5 Reasons Why Eating Food is Better Than Taking Supplements

5 Reasons Why Eating Food is Better Than Taking Supplements

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5 Reasons Why Eating Food is Better Than Taking Supplements: Why should you substitute store-bought supplements for food? So, as important as these supplements are, we shouldn’t depend on them too heavily because too much of anything can be toxic.


Consuming whole fruits and vegetables, as opposed to supplements, should be taken seriously. The importance of eating more whole foods with high fiber content and protective components is because they contain antioxidants that you won’t find in most supplement foods. Nowadays, most people tend to take over-the-counter supplements rather than rely on their diet. You should be careful about using these supplements, whether they were recommended by your girlfriend or a friend who tested them out. You never know; maybe just paying more attention to your diet would make you healthier and more efficient.


This article will look at why you should have whole food in your diet compared to supplements.


5 Reasons Why Eating Food is Better Than Taking Supplements

1. Foods have active protective substances

Antioxidants are biological molecules that protect the body cells during normal metabolism or when they are infected. Your body can effectively defend itself with the aid of these two active substances (minerals and vitamins). Processed foods lack anti-oxidants, which play an important role in your body’s ability to destroy harmful cells. I fear gaining extra weight, so I’ve decided to cut down on my meat intake and snacking. When I realized what was going to happen to me, I started eating lettuce, cabbages, and fruits prescribed by the doctor.


Certain nutrients, such as vitamin D, aid in the absorption of calcium, which is essential for bone development and other bodily functions. You can easily obtain crucial nutrients like calcium and vitamin D by purchasing oranges regularly. When the body is in dire need of these nutrients, supplement foods have little to offer. In terms of mineral and vitamin synthesis, supplement foods have more complex digestion processes than natural foods.


So, how do you want to live a healthier life? Make sure you eat a well-balanced diet. Also, take a break from supplements because they can contribute to a poor lifestyle. Many people consume junk food, but unfortunately, what they regularly consume contains negligible quantities of nutrients, which explains why they have low health quality despite having plenty to eat. Now, what do I do? You can eat a nutritious, balanced diet, and you will achieve better health.

2. Dietary fibre

A high-fiber diet can help improve overall health and protect you from chronic diseases. The primary function of fiber involves maintaining a healthy digestive system. Colon cells use fiber as an energy source to maintain good health.


Fiber also helps digestion through smooth and regular bowel movements. You can overeat fibre, and your body can warn you. You’ll note more bowel movements and bloating than normal. Fibre has many health benefits like regulating blood sugar, reducing cholesterol, and relieving constipation. This shows how why we should consider dietary fibre content in our lives more frequently.

3. Food provides essential nutrition

Consuming good food is important to live a healthy and quality life. If people eat healthy foods, they’ll have great energy to work, and to will be much happier as well. On top of that, they will suffer less from illnesses.


Nutritional complications often arise from a poor or unhealthy lifestyle that we tend to fancy so much. Something to note is how as a child, it would have been difficult to survive from diseases. With poor nutrition, children become prone to nutritional disorders like rickets, Kwashiorkor, marasmus, etc., and that’s why parents need to ensure that they give their children healthy foods to prevent such diseases from attacking them.

4. Supplements can be toxic in excess

Too much of anything is dangerous. Vitamins supplements are unhealthy in high doses. When you take vitamins excessively, you’re only putting yourself at risk of a health condition known as hypervitaminosis. Some of the choices we make as far as our diet is concerned can be very risky to our health. Even without noticing, we use the vitamins excessively, which is not necessary for the body. Misuse of vitamin supplements can be hazardous.


Even prescribed medication can be toxic and increases our risk of vitamin toxicity in two ways vitamin-based compounds or the absorption of the vitamins. In addition to preformed vitamin A supplements, excessive consumption of animal food sources such as liver or fish oil increases vitamin A toxicity risk.


Because many multivitamins contain a mix of preformed and provitamin A, it’s important to know which ones are in there. Certain drugs may interfere with the body’s ability to absorb vitamin A. Orlistat, a popular weight loss medication, reduces fat-soluble vitamins (including vitamin A). If you’re worried about vitamin toxicity, talk to your healthcare provider about using vitamin supplements. In general, simply discontinuing supplement use can help correct body imbalances and restore health.

5. Supplements are expensive

You may be tempted to choose the less expensive supplements on the market because you believe they provide the same nutritional content as the more expensive ones. But you’re dead wrong about that. They contain a negligible amount of the vitamins that your body requires. Most importantly, they have not been subjected to a standard quality test.


Purchasing quality pills have more advantages because you can be certain that you will find all of the ingredients prescribed, but this requires that you have the funds to purchase such supplements. Because most supplements are expensive, the market has shifted to meet customer demands. People rush for less effective alternative pills when they are offered. It would be best to put an end to your worries about these supplements as a preferred medical therapy.

Bottom Line

Because of the nutritional benefits that whole foods provide, they should be taken more seriously than supplements.


Supplements can be beneficial in our lives, but we must adhere to two criteria: the quality and quantity of these pills. Nonetheless, they have the potential to be harmful to your health.


On the other hand, choosing whole foods is better for your health in the long run.

5 Reasons Why Eating Food is Better Than Taking Supplements

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