Lat Pushdowns: The Secret to a Strong and Defined Back

lat push down

You’ve been training hard in the gym and paying your dues with barbell rows, chin-ups and dumbbell rows! You have some muscle mass in your lats, and your overall back strength is up! But you want more! You demand more! You deserve more!

How To Do Pyramid Push-ups Correctly

why pyramid push-ups are the Bomb

Listen up, folks! Pyramid training is like the hot sauce of workouts – it adds flavor and intensity and will make you sweat like a sinner in church.

Dry Fasting vs Water Fasting (Your Complete Guide)

Dry Fasting vs Water Fasting

Table of Contents   Our Summary And Answer: Dry Fasting vs Water Fasting   Both fasting protocols have been proven to have advantages for overall health and weight control. The one you choose depends on your goals but in summary    – Water fasting: For fat loss and overall weight control  – Dry Fasting: For […]

Mastering the Smith Machine Deadlift: Techniques, Benefits, and More

Can You Deadlift With Smith Machine?

Table of Contents   I am so glad you made it to this back-building, lat-pumping smith machine deadlift post!   I am sure you already know the deadlift is the king of upper-body muscle mass and strength development! But did you know it can also be performed with a smith machine (and even dumbbells!)?   […]

15 Compound Back Exercises For A Big Back

compound back exercise

Compound back exercises target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making them an excellent choice for building muscle mass and strength. The back is connected to the shoulders and arms, so the overall effect is fantastic If you want to pack on serious muscle size and strength across the entire upper body.

The Best 5-Minute Dumbbell Bicep Workout for Maximum Gains

5 minute dumbbell bicep workout_2

The 5-minute bicep workout is designed to help you get the most out of your time, with exercises specifically targeted to help you build muscular, defined biceps in just five minutes. You can get the arms you’ve always wanted with just a pair of dumbbells and a little time.