10 Top Tips to Lose Weight in 30 Days

10 Top Tips to Lose Weight in 30 Days Without Exercise

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10 Top Tips to Lose Weight in 30 Days

Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend hours and hours in the gym sweating your “you know what” off just to kickstart the fat loss process.


Truth be told, you can actually get some pretty incredible results without every stepping foot inside of a gym or pounding an inch of pavement with cardio.


Yes, you’re reading this right!


It’s possible to turn yourself into a felt melting furnace (almost overnight) without every having to do even a bit of exercise.


Sound too good to be true?


Try out the ten tips and tricks we highlight below for 30 days and see just how much you’re able to drop without changing a single thing about your current exercise habits!

10 Ways to Lost Fat in 30 days

#1 - Drink More Water (A Lot More Water)

10 Top Tips to Lose Weight in 30 Days

There are literally mountains of papers and scientific research (like this) showing just how impactful drinking water – a lot more water – each day can be when you’re looking to lose weight.


Just one study showed that drinking an extra half a liter of water about 30 minutes after waking up could trigger a biochemical cascade that helped to jumpstart the metabolism significantly, leading not just to short-term fat loss but fat loss that lasted all day long.


Drink a couple of glasses of water before you eat and you’ll be able to curb your portions on autopilot, too.

#2 - Slow Down When You Eat

Researchers have also showed that if you slow down and eat much more consciously and more deliberately you’re able to speed up the “fullness” feeling, decrease your overall food intake, and cut down on your portions – all at the same time!


A number of studies conducted in the US and in Europe show that people that eat faster are significantly more overweight than those that eat slowly and deliberately. This research is ongoing, but it definitely looks like there’s a direct correlation.


The best thing is slowing down when you eat is something anyone can do without much extra effort. Just stretch out your meals, take extra time between your bites, and be more deliberate with the way you eat and you’ll be able to melt fat faster, too.

#3 - Cut Down Your Portions with Small Plates

If you are having a tough time with portion control (and who doesn’t) you may be able to sort of “handicap” your ability to eat larger portions just by using smaller plates.


Interestingly enough, researchers have found that the average dinner plate today is over 33% larger than it ever was in the past. Unsurprisingly, individual average portions for meals have grown by leaps and bounds in the last 50 years, too.


Using smaller plates basically forces you to eat smaller portions, as you’ll have to go back for seconds (or thirds) to bump your caloric intake to levels that you were used to slapping on larger plates in the past.


Combine this with a smarter diet in general and you’ll be able to lose fat fast!

#4 - Skyrocket Your Protein Intake

Protein is a powerhouse for building lean muscle mass, but it also turns out that it can help you dramatically cut down on cravings and curb your appetite as well.


Researchers are looking into the ins and outs of how increased protein helps people feel fuller and eliminates cravings altogether, but an interesting new study shows that increasing protein intake by just 15% is enough to trigger some pretty serious weight loss results.


You don’t necessarily have to go crazy and eliminate everything but protein from your diet. But adding more protein (and eliminating carbs and sugars) can be transformative to your waistline.

#5 - Dump All of Your Junk Food

We’ve all been there before:


We’ve made a commitment to ourselves (and probably others) that we will eat healthier and finally lose the stubborn weight we’ve been trying to shake for years, giving up junk food (at least temporarily) until we hit our goals.


But then we get a little hungry at night, slide into the kitchen and pop open the pantry and dig into food that is going to do nothing but blow up our waist size.


Well, a great trick for eliminating these temptations altogether is to chuck them as soon as you start your weight loss journey.


Give the food weight of friends and family, give it to a food pantry, or just dump it in the garbage. Get it out of sight and physically eliminate your ability to grab one of these unhealthy snacks and your weight will start to drop almost immediately.

#6 - Eat More Fibre!

Fiber rich foods have a unique ability to leave us feeling a little fuller than we probably would have been with something else, but also help to maintain that full feeling longer than other foods would as well.


Some of this has to do with the way that fiber helps pull in extra water from our diet, but some of it has to do with the way that fiber is digested in the first place.


At the end of the day, a bit of extra fiber injected into our daily diet is going to go a long way towards helping us cut down on portions, kill cravings, and lower our caloric intake at the same time.

#7 - Eat Every Meal Intentionally

Eating intentionally – not just because we are bored and not just because we “feel” like we should probably eat something – can be a game changer when it comes to effortless weight loss.


Truth be told, the overwhelming majority of folks that have a couple of extra pounds to lose are “grazers”.


We eat just because we need something to do, because we are feeling stressed out or anxious, or just because we’ve gotten into the habit of it.


Eat more intentionally – only when you’re hungry and only to fuel your body – and fat will come flooding off of you.

#8 - Get More Sleep

Getting more high-quality sleep each night is going to have a transformative impact on your body, but it also helps you to maintain your fat melting metabolism longer than you would have been able to otherwise, too.


A lack of sleep can stop your body from releasing important appetite regulating hormones like leptin, but it can also help to stress your body out and flood you with more cortisol – a hormone that’s going to have you wanting to eat more and more (and not all that healthy).


Shoot for at least seven hours of quality sleep each night and you’ll be able to even out your hormones, rest and recover, and speed up your weight loss journey all at once.

#9 - Meal Plan and Repeat

Planning your meals strategically (making sure that they are full of protein and fiber and significantly lower in carbs and sugar) can change your weight faster than almost anything else – but it also becomes a bit of a chore when you have to do it every single week.


Instead of meal planning Sunday night or Monday morning and trying to plot the next seven days worth of meals out in advance, come up with four or five meal plans and then repeat them over and over (and over) until you absolutely need something new in your life.


This might seem incredibly restrictive for some people, but if you journal down the foods you eat on a regular basis the odds are pretty good that you’re already rinsing and repeating the same four or five meals all the time anyway.


With this approach your little more deliberate, can focus on healthy meals that help you lose weight faster, and should be able to trigger the kind of weight loss that you’re looking for without having to do any exercise at all!

#10 - Stop Drinking Calories

There’s no shortage of information out there showing just how disastrous sugar is when it comes to adding extra fat to our bodies (and causing a whole bunch of other health and wellness issues, too).


If you want to find a way to eat yourself thin without having to do any exercise at all make sure that you cut out calories from your drinks completely – and that means no soda, no sugary carbonated water, and no juice.


You’ll be amazed at the fat loss results you’re able to enjoy just by making this commitment for 30 days!

10 Top Tips to Lose Weight in 30 Days

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