7 Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

7 Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

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7 Health Benefits of Regular Exercise: If you wish to lose weight and maintain it, you already know that regular exercise must be a part of your daily routine. However, the advantages of physical activity extend further beyond physical health. 


Research studies on exercise indicate that working out more can improve other health factors, such as cognitive function and mental well-being. In general, a regular exercise routine has been proven to carry a variety of positive health benefits. 


Read on to understand more about how you can benefit from working out regularly. 


7 Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

Musculoskeletal benefits

Exercise has a number of apparent advantages for the musculoskeletal system, such as making your muscles and bones stronger. As you get older, your risk of having severe joint injuries and fractures decreases. On the other hand, the body balance or the possibility of falls also reduces. The following are some specific musculoskeletal advantages that come with regular exercise;


  • Boosts the strength of the tendons and ligaments 
  • Increases the strength and size of the muscle fibers 
  • Aids in the increment of the capillaries density and number which supplies blood to the skeletal muscles 
  • Raises the size and number of mitochondria or the power plants within the muscle tissue. This enables the muscle to burn additional energy. 


7 Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

Reduces the risks of stroke and heart problems

Regular physical exercise is vital in preventing stroke and various heart problems. It helps strengthen the heart muscle, lower the blood pressure, boost high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels (good cholesterol) while decreasing low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels (bad cholesterol). In addition, working out enhances blood flow and improves the heart’s functioning ability. 


Increasing the effectiveness of both of these aspects will help to reduce the risk of suffering a peripheral vascular disease.

7 Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

Lowers the likelihood of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes

Regular exercise can help lower the chances of developing type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is characterized by excess body fat around the waist, low HDL cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and increased blood sugar.


Most people begin to notice benefits when they engage in physical exercise for less than the advisable 150 minutes per week. Furthermore, increased physical activities seem to reduce risk even further. 

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Helps prevent certain cancers

Regular physical activity reduces the likelihood of developing some common cancers. Adults who engage in more physical exercise have a lower chance of developing the following cancers, according to research; 


  • Breast cancer 
  • Cancer of the bladder 
  • Colon cancer (distal and proximal)
  • Cancer of the kidney 
  • Oesophagus cancer 
  • Lung cancer 
  • Stomach cancer 


Being physically active also boosts the quality of life among cancer survivors. In addition to this, research also indicates that regular exercise can enhance your overall physical fitness. 

Can prevent Alzheimer’s disease (memory loss)

According to research, people who engage in regular exercise are less likely to have mental function decline. They also have a reduced risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease and may enhance thinking ability among individuals with vascular cognitive disability.


Exercising for at least 30 to 60 minutes several days a week may be helpful in the following way; 


  • Making the reasoning, thinking, and learning skills sharp among healthy people. 


  • Improving reasoning, memory, thinking, and judgment skills in patients with Alzheimer’s disease or a minor cognitive impairment. 


  • Delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s disease in people who have increased chances of developing it or slowing the disease’s progression. 


Physical exercise is likely to benefit the brain by increasing chemicals that protect the brain as well as maintaining the blood flow. Physical activity also helps to counteract some of the normal loss of brain connections that happens as people age. 

Helps boost the immune system

One of the main factors for exercise’s immune-boosting effects is that it aids in the creation of white blood cells, the most prominent being T cells. These will recognize viruses and bacteria and attach to them, hence destroying them. It is a body defence system that does an excellent job keeping the body clean of colds and flu. 


Furthermore, exercise helps improve circulation, which allows white blood cells to travel more freely across the body. This means they can get closer to bacteria and viruses and fight infection more effectively.


These factors can explain why some studies suggest that exercise can lower the risk of upper respiratory tract infections. Symptoms such as sinusitis, sore throat, and congestion fall under this category.  

Can relieve chronic back pain

When you have chronic back pain, exercise can be the last thing you want to do because it appears to aggravate the pain. However, if you do not exercise, the body will get out of shape while muscles lose their conditioning. In addition, the pain will intensify as a result of the body’s inability to function properly as required.


As daunting as it might be, exercising and overall physical activity will almost certainly be part of the chronic back pain care plan. The days of the doctor advising you to rest in bed are long gone. Today, the doctor may advise you to take it easy for a while, maybe a day or two. After that, you will be urged to get going again. 


Several advantages come from exercising, but few are particularly beneficial to people with chronic back pain. They include; 


  • Helps make and maintain the muscles stronger 


  • Ensure that the joints move well as they should 


  • Helps with mental health issues associated with chronic pain, for example, depression and anxiety. 


  • Helps lose excess weight, maintain a healthy average weight, and prevent obesity. Too much weight can increase pain, especially in people with severe back pain. 


Bottom Line

You probably understand that regular exercise is good for your general health. However, if you are too busy, as with most people, then you have a sedentary task to achieve, including changing your workout habits. 


Fortunately, it’s not too late to start. You can choose to begin slowly and look for better ways to accommodate more physical exercise in your daily routine. To gain the most workout health benefits, try to work according to your age. 

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