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Best Way To Increase Biceps Width

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Our Summary And Answer: Best Way To Increase Biceps Width


There is no one best way to increase biceps width. Some people might advocate for different exercises or techniques, but the bottom line is that what works for one person might not work for another.


That said, there are a few basic principles that you can follow to help you enlarge your biceps.


First, focus on compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once.


Second, make sure you’re lifting weights that are challenging enough – if you’re not putting up a good fight, you’re not going to see results. Finally, vary your routine frequently to keep your muscles guessing and progressing.


If you can incorporate all of these tips into your workout program, you’ll be well on your way to bigger biceps!


Best Way To Increase Biceps Width

You might be surprised to know that the biceps are actually made up of two muscles – the short head and the long head and together they make up the front of the upper arm.


The short head is located on the inside of your arm, and the long head is located on the outside.


The two-headed muscle helps you bend your elbow and rotate your arm (arm flexion). So what exactly do these muscles do? And how can you make sure they’re working their best? Keep reading to find out!


bicep anatomy

4 Biggest Tips To Build Muscle and Develop Thicker Arms

1. The best way to increase biceps width is by doing preacher curls

If you are looking to add some size,  width and bicep peaks to your biceps then preacher curls are the exercise for you.


Preacher curls isolate the biceps muscles more than any other curl variation, which results in greater muscle growth. In addition, preacher curls also help to improve your overall strength and definition.


So if you want big, muscular arms, be sure to incorporate preacher curls into your workout routine!


2. You should use a weight that's heavy enough so that you can only do six to eight repetitions

If you’re looking to get stronger, you should use a weight that’s heavy enough so that you can only do six to eight repetitions.


Lifting a weight that’s too light won’t provide the desired results, while using a weight that’s too heavy could lead to injury.


By using the correct weight, you’ll be able to safely and effectively increase your strength.

3. Curl the weight up until your biceps are fully contracted and then slowly lower it back down

If you’re looking to make your biceps look bigger, then you should definitely try curl the weight up until they are fully contracted.


This will help to isolate and activate your bicep muscles. Afterwards, slowly lower the weight back down to the starting position.


You may want to repeat this movement a few times to really feel the burn!


4. If you want to further target your biceps, you can also do incline dumbbell curls

If you really want to target your biceps, then you can also do incline dumbbell curls.


This exercise is performed by lying on an incline bench with a weight in each hand.


From there, simply curl the weights up until your biceps are fully contracted and then slowly lower them back down.


Be sure to use a weight that’s heavy enough so that you can only do six to eight repetitions of this exercise.


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How Can I get My Biceps To Be Big, Thick and Wide?

We get this question asked often so below are some key frequently asked questions we receive from our audience every week.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Way To Increase Biceps Width

Should I add hammer curls to my training routine?

The hammer curls is a good growth bicep exercise for the upper arms. They can work the width aspect of the bicep and build on wider biceps.

Should I add incline dumbbell curls to my workout routine?

Bicep width comes from getting thicker biceps brachii and so adding dumbbell hammer curls or incline dumbbell curl to the biceps workout will certainly add muscle mass and muscle growth to the entire bicep

Which bicep exercise provides the most muscle activation or bicep activation?

Ensuring that you train the two bicep heads is key to get huge biceps. Incline dumbbell curl, Concentration curls and static holds have been proven to build bigger arms and biceps.

Should I perform constant tension holds?

Yes. Adding other exercises, different angles, progressive overload, overhand grip, underhand grip are also other ways in which you can get wide biceps.

Should I start with barbell curls in my bicep exercise routine?

Your bicep training and bicep exercises should be focussed around hammer curl, dumbell curls, concentration curls and holds.

Will wider biceps brachii create higher bicep peaks?

Potentially Yes. The bicep muscle group is actually relatively small when compared to the other muscle groups and so the illusion of size, width and peak is easily achieved.

Should I train triceps and biceps together?

Biceps and triceps can be training together for optimal arm muscles growth, but just be careful that you don’t over train both.

How many sets of concentration curl should I do?

Keep them to 4 sets of 10 reps

Should I perform isolation exercises?

Yes, always finish with an isolation exercise to get the blood pumped and flowing in the biceps muscle.

For the barbell curl what grip should I use?

You can use a shoulder width grip for these and make sure your upper arm is held against your sides.

How can I avoid pain in elbow joint?

Warm up correctly and don’t use weights that are too heavy for the rep range.

What are crossbody hammer curl?

A variation of the hammer curl whereby rather then curl them up and down, you perform them across the body.

Do Chin ups \ Pull Ups help build muscle?

Chin Ups are a great exercise and can help increase bicep width and do assist in building the outer head of the bicep.

Are Close Grip Bench Press good for bicep width?

Directly, they are not. But for overall arms size, they are very good.

Are Hammer Curls the best best exercise for the brachialis muscle ?

They do work the width of the biceps so can help in developing wider biceps.

Best Way To Increase Biceps Width

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How Do I Target The Short Head?

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