18 Common Whey Protein Questions

18 Common Whey Protein Questions

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We get asked a lot of questions relating to whey protein so we thought we would answer the most common questions that get sent here.


Read below to get the most common questions people think of when it comes to whey protein and the 18 common whey protein questions

18 Common Whey Protein Questions

1. Are whey protein shakes good for you?

Yes. Like everything, moderation and reason is key. Too much of anything can become a bad thing, so whey protein supplements must only be used as part of a controlled diet. Your diet, training and nutrition hold the key to progress and success and protein supplements are just a tiny part of it.

18 Common Whey Protein Questions

2. Are whey proteins safe?

Yes. Whey protein, take as part of a fitness and nutrition plan, are entirely safe to take, as long as a) you have cleared their use with your doctor and b) you have no underlying health issues that could put strain on the liver and kidneys.

18 Common Whey Protein Questions

3. Are whey protein shakes bad for you?

Everything can be bad for you if you take too much of it. The choice of taking a whey protein shake must match your training and nutrition plan and be benchmarked against your goals.

4. Are whey protein shakes fattening

Whey protein can be fattening if the amount you consume is too high. Whey protein powders must be used in conjunction with a diet plan that provides the right level of calories and macronutrients. Your body stores fat when you eat more calories than you burn; and if a large number of calories are coming from your protein shakes, you may have to re-evaluate.

5. Are whey protein bars healthy

On the whole, No. Many of the protein bars on the market are full of additives, preservatives and sugars. So you need to be careful what is in them to ensure you are getting the right level of nutrition from there.

6. Are whey protein steroids?

No, whey protein are not steroids. If they were, then the supplement industry would be complicit in supplying drugs.

7. Can whey protein cause acne?

There are no indications that whey protein causes acne. But what needs to be said is that whey proteins are a dairy product. There is some indicative data suggesting that lactose and dairy intolerant may have varying levels of reactions, including rashes, spots, and potentially acne

8. Can whey protein go off?

Yes, Whey protein is a dairy product and so it can break down and “go off”. This is why every tub of protein supplements has an expiry date.

9. Can whey protein cause bloating?

Yes, whey protein can cause bloating. It can be caused due to intolerances or that its consumed with too many carbohydrates. The latter is easy to fix, but the former is something you will have to get checked with your doctor.

10. Can whey protein cause hair loss?

No, whey protein can not cause hair loss. Caveat: If you have any underlying intolerances with dairy, that can manifest itself in various ways and lead to shedding of hair.

11. Can whey protein cause headaches?

For a healthy individual with no allergies or intolerances, no whey protein will not cause headaches.

12. How whey protein works?

Whey protein is a by-product of cheese manufacturing. It has a high content of protein which is essentially made up of amino acids. These amino acids fuel the body so that the muscles can recover and rebuild from workouts.

13. How whey protein helps in weight loss?

Using whey protein as part of a calorie and macronutrient optimised diet can help in losing weight (body fat).

14. How whey protein is prepared?

Whey protein is easy to consume in that its generally mixed with water or milk and blended / whisked. This allows the powder to be suspended in the water so that its easier to drink. Many people also use whey protein powder in cakes and whey protein bars.

15. How whey protein taste?

Unflavoured whey protein tastes very bland and has a hint of dairy taste. Many of the protein powders on the market today are flavoured with natural and artificial flavourings that make them more palatable.

16. What whey protein is best?

There is no “best whey protein”. Protein powder is merely a supplement and has a range of protein % within it. The “best” does not come in to it. As every person has different goals.

17. When should whey protein be taken?

Whey protein shakes should be taken around the workout periods so that you have an easy-to-take drink to get the protein you need. Those who need an extra protein dose can take it during the day if required. .

18. What whey protein is best for building muscle?

There is no best whey for building muscle. You see, protein powder is just that, protein. As a supplement, it is used to fuel the muscles with amino acids so whether you use isolate, concentrate or another – it is the amino acids that is key.

18 Common Whey Protein Questions

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