Battle Ropes Vs Running – Which Is Better for You?

Battle Ropes Vs Running
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Battle Ropes Vs Running

When you finally start exercising, the choices you have in front of you will always be overwhelming. Cardio is the best way to burn the excess fat that your body has, and choosing between battle ropes or the usual running can feel like having to disarm a bomb each time.



For burning calories as rapidly as possible, battle ropes can be as effective as running, as it is one of the few exercises that burns the same number of calories as running. Running is still effective in helping you lose weight, and it will be possible to adhere to it a lot more than you can with battle ropes.



Understanding how both of these exercises differ and becoming completely proficient in them without a challenge can help your journey. Even veterans with seemingly perfect bodies do not always understand the benefits of doing one or the other or why both are the best.


Battle Ropes Vs. Running - How They Differ?

First off, we need to look at how running and battle ropes are different from each other, but they can still help you get the same results. These exercises have different ways of being done and can even target different parts of your body that will help you stay the best that you can be.


We have seen many people getting the two exercises, and why they should be done wrong, causing conflicts as they lose the progress, they could be making. The simple answer is that one is not specifically better than the other, with access being the true differentiating factor.


The Mechanics of Running

Running is one of the easiest, accessible, and cardio-intensive exercises anyone can do, with most people learning to do it despite hating it. Running is effective as an exercise style because it increases the heartbeat, trains all muscles, and causes you to use a lot of calories.



Even running on a treadmill for 30 minutes is much more effective than two hours spent on weight training. This is why every exercise regime you can join in on will have some running included, as it is the best way to release any fat stuck in an unwanted place.


The Simplicity of Battle Ropes

Battle ropes really are just two ropes tied onto an anchor point and left there for you to pick up and start exercising with. With several different exercises that can focus on either muscle training or cardio training, the diversity of the ropes lies in the simplicity of what they are.


Because there are so many things that you can do with the ropes, they are known as the best way to get extreme exercise quite fast. The battle ropes can burn a lot more calories than any running can do, requiring less time to achieve the total amount of calories you may want to burn.


Are Battle Ropes Better Than Running?

It depends on how you are looking at the situation; if you want to burn calories and nothing else, then battel ropes are better than running. However, running offers a more constant exercise to specific parts of your body, allowing your lungs, heart, and some muscles to grow stronger.



Typically you can burn between 300 to 500 calories while working out with the battle ropes or going for a run over 30 minutes. Further, running has a higher potential for fat burning because you can increase your pace; however, this may be unsustainable for the full 30-minutes.



Usually, the reason people may switch to running or to battle ropes is not because one is actually better than the other. Instead, it comes down to what is available to do; with running not always being an option, battle ropes is a good way to exercise in a smaller or isolated space.


How To Do Battle Ropes Properly?

Now that we know that both of these exercises are good for you, we need to establish the best ways to use both of them to be effective. Because battle ropes are still relatively new to some gyms, many people do not know the best ways to use them when they first start.


We would suggest you do three things to ensure that your battle ropes session is as effective as possible. We always recommend that people go through these three anyway, as they will create a good routine with your battle ropes that make more complex exercises easier to accomplish.


#1 - Waves

Standing with your feet shoulder length apart and holding both ropes in your hands, starting with the ropes at arms length away from you. Bracing with your core, slowly start to make waves with the ropes that go in a twirling way so that it looks like the ropes are each making an ocean in front of you.


The waves should be coming from your hands out into the ends of ropes; you can increase the way cardio by having the waves in sync or asynchronous. A simple and quick exercise effectively trains your arms, forearms, hands, wrists, shoulders, and core with ease.


#2 - Power Slam

With your feet at shoulder length apart and holding the ropes in your hands at arm’s length, you should raise your arms above your head. From here, you will slam the ropes down onto the ground while moving into the squat position, repositioning yourself with each strike that you do.



This technique will be much louder than most of the other things you can do and will be a complete body exercise. If you are not sure about it, ask a trainer or someone who is proficient to show you exactly how to do it, your squatting position should be as refined as possible for the best result.


#3 - Snakes

With your feet shoulder length apart and the battle ropes in your hands, move into the best squat position that you can get yourself into. Moving your hands and arms from side to side, you should have the ropes make a slithering pattern perfectly in sync on the floor.



This technique does not focus on the fast movement of other battle rope exercises but instead focuses on building your muscles. In theory, it seems simple, but the act of both balancing and squatting without crouching strains every muscle in your body all at once.


How to get a good run-in?

Running should be simple; by all accounts, it is something that every person on earth has done for most of their lives. However, as we get older and forced to work, our focus moves away from running for the fun of it instead of running to exercise to keep our bodies healthy.



To get the best out of each running session that you will be doing, we need to determine the best possible way of completing it. We always recommend that you adhere to these four basic principles when you start to include running in your daily or weekly exercises.


  • Distance: If you haven’t run in several years, just running over 100 meters is enough to start with. However, if you want to be effective, completing a specific distance is much better, even if that distance is only around one mile and it takes you an hour to do.


  • Consistency: Running once a month will not make a difference to your overall health, even if you run as far as you possibly can that one time. Instead, running consistently is much better for your cardio health, with a good balance being to run at least three times each week.


  • Breathing: Breathing is important to running properly, which is why it is so surprising that many people do it wrong when they run. You should be focusing on breathing out and in properly, taking a breath on one foot, and breathing in on the other.


  • Pace: As mentioned earlier, running just once a month is not enough, and running as fast as you can then stopping, is almost as bad. Instead, just focusing on keeping the same pace throughout your runs will greatly help your body quickly become fit.


Final Thoughts : Battle Ropes Vs Running

Both battle ropes and running are great ways of getting your daily cardio in, with neither one specifically being better than the other. We recommend that you always have a good balance if you can choose, but to at least always include one if you have no choice in the matter.


Whatever you do, please never skip a cardio day; that is how you get all muscles and all fat!


Battle Ropes Vs Running

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