Aesthetic Vs Bodybuilding - What's The Differences?. aesthetic bodybuilding definition

Aesthetic Vs Bodybuilding – What’s The Differences?

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Among all the gym lingo you get to hear about upon entering the world of fitness, aesthetic bodybuilding and normal bodybuilding are most confusing to newcomers. What makes them so different? – Most people new to fitness often ask that question. Fear not, as I will put an end to your confusion in this article.


We usually see aesthetic bodies on the big screen, the ones we might classify as beach bodies these days. It is mainly about aesthetics or looks, as the name implies. In contrast, bodybuilding is primarily about gaining muscle strength. For the most part, the way they exercise, eat and set their goals determine how they compare.


Even though these two types may have different goals each starts with the same practices. Continue reading the article for an in-depth idea of aesthetics vs bodybuilding. Additionally, you will learn what techniques they use to achieve the desired results.


Aesthetics: What Does It Mean?

The term ‘aesthetic’ refers to something pleasing to the eyes. Aesthetic bodybuilding is also based on the same concept. When you go to the gym, you will notice most members are focused on losing weight, while reducing their muscle fat. Aesthetic bodybuilders follow this same concept too.


These bodybuilders will likely have a muscular physique, but they are not particularly concerned with muscle size. They focus on a set of very specific muscle groups, so they can look lean, without being bulky. Their original goal is to reduce body fat to 10-12%, so they have maximum muscle definition in the right places. It makes them look good, and fit.


Yet personal preferences will often determine one’s perception of what is aesthetic. When you watch movies, you see most actors seem to have a similar physique. We have seen them so much that in our eyes, they have the perfect body. These kinds of bodies are the most desired because of their symmetry and visual appeal.


Several features can describe these men; they have rock-hard biceps, wide shoulders, good waistlines, and V-shaped torsos and rock-hard chests. Most people consider this to be an ideal and attractive body. It has a pleasing appearance that has been accepted throughout the years. The majority of people, therefore, prefer having this physique.


Bodybuilding: What Does It Mean?

The term bodybuilding is a vague idea. The reason is, any person who is working towards improving their body for the better can be considered a bodybuilder. A person who runs every day to get fit or does cardio at home to lose a few extra pounds is also building their body. It is therefore important to focus on a specific concept to fully grasp this subject.


Generally, bodybuilding refers to professional competitors who take part in bodybuilding contests. You must have seen them on various shows, where they flaunt their extreme body mass and growth. These types of bodies are not usually natural. Even though these people spend hours training to achieve their desired physical appearance, they still take medications.


In recent times, there have been numerous cases where bodybuilders take a substance called Synthol. It is injected into the muscles as a temporary implant. Wherever it is applied, the muscles are instantly enlarged. So, bodybuilders end up with extremely muscular bodies, which is sometimes not humanly possible to achieve, if you are not constantly working out.


So, bodybuilding is way harder than building an aesthetic body. You must train monstrously and adhere to strict diet rules. Plus, not to mention, this type of body is not conventional, so people do not see it as a natural process. It is also believed that if one does not possess the right genetics and bone density, it is almost impossible to obtain this type of physique.


Aesthetic Vs Bodybuilding - What is The Differences?. aesthetic bodybuilding definition

Aesthetic Vs Bodybuilding – What Are Their Differences?

Now that you know how these two types of bodies differ, let’s take a look at their respective approaches. You would notice, there is a huge difference in them as to how each looks and proceeds to their end goal. But, each process begins similarly, by reducing body fat to a healthy level.

#1 - Workouts

As previously mentioned, aesthetic bodybuilding emphasizes specific muscle building. Therefore, you would need to lose extra body fat first and then work on the other aspects. This does not mean you would have to spend hours and hours in the gym. Proper exercises and weight lifting for your cores, abdomen, and glutes should be enough to achieve a trim waistline.


For chest, biceps, and triceps, most trainers suggest weightlifting, pushups, pullups, and other cardio exercises. You would have to gradually boost the intensity of the workouts, so the muscles become accustomed to the pressure and develop in the right places for a pleasing appearance.


Meanwhile, bodybuilding involves a higher level of intensity. You would have to go through marathon training sessions for at least 7-8 hours a day. On the other hand, some people even prefer working out 2-3 times daily. So, technically this is a matter of preference, but the main point is, this is a vigorous process.


In terms of development, the main approach is to invest heavily in muscle protein synthesis. Many people prefer heavy weightlifting and low reps after a certain point in their training to stimulate quick muscle growth. This helps the body adapt to quicker bulk reactions. So, in the end, bodybuilders gain stronger and denser muscles than aesthetic bodybuilders.

#2 - Meals

Experts recommend that aesthetic bodybuilders eat 5-6 meals per day. However, people who want a faster result are recommended to have only 3-4. They need to have a proper understanding of carb cycling and the keto diet to maintain the body they want.


It is recommended that they consume proteins to increase their muscle-building ability. Portion size is crucial in all cases because it is suggested to have 1 pound of protein per pound of body weight.


In contrast, professional bodybuilders who are still training are supposed to eat 6-8 clean meals. Their portioning of protein intake is also higher than aesthetic bodybuilders, and that is 2-2.5 pounds of protein per pound of body weight. This can be quite difficult to maintain, and hence, many prefer having protein shakes and other alternative supplements to fill up the gap.


No matter which body type you may go after, it’s always wise to consult with a nutritionist before you plan your meals. Before you embark on the journey of becoming an aesthetic bodybuilder or a professional, making sure to follow the right guidelines is crucial.

#3 - Goals

Aesthetic bodybuilders build their bodies to be healthy and feel great about themselves. They fit the perfect category of the body that society thinks is desirable and pleasing to look at. These are the goals most people strive for.


Professional bodybuilders, on the other hand, build their bodies mostly because they want to participate in competitions or shows. They aim to develop stronger, more dense muscles.


You should also keep in mind that not everyone has the same goals as those listed here. For some people, bodybuilding may be more appealing than aesthetics. All in all, the choice ultimately comes down to individual preferences regarding how their bodies should look and what their goals are.

Aesthetic Vs Bodybuilding - What is The Differences? aesthetic bodybuilding definition

Closing Thoughts

Aesthetic vs bodybuilding is a long-running debate. People often try to look for which one is better, but fail to realize both of them have very different functions and goals. So I hope this article has helped you understand it better now.


Thanks for reading till the end and have a great day.

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