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My names Jay Patel and my friend Emily Swayne are the content writers and creators of a lot of what you see and read on this website.


Jay Patel : Over 20 years of health, fitness and nutrition experience and has worked with over 500 people in helping them achieve their fitness goals. I am not a doctor and I do not proport to be some “know it all” guru. What I do have, though, is a lot of experience and trial and error over the 20 years; and so can separate the truth from the fiction. This enables me to get my clients the fastest results in their fitness journey in the most safest way possible.


Emily Swayne : Over 10 years of health, fitness and nutrition experience and currently works with clients that want to lose weight and get in shape! Has significant experience in the female body and how it works synergistically when it comes to optimising health and fitness.


The Why


We created this blog after beginning our journey in health and fitness some 20 years ago.


Like many, we were bombarded with all kinds of information from magazines, ebooks, and even sponsored content.


What we quickly found was that the scope of misinformation was so great that it was no wonder many people didm’t actually progress and achieve their health and fitness goals.


We observed around gyms that people would be investing their time and money going to the gym and training but with limited progress or path to achieving their goals.


We asked ourselves why? Well, the answer was largely based around not being presented with the right information on what to do based on your goals.


Social media platforms were bombarding us with information that was very short term (ism) with the intention of selling a “plan” or a “supplement”.


With so much room for error, it’s no wonder people give up!


Our goal with the site is to present impartial information to people that is backed by real world results without trying to sell you something.


We research and collect the information from numerous sources that all relate to health, fitness and nutrition. More often then not, we will have (or will) apply the findings in our own lives to see if we match the results! Once we are happy with this, only then do we create an article on it!


Ultimately, we want to share knowledge, experience and information to our users and be part of your journey in better health and fitness. As long as we meet that goal, we have served our core purpose.


We are both contactable and easy to reach so if you do have any questions please be sure to reach out to us via the Contact Page.


Yours In Good Health


                        Jay Patel                                 Emily Swayne


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