5 Latest Fitness Statistics You Need to Know

5 Latest Fitness Statistics You Need to Know

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5 Latest Fitness Statistics You Need to Know: The pandemic has had a massive negative effect on the profitability and safety of the traditional fitness industry.


As gyms were forced to close down, people turned to alternative methods and online sessions to achieve their fitness goals. Exercising is crucial to your health, now more than ever.


The past year caused a lot of emotional and physical distress as people struggled through the lockdowns and being away from friends and family–their sedentary lifestyle worsened, and the constant stress of the situation impacted their mental health. 2020 saw a dramatic change within the industry and a disruption in people’s standard routines.


Here are some of the latest fitness statistics you need to know about!



Here are some of the latest fitness statistics you need to know about!

#1 - 60% of Americans Won't Return to the Gym After the Pandemic

The most immediate change to the fitness industry during the pandemic has been based on consumer habits. There has been a surge in wellness app downloads and wearable technology, as they offer online services that you can access anywhere and anytime. You can quickly work with a personal trainer and focus on your physical health from your home, which will save you time and money! The first and second quarter of 2020 saw a 46% increase in fitness app downloads and registrations due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown.


When gyms closed, people began working out at home and realized how much they preferred it. They invested in gym equipment for their house, like dumbbells, mats, and benches. Their needs have changed, as they learned that they can save money by staying at home but still achieve a quality workout session through various activities and programs. People don’t want to pay premium prices anymore just for the same experience they can get at home–they would instead save that money for classes. Streaming services, wearable tech, and in-home gyms are making it challenging for gyms to entice people to come back after the lockdowns ease up.


#2 - 1 in 4 Adults Don't Meet Recommended Fitness Levels Worldwide

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a quarter of adults around the globe don’t meet the recommended physical activity levels.


They have found that 26% of men and 35% of women fail to get enough exercise within a week in high-income countries. In low-income countries, those numbers lower to 12% of men and 24% of women. On average, regardless of location, age, or gender, people aren’t exercising enough. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a guideline for Americans suggesting that at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio is required every week to maintain healthy fitness levels for the average adult.


They also recommended that you have at least two strength training workouts per week.

#3 - Walking Is the Most Popular Form of Exercise

You don’t need a pricey membership or force yourself to run five miles every day to improve your physicality and cardiovascular health. Around 30% of the Americans who exercise prefer walking as their primary form of cardio. It is a great option to burn calories and get you outdoors while requiring little effort on your part. Most find it easier to motivate themselves to go for a brisk walk than go jogging! By taking a stroll around your neighborhood every day, you can raise your exercise levels and help your heart health. It’s a great start to increasing the intensity of your cardio sessions.


The second most popular exercise amongst adults is weightlifting, as many fitness enthusiasts find it easier to stay encouraged and perform compared to running. Strength training is imperative for muscle growth, but it can be difficult to access because of the pandemic. Walking, on the other hand, is easily accessible and straightforward.


You must find an activity that you enjoy doing since it will motivate you to continue exercising. There are tons of options for everyone to choose from, whether you prefer to get into swimming, boxing, dancing, or yoga.

#4 - You Lose 3%-8% Of Muscle Strength Every Decade

Consistent strength training is the most necessary type of exercise and is most beneficial to your overall health, not just your heart.


Only about 30% of adults in the United States meet the recommended strength training within a year. Conducting weekly strength training sessions can drastically help increase your muscle mass and bone strength and improve your joint health.


Since your muscles deteriorate as you age, you must focus on developing and protecting your body. By regularly incorporating weightlifting and resistance training into your workout routines, you can combat that 3% to 8% of muscle loss that the average adult sees every decade.


Strength training will raise your metabolic rate, reduce body fat, increase definition in your physique, and improve endurance.

#5 - 10 Minutes of Exercise A Day Can Make You Feel Happier

It’s crucial that you take care of your mental health, especially during this pandemic. The stress of this virus and lockdown has caused many people to seek psychiatric support to help ease their depression and anxiety. If you have also felt that your mental health has been taking a toll, consider adding an exercise routine into your daily schedule. Only ten minutes of exercise a day has been shown to improve your overall mood and make you feel happier.


On average, people who exercise regularly experience over 40% fewer days of poor mental health than those who don’t. Working out raises the endorphins in your body, boosts your mood, and protects you against the risks of depression.


You can use exercising as a form of managing your stress and keeping your mental health in check. Over half of the people who work out say they use it primarily as a stress reliever and that it’s an effective strategy to combat any emotional concerns.


You shouldn’t consider working out only to burn calories and slim your waistline–your mental health also benefits from cardio and strength training!

The Bottom Line : 5 Latest Fitness Statistics You Need to Know

Physical inactivity coupled with a typically sedentary lifestyle heavily contribute to mental and physical illnesses such as depression and heart disease.


Not only will your body grow stronger when you regularly work out, but your mind will as well. Take advantage of your day and get at least ten minutes of activity in, even when you are stuck at home.


Your life expectancy will go up because your fat, cholesterol, and stress levels decrease when you participate in cardio and strength training. Everyone worldwide needs to become a bit more active for the sake of their health.

5 Latest Fitness Statistics You Need to Know

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