calories and lose weight as with high-intensity movements. Regardless, slow exercise is still incredibly beneficial to your health. It doesn’t have to be a workout either, as regular daily activities you already enjoy doing can get your heart rate within this zone. Walking, bike riding, gardening, and yoga are all excellent low-intensity cardio workouts.


Cardio isn’t the only workout option to burn fat and lose weight. Although high-intensity cardio is excellent for burning calories, strength and resistance exercises are the best for burning fat. The burn that you get during a weightlifting session continues for much longer than if you were to run, meaning your “afterburn” is greater, and you will continue to lose fat even hours after you finished your workout. This type of exercise improves your metabolism by building and maintaining your muscles, protecting them from being burnt alongside fat like in cardio.


Important Tips


  • Regular exercise is the best method to manage your weight and burn more fat. The more often you engage in physical activity, the stronger and healthier your body will become.


  • Change up your routines to avoid repetition and boredom. You need to keep your body from plateauing by changing up your workouts throughout the week. This also gives your muscles a chance to recuperate and avoid injury.


  • Make working out a priority in your life. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, exercising is the best thing you can do for your health. Ensure that you always schedule time in your day for a workout, regardless of how long or how intense.

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