Are Barbell curls better than Dumbell curls for Muscle Building?


By bulksupplementsdirect

Everyone wants a good pair of arms and that always means having an envious set of biceps! To get those biceps, Barbell Curls and Dumbell Curls must be used as part of your workout schedule.


But which exercise is better? Read below to understand which you should focus on more and why.


Benefits of the Barbell Curl (EZ bar or straight bar)

The barbell curl has been the mainstay exercise in building arms for many decades. Up and down the country, you will see people putting in the time and effort repping out with a barbell curl.


But the exercise tends to be done incorrectly. Many people put too much of a swing into it, which indicates that the weight is too heavy. Remember: Train your muscles, not your ego!


To ensure you perform this movement correctly, you need to pin your elbows to the side and then only move your upper arm. Any other swinging motion removes the weight’s loads (and stress) from the biceps to the shoulders.

Pros of the Barbell Curl


> Easy to set up and perform the movement. Gym’s usually have fixed weight barbells ready to be picked up and used. They also have various types with differing weights. Increments usually range from 2.5lb to 10lbs per barbell.


> The barbell curl requires both arms to be used together, and so you train both sets of biceps simultaneously.


> For strong people, using barbells makes it somewhat safer as you don’t have to be too concerned about balancing the equipment across arms.

Cons of the Barbell Curl


> Limited range of motion as the bar offers limited range and flexibility


> Can cause wrist injury if the movement is not perfected and range of motion not followed

Pros of Dumbell Curls:

> Due to the flexibility for a range of motion there are more secondary muscles in the arm that are also trained


> Better range of motion as each arm is trained independently


> Slight changes in stance and direction of curl allows you to target different parts of the bicep


> With the movement being done independently, you can address any muscular imbalances and strength up the arm individually.

Cons of Dumbell Curls:

> By performing the exercise independently, you can increase the risk of injury, especially if curling together


> Grip has to be solid as risk of dumbells being dropped is common

Bottom Line

The latest data suggests that Barbell \ EZ Bar curls offer more muscular stimulation and fibre activation than dumbell curls. 


This tells us that to build biceps faster; you should focus your arm training on Barbell and EZ Bar curls.